Rock Reads: Metaphysical Graffiti by Seth Kaufman

Reviewed by Kevin Wierzbicki

Subtitled "Rock's Most Mind-Bending Questions," here Kaufman delves into subjects like "Beatles or Stones - Or the Question of Identity," "What Kind of Air Guitar do You Play? - Or the Question of Reality" and "Does Rush Suck? - Or the Question of Taste." The book and chapter titles give indication of what the reader is in for here, which is well-thought out opinion that's liberally drenched in humor. Take for example the chapter entitled "Deadheads and Mekons Fans - Or the Question of Musical Cults" where Kaufman relates how he "fell out of love" with the Grateful Dead, going from being enthralled with his first taste of the band through bootleg recordings to being disillusioned by a concert performance where he was thoroughly bored, later opining about the band's penchant for '"noodling scales, chaotic drumming and not very good singing." And while Kaufman pulls no punches with his good-humored essays either way, the idea here is to stimulate thought and discussion among like or not so like-minded music fans. Or, just enjoy one heckuva fun read.

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