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Page Too Report for 07/19/2017

Kenny Rogers Announces All-Star Farewell Concert

Country music legend Kenny Rogers is pulling out all the stops for his farewell concert which will feature an all-star guest lineup and Rogers' final live performance with Dolly Parton.

The special event, dubbed All In For The Gambler, will be taking place at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on October 25th and will be filmed. In addition to Rogers and Parton, the evening will also feature performances from Little Big Town, Alison Krauss, The Flaming Lips, Idina Menzel, Jamey Johnson, Elle King and more.

Kenny had this to say, "As I'm bringing this chapter of my career to a close, this will be an unforgettable way to celebrate with my talented friends, who I'm so grateful to have crossed paths with. It means so much that they would feel compelled to do this for me.

"Of course, the night would not be the same without Dolly Parton being part of it. We've enjoyed a special friendship for decades, and I'll forever look back fondly on the many collaborations, performances, and laughs we've shared as some of the most extraordinary moments of my career. I know it will be a moving experience for us standing on that stage together for one last time."

Dolly added, "Kenny is like a family member to me. We have been friends for over 30 years and made musical magic together. Since 1983, when we released 'Islands In The Stream,' everyone has had an expectation to see Kenny everywhere I go and me with him wherever he goes.

"Well, I guess for many of those fans that wanted to see us together, this will be that night. Performing with Kenny for the last time ever on October 25th is going to be emotional for both of us, but it's also going to be very special. Even though Kenny may be retiring, as he fades from the stage, our love for each other will never fade away."

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Kanye West 'The Life of Pablo' Lawsuit Defense Reportedly Revealed

(Radio.com) Kanye West promised last year that he would release his album The Life of Pablo exclusively on Tidal streaming service. This promise was enough for dedicated fans who signed up for a Tidal membership.

Despite West's statements, his record arrived on Apple Music, Spotify and the rapper's website soon after its initial release. A disgruntled fan is now suing West and Tidal for damages.

Now, West reveals that he didn't fail on his promise to deliver the album exclusively on Tidal. After the initial release of the album on Tidal, West says he made numerous changes to the album, so the versions on other streaming services are different, according to TMZ. Read more here.

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Ed Sheeran Allegedly Unfriends Social Media Site

(Radio.com) Ed Sheeran is back on Twitter, sort of. After briefly appearing to delete his account, the singer has returned to the social media platform, however, in the bio Sheeran explains he won't be doing any tweeting.

"I don't use this anymore, please follow me on @teddysphotos on Instagram, lots of love x," he wrote. Many speculated the initial disengagement was the result of negative comments regarding the singer's Game of Thrones cameo, but recently, Sheeran had expressed his general dismay at the negativity on social media.

"I've actually come off Twitter completely, the singer told The Sun. "I can't read it. I go on it and there's nothing but people saying mean things. Twitter's a platform for that. One comment ruins your day." Read more here.

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Drake Sparks Speculation About A 'Take Care' Sequel

(Radio.com) Nostalgic Drake fans are drawing conclusions from one of the rapper's Instagram posts from Monday night (July 17). The photo is drawing serious comparisons to his 2011 second studio album cover, Take Care, which is causing fans to believe a Take Care 2 may be arriving soon.

Drake accompanied the image with the simple caption "Scuzzi." While the photos are remarkably similar, Complex reports there are several key differences, including a lack of the Take Care candle and Drake's hand placement.

Diehard fans aren't letting these differences get them down, however, as they are citing the rapper's hair, outfit, expression and overall image tone as a reason to remain hopeful for a sequel to one of the rapper's most beloved album. Check out the post and fan reactions here.

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Singled Out: Ryan Riback's One Last Time

Producer, DJ and music artist Ryan Riback recently released his new single "One Last Time" ft. some chick and to celebrate we asked him to tell us a little bit about the track. Here is the story:

"One Last Time" came about in a really organic way. I know one of the writers on "One Last Time" and she sent over the rough record. I loved what they were doing with it so I asked if I could play around and make it my own. I loved that it was a break up song but wasn't negative or depressing. And the repetition of "one last time" really stood out to me as a massive hook to play with. From there I pretty much added some tropical vibes and some piano energy and the rest is history!:)

some chick is an incredible vocalist and when I asked if she'd sing on it, she said yes without hesitation and the record was born. It's a fun one and the visuals we've created for it really help tell the story. Sometimes a relationship is over. Both parties kind of know it's over, but instead of being angry they choose to spend one last night together having fun, playing, and just being.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and learn more about Ryan right here!

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Wycleaf Jean Blindside By Leak Of Fugees Song

(Radio.com) The Fugees' last studio album was released 21 years ago, but a mysterious recording recently surfaced online: Never-before-heard music from the group's '90s heyday. On YouTube, the song has been dubbed "The Ish" and former Fugees Lauryn Hill and Wyclef Jean weighed in on Twitter.

"The 'new' Fugees song is indeed an old track played around with back in the day in the lab," wrote Hill via the social media site. "Not sure who leaked it, but I have my suspicions."

Wyclef said he felt blindsided by the sudden release. "To all my fugees fans, the song leaked today is an old one from past studio days. I don't endorse it in any way and had no clue it was coming," he wrote. Read more here.

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Meek Mill Releases First Parts Of 'Wins And Losses' Movie

(Radio.com) Meek Mill released Chapter One of his Wins and Losses short film on Monday (July 18), and followed up with the release of the second part of the film on Tuesday. The movie is being releasing in connection with his new studio album of the same name that hits stores on Friday (July 21).

The second chapter clip takes place earlier in the day before the hospital scene that was featured in the part one. This visual begins with four men strategically planning their drive-by mission.

After this exchange, the video shows the woman who gave birth and the young man who was frantically running through the hospital in Chapter One. The two are surrounded by family as her water breaks. Soon afterward, a bloody shootout breaks out nearby. Watch both chapters here.

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Vic Mensa Survives Fiery Plane Crash In New 'Rage' Video

(Radio.com) Vic Mensa released a new music video for his track "Rage" ahead of the release of his debut studio album, The Autobiography. The record will be hitting stores on July 28th.

In the video, Mensa uses a plane crash as an overt metaphor for his personal struggles with addiction and mental health. "Command, we've lost control/ The engine's bound to crash," Mensa raps in the opening lines.

Mensa wrote The Fader about the song and video, revealing, "This music video & song were done before the rest of the album was recorded, and really laid the foundation for the emotions that would become The Autobiography." Watch the video here.

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Lorde's 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' Appearance Goes Online

(Radio.com) Lorde's sophomore album Melodrama underscored her status as pop's reigning 20-year-old prodigy. The New Zealand singer brought her sophisticated new material to Late Night with Seth Meyers, performing "Perfect Places" from the record.

Lorde also discussed riding the subway, selecting colors for her album art and following Pure Heroine. "I definitely felt a pressure for it not to suck--a lot of people would have been really bummed out by that," she recalled. "I knew I couldn't follow up what happened in the same way, so I just did it in a different way."

"You kind of don't get to decide [when you're inspired to create new music]. The universe is like yes--no--maybe…" she added. Lorde also discussed working with Jack Antonoff ("my work husband") and stepping into the producer role on the new album. Watch Lorde perform and chat about Melodrama here.

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Louis Tomlinson Previews His First Solo Single 'Back to You'

(Radio.com) Former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson is set to release his debut solo single "Back To You" on Friday (July 21) and some of the lyrics have been previewed. The song is a collaboration with Bebe Rexha in which Tomlinson laments about a girl he can't get out of his mind.

'I know my friends they give me bad advice/ like move on, get you out my mind/ But don't you think I haven't even tried," Tomlinson sings. "You got me cornered and my hands are tied/ I tell myself I'm done with wicked games/ But then I get so numb with all the laughter that I forget about the pain."

Tomlinson, who recently signed a big deal with Epic, promoted his step back into the spotlight with an interview and photo shoot with Noisey. The series of four pictures the pop singer in various poses brooding, smiling and looking relaxed while smoking a cigarette. Read more here.

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French Montana and The Weeknd Release 'A Lie' Video

(Radio.com) French Montana has released the new music video for his track "A Lie" and the new visual features collaborations from fellow rappers The Weeknd and Max B.

The song comes from Montana's brand new sophomore album, Jungle Rules. In the video, the two artists ride through the streets of New York City and end up on a yacht of fancy women in all-white swimwear.

Montana and The Weeknd end up partying with an excited crowd. Max B does not appear in the video, as he is currently incarcerated. Watch the explicit "A Lie" video here.

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