Jenna DeVries Gets 'Back To Me' With New Single


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Jenna DeVries Gets 'Back To Me' With New Single

(PN) Country pop star Jenna DeVries has released a brand new single called "Back to Me." The single is now available on all digital streaming platforms. "Back to Me" debuted on Spotify's New Music Friday Country, Apple Music's Best New Country Songs, and more.

DeVries shares, "Back to Me' is really a sassy song, dedicated to that ex that always circles back. Everyone has been in that one relationship where no matter how many times you cut things off, there is always this magnetic pull that somehow ends up with one of you showing up in the middle of the night. They may not be your soulmate, but at the end of the day, either their body or their mind will wind up coming right back to you."

The song opens with an upbeat acoustic guitar melody accompanied by a light synth layered underneath, drawing you in instantly. Compared to her latest release, "Rhinestone Cowgirl," veering more on the pop side, Jenna slides back into her country roots by keeping this strong acoustic guitar sound throughout the song. A powerful and steady beat from the bass drum joins the choir as Jenna's sultry voice sings the opening lines "There's still pictures hidden on your phone / only see me when you're left alone." The bass drum switches its pattern as the music begins to fade in the pre-chorus before coming to a complete stop as Jenna prepares for the chorus. The music comes back with an impact while Jenna belts out the chorus ending with "Once I lay you down and wear you out / You'll keep running, running back to me / It all comes back to me."

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