Spiritworld Premiere 'Deathwestern' Video

Keavin Wiggins | 09-25-2022

Spiritworld Deathwestern album art
Deathwestern album art

Las Vegas rockers Spiritworld have shared a mini western horror movie video for the title track to their forthcoming sophomore album, "Deathwestern", which will arrive on November 25th.

Stu Folsom had this to say, "Super stooooooked to announce our new single and video Deathwestern will be out! I started writing our new album right when I finished Pagan Rhythms. At that point, I had been playing guitar everyday for about a year and it was - no joke - the highlight of my days. Just banger riff after banger riff jumping out of the Viper Blood Tele.

"It took six months to get four songs together that I thought could stand up to Pagan. Then I knew I had another full length. This was the 4th song I wrote and it became the title track and our partner in crime and A&R extraordinaire, Mike Gitter's favourite.

"When we finished tracking, I vividly remember getting chills. The intro whammys are 100% intentional White Zombie worship. 'La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1' was SUCH an important record for me. From samples, to groove, to incorporating horror into metal... definitely one of the most influential albums of my youth. I'm following that blueprint still. Always have. Can't wait for this video to drop... finally!" Watch the video below:

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