Who On Earth Share Orchestral Version Of 'Unbeaten'


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Who On Earth Video still
Video still

(Freeman Promotions) Who On Earth have released a new track, titled "Ascension/Unbeaten". The song is a stripped down, orchestral version of the track "Unbeaten" from the group's debut album 'Blame'.

This variation from the original version delivers a unique and emotionally powerful message of perseverance, and showcases the musical versatility of Who On Earth - proving their capacity for great anthems and crossover potential.

Commenting on this new interpretation of "Unbeaten", the band shares:
"It is no coincidence that 'Ascension/Unbeaten' is being released on the first day of spring. This song is about rebirth, rising up with renewed strength and power. It is the triumphal story of overcoming major obstacles in life with the help of others. It's about facing seemingly insurmountable circumstances or odds and prevailing by tapping into a strength we didn't know we had."

They go on to add, "we believe this song is important for anyone who has dealt with trauma, addiction, loss, you name it. It is an anthem for the humble warriors who have survived adversity, who are grateful and destined to pay it forward; to give back what was so freely given to them!"

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