If I Didn't Love You Songwriter John Morgan Releases Debut EP


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If I Didn't Love You Songwriter John Morgan Releases Debut EP

(BBR) Multi #1 hit songwriter and seasoned performer John Morgan - best known for writing the GRAMMY-nominated and award-winning #1 "If I Didn't Love You" for Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood - tonight releases his six-song debut EP Remember Us?

"I'm proud to put out this project, so people can really see what I've been doing the last couple of years," says John. "I haven't just been writing songs for other people. I hope they see the time that's put into the details. A lot of these songs are two or three years old. They've stood the test of time and are still some of my favorites. They are special to me in different ways. I hope the EP really gives people an opportunity to see me establishing myself as an artist and not just a songwriter. These songs are true to me, and I hope people connect with them."
Stream the EP here.

Praised by People as "a solo artist intriguing enough to watch," the six-song debut mixes John's signature "sad boy country" heartbreakers with lively up-tempo barn burners, effortlessly flowing between romantic relatability and nostalgia to crank-it-to-10 singalongs. "Standing apart from the rest of the Country crowd as he brings a more traditional Country flair to the Pop-Country sounds of today's genre" (Songwriter Universe), John co-wrote each song and enlisted his mentor Jason Aldean and Aldean's bandmates Kurt Allison and Tully Kennedy to help produce the project's heart-stirring title track "Remember Us," along with "Ain't Been There Yet" and the previously released party-start "Friends Like That", which has earned over 12.5 million on-demand streams to date.

Declared by Country Swag as "one of Morgan's best to date," the EP also includes the just-released "Cold Summer in San Antone" that depicts the isolation and coldness a broken heart can inflict, even during the most brutally hot season in Texas. Likewise, the anguished "It Ain't the Leavin'" dials in on the turmoiled chaos felt after goodbye, while the fun-loving, up-tempo anthem "Won't Be As Good" admits life isn't as worthwhile without that certain someone in it.

With emotive and dynamic lyrics that bring his innate storytelling prowess to the forefront, Remember Us? truly embodies why John Morgan is a multi #1 hit songwriter and artist to watch. "Oozing with validity, Morgan's subtle twang is undeniably fresh and is a swift and welcomed return to the traditional sounds that he grew up on, but that fans also crave" (All Country News).

Having just made his Grand Ole Opry debut, John has been out on the road all year with ERNEST, Riley Green, Jameson Rodgers, Conner Smith and Rodney Akins and has been hitting renowned music festivals such as Headwaters Country Jam, Utah's Country Fan Fest, WE Fest, Voices of America Country Music Festival, Tidalwave Music Festival and more.

Remember Us? Tracklist:
1. Won't Be As Good (John Morgan, Will Bundy, Rodney Clawson, Justin Wilson)*
2. Remember Us (John Morgan, Kyle Fishman, Rodney Clawson, Justin Wilson)^
3. Friends Like That (John Morgan, Brent Anderson, Will Bundy, Lydia Vaughan)^
4. Cold Summer In San Antone (John Morgan, Ben Hayslip, Will Bundy)*
5. It Ain't the Leavin' (John Morgan, Kyle Fishman, Casey Beathard, Josh Thompson, Rocky Block)+
6. Ain't Been There Yet (John Morgan, Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy, David Lee Murphy)^

^Produced by Jason Aldean, Kurt Allison & Tully Kennedy
*Produced by Will Bundy
+ Produced by Kyle Fishman and Jacob Durrett

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