School Of Rock Star Brian Falduto Releases 'Skip The Step (Alternate Version)' Feat. Presidio


School Of Rock Star Brian Falduto Releases 'Skip The Step (Alternate Version)' Feat. Presidio

(PN) School of Rock actor turned country star Brian Falduto has released a brand new single called "Skip The Step (Alternate Version)" where he breathes new life into this heartfelt anthem with the help of Presidio.

"We've got two amazing collaborations dropping ahead of the full track list: 'Skip the Step (Alternate Version)' feat. Presidio on 5/10 and 'One More (Real Hypha Remix)' on 5/31. Both are great examples of me taking songs from the original track list and turning them on their head so as to show more sides of myself as an artist. Plus, they're just amazing collaborations with artists I've had talent crushes on for some time now," Falduto shares.

At its core, "Skip The Step (Alternate Version)" is a poignant exploration of navigating heartbreak, reminding us that tears are not just a step to be skipped but a crucial part of the healing process. Falduto's introspective lyrics capture the raw emotions of moving on from a breakup, emphasizing the importance of embracing vulnerability before finding closure.

Musically, the single is a masterpiece of simplicity, with acoustic guitar and vocals that intertwine in perfect harmony with Presidio. It's a testament to Falduto's artistry that he can evoke such powerful emotions with minimalistic instrumentation, allowing the beauty of his message to shine through. In a world where authenticity is often overshadowed by bravado, "Skip The Step" is a gentle reminder to honor our emotions and allow ourselves to feel deeply. It's a song that invites listeners to lean into the discomfort of heartache, knowing that true healing lies on the other side, something Falduto is incredible at conveying.

The alternate version of the single was written by Brian Falduto, performed by Falduto and Presidio, produced by Brett Castro, mixed by Daniel Neiman, and mastered by Gabi Grella.

Falduto first gained fame playing Fancy Pants in the Jack Black cult classic film School of Rock. The intense focus on the effeminate mannerisms he displayed as an adolescent would have a major impact on his coming to terms with his sexuality as a teen and young adult. "Mine is a story of what happens when society attaches a label on something they don't understand to avoid their own discomfort," he reflects today.

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