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Page Too Report for 07/16/2017

Beyonce Beats Guns N' Roses As Last Year's Top Music Money Maker

(Radio.com) Beyonce topped the 2016 Top Money Maker chart by bringing in $62.1 million. That's about $20 million more than her closest competition, according to Billboard.

Beyonce's earnings came largely from her Formation world tour and her last album Lemonade, which sold 2.2 million copies. Guns N' Roses kicked off an ongoing world tour with a secret show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. Skeptics wondered if the historically volatile band members would have the temperament to stand being around one another. In the end, they quieted the naysayers, launching their highest grossing tour to date, pulling in $42 million. Welcome back to the jungle.

Drake dominated the stage last year and it earned him more than just fanatic fans and critical accolades. The rap star. In addition to earning $14 million from his tour with Future, Drake led acts in on-demand audio and video streams, with a staggering 6.8 billion views, which earned him about $23.7 million in royalties. That solidly placed him at number four on the chart. Read more here.

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Ed Sheeran Has 'Never Felt This Much Hate' In His Life

(Radio.com) Ed Sheeran's Irish-themed "Galway Girl" single has had a mixed effect on his audience and has contributed to the duality between those who adore him and those who can't stand him.

"I've actually never felt this much hate in my life, but also I've never felt this much adoration," he said in a recent interview with Q Magazine. "There's two extremes. It's actually quite a dangerous situation to be in because you've got no middle ground, which I haven't had before. People either *** hate me and want me to die and never make music again or people think I'm the second coming."

In part, Sheeran has invited the split opinion. He knew "Galway Girl" and its accompanying video would be seen as offensive, obnoxious or just play annoying by some listeners, but he released it anyway to stir up the pot a little bit. When his label suggested he pull it from Division he fought to keep it on the record.

"People do... hate that song, so they would say I'm wrong [to feature it on my album], but the general consensus is yes, it works," he said. 'That song's proper Marmite, which is quite good. I want people to have an opinion, even if their opinion hurts me. I get called beige a lot, but it can't be beige if it's splitting this much **** opinion."

At the same time, Sheeran is perplexed and a little overwhelmed by the armchair critics who fling hatred his way over the internet. Read more here.

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Demi Lovato Talks 'Sorry Not Sorry' And Upcoming Album

(Radio.com) Pop star Demi Lovato is currently promoting her new single 'Sorry Not Sorry" by performing the song at house parties. And now she's opened up about the song and her upcoming album with a series of fan question and answers on Twitter.

The singer described "Sorry Not Sorry" as "an anthem for anyone who's ever been hated on and has risen above it and come out from the other side like a f- savage!!!"

Lovato also talked about her new R&B/pop vibes, teased some collaborations on the album, and dished about her new video, saying, "I think it was the funnest video that I've ever shot," The project features cameos from Wiz Khalifa and Paris Hilton.

Lovato also gave a shout out to her favorite playlist song, "Wild Thoughts" by DJ Khaled, Rihanna & Bryson Tiller. Watch her answers here.

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Jay-Z Shares Epic New '4:44' Video On YouTube

(Radio.com) Previously available only on Tidal, the streaming company Jay-Z co-owns, "4:44" video is now open for everyone to view on YouTube.

In excess of eight minutes, the video is a contrast of powerful, haunting and tender images woven together to tell a powerful story of love lost, mistakes, redemption, and forgiveness, with JAY-Z opening up to fans in a way that's instantly endearing.

"4:44" is the title track to Jay Z's recently released album which went almost instantly platinum thanks to a giveaway promotion with the cellular service Sprint. Watch the video here.

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Harry Styles And Prince Harry Reunite At 'Dunkirk' Premiere

(Radio.com) Two of the world's most famous Harrys have crossed passed, and their fans will never be the same. On Thursday (July 13), Harry Styles and Prince Harry reunited at the premiere for the World War II film, Dunkirk.

The Harrys, who first met in Nov. 2015, bumped into one another on the red carpet, where they shook hands and had a friendly chat. Styles is one of the stars of Dunkirk, which was directed by Christopher Nolan.

Fans were thrilled by the "When Harry Met Harry" encounter, and immediately took to the internet to write such messages as, "Harry Styles meeting Prince Harry is proof that my vision board works." Check out the fan posts here.

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2 Chainz Is Already Recording His Next Album

(Radio.com) 2 Chainz released his fourth studio album Pretty Girls Like Trap Music last month and the rapper already has his sights set on album number five. During a recent interview, he said he's hit the studio with Q-Tip to record 'conceptual," 'well thought-out" new material.

'I told him, imagine a trappin' ass Midnight Marauders," the rapper said, referring to A Tribe Called Quest's 1993 album. 2 Chainz added that he hopes to be "more of a curator of my next project."

The rapper said he's shown Q-Tip the merits of his more impulsive, amped-up approach in the studio, reports The Fader. 'He was over there chopping and I'm like, 'listen, load up a beat, bruh!'" 2 Chainz recalled. "He was like, 'bruh, these are real bars.' I was like, 'yeah, I know!'" Read more here.

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Dr. Dre And Eminem Created 'My Name Is' Within Minutes of Meeting

(Radio.com) Dr. Dre and Eminem discussed their first meeting in the new HBO documentary, The Defiant Ones. In the clip, Eminem talks about the awe he felt meeting Dre, one of his biggest idols. "I'm looking at Dre like, 'Dude I see you on TV all the time - you one of my biggest influences in life,'" he revealed.

Dre recalled Eminem showing up in a ridiculously bright yellow sweatsuit for their first encounter, but also how quickly their working chemistry was cemented.

Mere moments after pressing play, Dre said Eminem began spitting the hook for his 1999 hit, breakout single "My Name Is." "That's what happened," Dre said. "Our first day, in the first few minutes of us being together in the studio." Watch the explicit clip here.

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Azealia Banks Teases Collaboration With Iggy Azalea

(Radio.com) Rappers Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea's feud has simmered for years: Their similar names, different styles and shared magnetism for controversy made it so.

Banks has gotten the boot from social networks, mentors and night clubs for her provocative and offensive behavior. Iggy has fielded harsh accusations of cultural appropriation for her perspective on hip-hop, as well as some promotional setbacks. Professionally, neither one is living her best life in 2017.

However, this could be the year the MCs put their differences aside. Banks (via a new Twitter handle) hyped a new collaboration with Iggy and promised, "It's officially on." For good measure, she added, "You guys aren't ready."

Y'know in Chicago when bitter rivals Velma and Roxy realize their earning power is greater when they combine their star power in a double act? It's something like that and we're here for it. See Azealia's tweets here.

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Fifth Harmony Talks Break Up With Camila Cabello

(Radio.com) Fifth Harmony weathered the abrupt departure of Camila Cabello to record and release music as a foursome. During a recent in-depth interview, each member of the girl group had something to say about Cabello's exit.

'I get to sleep at night knowing we did everything in our power as friends, bandmates and human beings," Normani Kordei told Billboard. Ally Brooke Hernandez had a more ambiguous perspective: 'You can't change people."

'Let's just say we're in a better place now. There are no secrets in this circle," added Dinah Jane. Lauren Jauregui said resiliency was not optional, given the years of work they invested in the group: 'We'd put blood, sweat and tears -- and birthdays and funerals we missed -- into this thing," she said. "It's our livelihoods and our families. This is the train, and now you're like, 'Is the conductor going to come through with the coals, or are we left here to die?'" Read more here.

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Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus Producing New Movie 'All Shook Up'

(Radio.com) Rascal Flatts' Jay DeMarcus will assist in producing an upcoming adventure movie, All Shook Up. The bassist will work alongside fellow producer Travis Cloyd, writer Gregg Russell and executive producer Guy Griffithe.
The movie will follow two young boys as they seek out a bomb buried in the marsh, off the coast of Georgia. This storyline is based on real-life events that took place in 1958, during the Russian Cold War, according to Taste of Country.

"I love the movie making business," DeMarcus explained. "I always enjoy the process, and I learn more and more every time I do a new project, it's another fun, creative outlet." Read more here.

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DJ Khaled Selling His Clothes To Benefit High School Students

(Radio.com) When DJ Khaled isn't dominating the music scene or posting adorable photos of the world's youngest executive producer, Asahd, he is forming a new partnership that will benefit high school students in need.

Khaled has teamed up with the online reselling service, Poshmark, to sell clothes from his own wardrobe to support and motivate teens to graduate from high school, according to Vibe.

The producer has already posted four collections online, including the matching powder blue, satin suits he and his son Asahd wore on his 10th studio album cover, Grateful. Read more here.

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TLC's Final Album Will Not Be The End Of The Group

(Radio.com) "It's not the last of TLC, just the last TLC album," TLC's Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas explained during a recent in-depth interview. The duo's final studio album, TLC, arrived June 30, after a 15-year hiatus.

"When we were around and before us, people went and bought albums," Thomas continued. "Now numbers that we thought were failing numbers a long time ago are winning numbers. That side of the business is very different, and it's even more political now than ever. It's a headache."

Producer Jermaine Dupri told Rolling Stone that during the '90s and with their final album, TLC made a huge impact on young girls and women, as they were "pre-Aaliyah, pre-Destiny's Child, pre-Beyonce." He added that TLC was "so far ahead" and that before they started making records, "girls didn't talk about their own situations." Read more here.

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Ty Dolla $ign's Dream Collaboration Would Be John Mayer

(Radio.com) Ty Dolla $ign is a fan of all genres of music, citing early influences from R&B acts including Earth, Wind &Fire. Today, the rapper can be found working with a wide array of artists -- everyone from Kanye West and Big Sean to Nick Jonas, Fifth Harmony and Zara Larsson.

In an interview with the Guardian, the rapper discussed two dream collaborations of his: Jay-Z and John Mayer. While a Mayer and Ty Dolla $ign feature may raise eyebrows, the rapper raves about the singer/songwriter.

"I love basically every album he ever put out," Dolla $ign says of Mayer. 'I love his writing, I love his guitar playing, I love his voice. He's just a dope all-around artist." Read more here.

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Madonna Discusses Difficult Journey To Adopt Daughter Mercy

(Radio.com) Madonna was present at the opening ceremony of Malawi's first-ever pediatric surgery and intensive care center on Tuesday (July 11). The facility was been named The Mercy James Institute for Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care, after her 11-year-old daughter, Mercy.

The superstar discussed the struggles she had adopting Mercy and the importance of following dreams regardless of the obstacles involved, reports People. Madonna said she met Mercy shortly after she adopted her son David Banda in 2006. Mercy, who was living in a different orphanage, was suffering from malaria and Madonna promised to look after her.

'I was granted permission to adopt David first," Madonna told the audience at the Queen Central Hospital. "And some time later, I filed a petition to adopt Mercy. But this time, the judge who was presiding said no. I was recently divorced, and she informed me, as a divorced woman, I was not fit to raise children and that Mercy James was better off growing up in an orphanage." Read more here.

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Coldplay Improvised Song With Fan in Wheelchair Onstage

(Radio.com) Coldplay loves to provide their fans an experience they will never forget. For one fan in particular, the band kicked the fun up to a whole new level, inviting him up onstage to perform with them at their show in Dublin.

In a fan video, a young man named Rob in a wheelchair is seen crowd-surfing, which initially caught frontman Chris Martin's eye. "A lad accidentally fell on me and was extremely apologetic," Rob revealed to BBC News. "He and his friends insisted on lifting me and getting me a better view. Chris Martin invited me up onstage so that I was on stage with Coldplay."

When he got up onstage, Martin hugged Rob and improvised a tune about him and the city with the fan playing the harmonica. "He is 29-years-old and training is his job," Martin sang, "Here we are in Dublin, what an awesome crowd. I've been around the whole wide world, never seen anybody so loud." Watch the video here.

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Billy Ray Cyrus Performs With The Naked Cowboy

(Radio.com) If country music fans need a little pick-me-up, look no further than Billy Ray Cyrus's recent escapade in New York City. The iconic country star dressed up as Elvis Presley to promote his CMT show Still the King with a little help from Times Square's Naked Cowboy.

In the video, Cyrus and the Cowboy perform in Times Square, while someone in a bald eagle t-shirt holds up a cardboard sign that reads "#StillTheKing." The duo sang Presley's "Hound Dog" and Cyrus' "I Want My Mullet Back."

This promotional stunt might make more sense for fans who know the storyline of the upcoming television show. The plot revolves around Cyrus' character who is a one-hit wonder who becomes an Elvis impersonator who struggles with scandal and drunkenly crashes into a church sign. The show gets crazier as Cyrus must perform community service at the church and pretends to be the church's new minister. Watch the video here.

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Shania Twain Selling One-Of-A-Kind Motorcycle For Charity

(Radio.com) Shania Twain is looking to raise money for her foundation, Shania Kids Can and the singer has listed several items for sale, including the one-of-a-kind, custom "Still the One" motorcycle.

She rode the motorcycle on stage during Still the One, her Las Vegas residency. The custom-built hog features a frame bent in the shape of a horse. The autographed motorcycle is being offered at $100,000.

Other one-of-a-kind items being offered are Twain's "Man I Feel Like A Woman" outfit from Still the One, an autographed guitar, and a dinner with Twain and her husband, Fred. Read more here.

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Smash Mouth Singer Shares Morrissey Encounter And Pacino Dream

(Radio.com) Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell recently participated in an oral history of the band's weird, iconic career. Smash Mouth holds a singular place in our collective imagination, and there are even some closeted Smash Mouth fans out there--which brings us to Morrissey.

In the roving Stereogum interview, Harwell confirmed that Morrissey is a Smash Mouth fan and that the band recently met the Smiths icon at a show in Guadalajara. "Yeah, he was very complimentary toward us," Harwell recalls.

The exchange was "brief" but "super weird and cool." Harwell shared some thoughts on other cultural icons: "I would love to put Al Pacino in a video," he said. Read more here.

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