The Midnight Revival Releasing Debut Album Next Week


The Midnight Revival Releasing Debut Album Next Week

(EBM) The Nashville-based alternative country band, The Midnight Revival, are set to release their debut self-titled LP on Friday, May 31. The 11-track album combines introspective lyricism, gritty blues-rock swagger, and soulful storytelling; a unique blend of vintage nostalgia and contemporary grit. On the same day, the band will take the new album to the stage for a special release celebration at Mockingbird Theater in Franklin, TN with special guest Jericho Rose.

The Midnight Revival - led by the dynamic duo of guitarist Chris Bragg and vocalist Adam Sizemore - offered up some early looks into the album via singles such as "Feels So Good," "Say Goodbye," "This Heart" and "New Orleans." Picture this: the sun-drenched melodies of Laurel Canyon, mingling effortlessly with the raw, unbridled energy of a Nashville dive bar. It's a sonic tapestry woven with intricate instrumentation and multi-part harmonies, where every note feels like a memory and every harmony a whispered secret.

The early singles caught attention from critics like Americana Highways, raving about "Feels So Good" advocating that fans of Americana and Alt-Country should "let this song lift you up to anthemic glory with its high energy vocal heights and its twangy grooves. With its heady foot stomping glory, it just feels soooo good."

In the heart of Nashville, where the neon lights flicker and the spirits of country legends echo through the honky-tonk alleys, there resides a band whose very name evokes the essence of musical rebirth. The Midnight Revival emerges from the shadows with a debut album that's poised to make a mark on the alternative country scene. "For us this project is almost a rebellion from the overproduced," admits Bragg. "We didn't record anything for this album that we didn't feel we would be able to recreate in a live performance."

With reverence for the icons who laid the gravel road they now traverse, The Midnight Revival pays homage to the alt-country titans like the Eagles with a recent inspired release of "Take It To The Limit" as a stand alone single. "For me that song brings back a ton of childhood memories driving with my father in his truck," recalls Bragg. "He had an Eagles cassette tape that he wore out listening to it over and over."

In their self-titled debut album, The Midnight Revival invites listeners on a pilgrimage through the landscapes of Americana, where dusty highways wind through the heartland and broken dreams linger like ghosts in the moonlight. Each track is a chapter in a saga of love, loss, and redemption, painted with brushstrokes of acoustic twang and electric fervor. "The songs on this record are all written by Adam and myself, in addition to 'New Orleans' and 'Hurt Every Time' which we also co-wrote with Rob Reid" says Bragg. "They're a collection of stories from different seasons of our lives from being a child and dealing with death of loved ones ('Runaway') to dealing with divorce and failing relationships ('Say Goodbye')."

Across their 11-track inaugural LP, The Midnight Revival ignited the flames of a musical renaissance. "With this album we hope that people get a nostalgic feeling and an appreciation for the days when musicianship was more important," concludes Bragg.

Track listing for The Midnight Revival:
"Feels So Good"
"Say Goodbye"
"This Heart"
"New Orleans"
"Someone's Gonna Cry"
"Hurt Every Time"
"Somewhere in Between"
"Hanging On"
"Third Degree"
"Roll the Dice"

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The Midnight Revival Releasing Debut Album Next Week

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