Trollfest Unleash 'Flamingo Libre' Video

Michael Angulia | 04-21-2022

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Trollfest Cover art
Cover art

Trollfest have shared a music video for their brand new single "Flamingo Libre", which is billed as "a psychedelic flamingo party, accompanied by deep saxophones, shrill organs and a catchy chorus."

Jostein "Trollmannen" Austvik had this to say, "Flamingo libre is a fairly unknown substance favored by dictators and mad people alike. No one knows exactly what it is or what it does, but a lot of people have radically changed their outlook on life after contact with it.

"The song flamingo libre is, to date, the most in depth study of this concoction we have. It is by no means complete, so caution is advised whenever approaching any and all things looking like or otherwise connected to this elixir.

"If Michael Jackson had gotten all his plastic surgery to make concrete balls instead, this would have been his biggest hit." Watch the video below:

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