B-Sides Report for 12/22/2015

Zayn Malik Has Low Opinion Of One Direction's Music

(Radio.com) Zayn Malik makes some strong statements about his time in One Direction and his dislike of their musical direction in the cover story interview for the December/January issue of Fader magazine.

'There was never any room for me to experiment creatively in the band," he told Fader. 'If I would sing a hook or a verse slightly R&B, or slightly myself, it would always be recorded 50 times until there was a straight version that was pop, generic as f-, so they could use that version. Whenever I would suggest something, it was like it didn't fit us."

"There was just a general conception that the management already had of what they want for the band, and I just wasn't convinced with what we were selling," he continued. "I wasn't 100 percent behind the music. It wasn't me.

"It was music that was already given to us, and we were told this is what is going to sell to these people. As much as we were the biggest, most famous boy band in the world, it felt weird. We were told to be happy about something that we weren't happy about." Read more including Simon Cowell's reaction to Malik's comments here.

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Adele Hits New Milestone With '25' Album

(Radio.com) Adele's 25 album continues to rule the charts in the U.S. and has now sold more copies in America than any other album since her 21 album in 2011, Billboard reports.

The blockbuster album holds the top spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart for the fourth week, selling 825,000 equivalent album units in the week ending on Dec. 17.

Adele's 25 album has also surpassed the sales of this year's previous best seller, Taylor Swift's 1989 album, which sold 5.57 million units, with 25's 11.37 million units. Read more here.

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Rihanna Rumored To Be Releasing Anti Album on Christmas Day

(Radio.com) Rihanna has sparked speculation that she may release an album on Christmas. The singer has been releasing clips every week since launching her AntiDiary campaign last month, but NME notes this is the first time she's unveiled two clips in one week.

Some are speculating the change in frequency could mean that the forthcoming Anti album is about to break. Fridays are the universal release day for albums, making Christmas day the next one on the calendar.

She tweeted, "Experience room 6 of the #ANTIdiaRy: smarturl.it/ANTIdiaRyTW https://t.co/B0sOmwzDrT- Rihanna (@rihanna) December 21, 2015' Watch the newest clip here.

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Taylor Swift Gives 13-Year-Old Cancer Patient An 'Amazing Miracle'

(Radio.com) One Taylor Swift fan received a long desired surprise. Delaney Clements, a 13-year-old suffering from cancer, woke up to find her favorite singer had come to visit her in Grand Junction, Colorado.

"I was just laying down taking a nap in my room when my mom said I had a visitor," Clements wrote on Instagram over the weekend. "And I thought it might just be another person coming to see how I was.

"Then suddenly the most amazing miracle happens... Taylor Swift walked into my bedroom and spent the afternoon with me just talking and hanging!!!! I am beyond Blessed for everyone's help and support!!! Thank you!!!Happy holidays!!"

Clements was recently returned home to enter hospice care after news that her cancer had spread to her brain, the Daily Sentinel writes. Read more and see a photo here.

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R. Kelly Walks Off Interview After Sexual Misconduct Question

(Radio.com) R. Kelly walked off the set of an interview when he felt the line of questioning went into negative territory. Host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani attempted to address the difficulty some fans have separating Kelly's music from the allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

Kelly begins to answer the question, but when pressed, becomes defensive speaking over Tehrani in rambling monologue. "What I'm gonna tell you is that I am going to sit here and talk to you like the beautiful woman you are and I'm going to talk to you with respect.

"And I'm going to let you know that any other negative things that come out of your mouth, I'm gonna get up and I'm gonna walk out and I'm gonna go to McDonald's, hopefully the McRib is out. Then I'm gonna go to Chicago, play some basketball, go to the studio and work on my next album."

Kelly does eventually end the interview. See the full clip here.

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Lupe Fiasco Plans To Release Three Albums In 2016

(Radio.com) Lupe Fiasco revealed in an online post that he has big plans for 2016. Taking to Twitter, Fiasco announced his intention to release three album in the new year.

He wrote the big news with the following tweet, "Attention Lupe Fans: 3 full album releases in 2016. #Drogas is up first. Not taking any questions at this time. Thank you."

Although he didn't take any questions, he did drop the hint that Drogas will feature a track called "Mural Jr." Lupe's release schedule is filling up, he'd already announced that he'll be releasing The Cool 2 in winter of 2017. See the posts here.

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Selena Gomez Releases 'Hands To Myself' Video

Selena Gomez has released a music video for "Hands To Myself." The track is the third single from her Revival album which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The new video, directed by Alek Keshishian (Madonna: Truth or Dare), is being promoted with an image from the clip showing the pop star wearing black underwear in front of a mirror. Watch it here.

Fans in North American will be able to see Gomez live on stage next spring when she launches her Revival Tour on May 6th at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV. The trek is set to conclude on July 8th in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. See the dates here.

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Kelly Clarkson Addresses Baby Twins Rumor

Kelly Clarkson has taken to Twitter to address the speculation that was sparked by comments she made in a recent radio interview that led some to believe that she is pregnant with twins.

The original American Idol champion gave an interview to 103.7 KVIL radio hosts Leigh Ann and Courtney Kerr last Thursday (December 17th). During a discussion about her second pregnancy and her plans after she gives birth, Clarkson said, "I'm going to be everywhere once I get these kids popped out and done."

Her reference to "kids" made many people speculate that she is expecting twins. But Clarkson addresses the rumors sparked to her remarks in the following response to another person's post on Twitter the day after the interview, "@kaylady1 you are correct :) if I was having twins I'd b curled up n a ball crying ha! We'll have a baby, a 2, 9, & 14 yr old #fourisenough."

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RaeLynn Celebrates Engagement With Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

(Radio.com) RaeLynn celebrated her engagement to Josh Davis this weekend. Blake Shelton, who coached the songstress while she competed on The Voice, and her makeup artist Amanda Craig hosted a Christmas-themed engagement party.

Many friends were in attendance, including Shelton's girlfriend Gwen Stefani. The couple posed with attendees all donning their best ugly sweaters.

'We're so excited about it, we're going to have a blast," RaeLynn told People magazine about the party earlier this month. '[Blake's] just so involved and an amazing person to look up to." See the photos here.

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Brett Eldredge Spreads Holiday Cheer Dressed As Buddy The Elf

(Radio.com) Brett Eldredge brought some holiday cheer to the people of Nashville on Saturday night. The singer-songwriter dressed as Buddy the Elf, Will Ferrell's character from the 2003 film Elf, and made his way around Music City performing karaoke and holiday tunes.

Eldredge took the stage during a karaoke performance of his own tune "Beat of the Music." "Be careful when you choose a country song for karaoke in Nashville," Russ Evers captioned the online video. "The artist may be in the audience dressed as an elf."

"When Brett Eldredge shows up at your gig, leads the crowd in a Christmas song (and a few other of his own tunes), dressed as 'Buddy The Elf' and even cooler was him Facetiming my daughter and telling her Merry Christmas," Chad Bearden described his video. "What a class act. I love every time this guy is around. Thanks Brett!" Watch video here.

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Fun Lovin' Criminals Plan 'Come Find Yourself' Anniversary Edition

(Cannonball) Fun Lovin' Criminals have announced a February 19th release date for the 20th anniversary collectors' edition of their 'Come Find Yourself' album via the Edsel label through Demon Music Group. We were sent the following details:

Available as a 3CD expanded edition and collectors' Deluxe Edition box set, the release features a plethora of rarities, live recordings, alternate mixes, and much more from the vaults of this landmark record. Bringing a unique collection together from this seminal era for the very first time.

Speaking about the new edition, Huey Morgan said, "It's a very unique record for the times, and remains so today - it's not dated. It burned a path for crossing genres that we now take for granted. Looking back, it was a good start for a career in music that was uncompromising. You can tell listening to it, it was exactly the way we wanted it to be. There's still a lot of love out there for 'Come Find Yourself'."

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the album which features 3 UK top 30 hits: "The Fun Lovin Criminal" "King Of New York" and "Scooby Snacks", Huey Morgan, Brian 'Fast' Leiser and Frank Benbini will be playing the record from start to finish for the very first time on their world tour throughout 2016. See the dates here.

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Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Adele Have Tom Coyne In Common

(Radio.com) As the Grammy nominations were announced earlier this month, stars like Kendrick Lamar, the Weeknd and Taylor Swift collected congratulations for their multiple nominations.

One of the lesser-known names with multiple nominations, though, is Tom Coyne. You may not have heard of him, and you have certainly never been to one of his concerts, but Coyne is part of three of the five nominees for Record Of The Year and two of the nominees for Album Of The Year--both categories that he's won before. So who is he?

Tom Coyne is the Senior Mastering Engineer at Sterling Sound and is credited as Mastering Engineer on Taylor Swift's 1989 and The Weeknd's Beauty Behind The Madness. He also is credited on Mark Ronson's "Uptown Funk." He's the guy that gives these records a final polish before they are ready for your ears. "It's the final creative process before it's released to the public" explains Coyne from his studio in New York. "The artist has one last chance to do little tweaks here and there to mixes and to the album as a whole."

Working with artists like Taylor Swift and their producers, Tom is responsible for the final sound of a song or album. He's also pretty good at it, becoming one of the go-to-guys in the industry. The way Sam Smith's voice floats along the piano of last year's Record Of Year winner "Stay With Me" --that's Tom. Adele's GRAMMY-winning 21 and the massive 25--that's Tom too.

This is Coyne's fifth consecutive year of being nominated in the Record of the Year and Album of the Year categories. "The more successful mastering engineers now are the older ones, the guys that grew up cutting vinyl. We still have our ears" says Coyne. "You'll find that the most successful ones are probably forty-five, fifty to seventy. You think we'd be retiring by then, but why retire when you're having fun?" Read more here.

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Singled Out: Ricky Rebel's Star

Former No Authority frontman Ricky Rebel tells us the story behind his latest single "Star", which comes from Rebel's "Star Remixes" EP as well as "The Blue Album". Here is the story:

I am not a newbie to the industry. I was discovered by Michael Jackson, signed to his label, released an album, toured Europe twice, signed to Madonna's record label and opened for Britney Spears. My whole life has been about performing. It's what I love to do.

My intention in writing "Star" was to write a song that forced me to speak my truth every time that I perform it. The first version of the song said "I want to be a Star" only. Later on I added "I am a Star" because it was important for me to proclaim to the world who I am and what it is that I am committed to being. I believe something isn't real until you say it out loud, share it with others and enroll them in that possibility. So far, my plan has worked. People who hear the song love it. It helps other people recognize the star within. I believe everyone has star quality, but you can't keep it locked up inside. You have to express it.

After I released "Star" on my album called "The Blue Album," world-renowned DJ Hector Fonseca (Sia, Madonna, Beyonc) heard "Star" and gave me a call. He said that he loved the track and wanted to remix my version and release it on his record label Audio 4 Play. The "Star Remix" EP is currently being spun in over 15 countries. We made a fabulous video for the "Star (Hector Fonseca & Tommy Love Tribal Dub) remix. When we play it live, the band adds a cool rock element to the track. The song is a showstopper. Not a lot of people have the courage to say that they're a star and back it up with action but then again, I'm not like most people.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself as you watch the video here and learn more about the album right here!

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