Day In Rock 11/17: Slayer Predicted 9/11?- MP3 Dot Gone- Rock Is Dead?- Wes Borland Turns Producer- Maiden Too Old For MTV- Stone Temple History- Fear Factory Lives On- In Flames Escape- CKY DVD- Count The Return- Anne McCue Sets U.S. Debut- Triumph Bites Aiken For PETA
by Keavin Wiggins
The Day in Rock Monday- antiMUSIC.com's look at Top Rock News Stories From the past 24 Hours

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Slayer Predicted 9/11? 
Blabbermouth reports: KC (Kyle Casey) Armstrong, associate producer for the "Howard Stern Show", made an appearance on today's show to explain his theory that the long-running heavy metal band SLAYER predicted the tragic events of September 11, 2001 on their "God Hates Us All" album, which was released that fateful day.

According to a synopsis of today's show, as reported by MarksFriggin.com, "Howard came back from break and had KC in with some tape he wanted to play. KC said he's been into this band SLAYER for years. He said they put out this CD the week [of] 9/11 and it's really creepy. He said throughout the whole CD they talk about how God hates us all and how religion is destroying the world. He said in this track 'God Sent Death' they have the sounds of a plane, flight 175, with a woman screaming in the background. He said that one of the flights that was crashed on 9/11 was flight 175. They also sing about terrorists and stuff on the CD. He swore he had the CD before 9/11 and it was one of those freak things and the future predicted by them. Howard told him to get out of there and that he was an idiot. He was telling Howard all of the lyrics that he was hearing and how they related to 9/11. Howard told him he had to get away from him and he was creepy, not the music."- Click Here for the Full Story

MP3 Dot Gone
AP reports: CNET Networks Inc. said Friday it reached an agreement with Vivendi Universal Net USA to buy MP3.com, one of the first online music services.  

CNET intends to use the historic moniker and Internet portal for a new digital music service launching next year. 

Terms of the deal, expected to be completed next month, were not disclosed. 

Calls to San Diego-based MP3.com were not immediately returned. 

San Francisco-based CNET runs several Web sites, with some offering software downloads, technology news and reviews. Click Here for the Full Story

MP3.com sent it's email subscribers a message with this announcement: Please be advised that on Tuesday, December 2, 2003 at 12:00 PM PST the MP3.com website will no longer be accessible in its current form. 

Rock Is Dead?
Blabbermouth report: hard rock bands are not getting the kind of attention from radio stations and mainstream media that they did two or three years ago.

STAIND has gone from co-headlining Xcel Energy Center in 2001 to playing the smaller Roy Wilkins Auditorium on Tuesday. Likewise, Canadian pop metalists NICKELBACK have failed to repeat the success of their 2002 hit "How You Remind Me". At Target Center last weekend, NICKELBACK played to only  5,500 fans, about a quarter of the arena's capacity.

Most telling, '90s rap-metal kings LIMP BIZKIT and KORN are playing Roy Wilkins together Monday, when each of them used to headline arenas twice that size. The pair still had not sold out the Wilkins at press time.

Although LINKIN PARK remains a huge succees[sic], rap-metal as a whole is seen as a dying genre. KORN's last album stiffed. LIMP BIZKIT's new CD had strong first-week sales of about 500,000, but with little radio or MTV play, it has slipped to No. 21 on the Billboard album chart.

STAIND, too, might have fallen victim to too much, too fast. Its new album, "14 Shades of Gray", has barely sold a million copies after four months, compared to the nearly 10 million that its previous disc, "Break the Cycle", sold..-Click Here for the Full Story

There is a ray of hope, Poison can still sell out arenas. Give it a few years and you'll have the Staind, Limp Korn nostalgia tour. 

Wes Borland Turns Producer
Blabbermouth reports: LIMP BIZKIT guitarist Wes Borland has hooked up with NINE INCH NAILS keyboardist/programmer Danny Lohner to work on a number of new projects, many of which were born through relations that formed while working on the "Underworld" soundtrack, according to MTV.com. The pair,  who worked with FILTER frontman Richard Patrick under the name the DAMNING WELL on the soundtrack, have recorded four songs with former CONCRETE BLONDE singer Johnette Napolitano for her next solo record and are expecting to produce a few tracks for singer/actress/model Milla Jovovich's upcoming  album.

Borland said he is also in talks with EVANESCENCE about producing some tracks for their next LP. "I would like to give it some of that old-world vibe so it sounds like a band of gypsies," Borland said. "I want to give more depth and richness to the guitars, but at the same time make them not as processed and more organic."

Lohner and Borland have also been asked to produce a few tracks on the upcoming TRUST COMPANY album and are in talks with English techno rocker Keith Flint (THE PRODIGY) to work on songs for his debut solo LP. In addition, a song Borland and Patrick wrote several years ago before the DAMNING WELL existed could be included on the unnamed next FILTER album, tentatively due early next year.. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Stone Temple History
It was obvious before but now it is official.  Digital Noise reports: In an interview with Guitar One magazine, STP's duo of Dean and Robert DeLeo have confirmed that Stone Temple Pilots have officially disbanded.

"It was time to move on to other things," Dean said. "Life and personalities and brotherhood took its course. Everybody's got cool stuff going on. Scott is about to embark on a new experience Eric built a nice home studio. It just ran its course, I suppose."

Added Robert, "Dean and Eric and myself, I think, all feel a sense of sadness, relief, anger, melancholy about it... But to try and go on and accomplish something with this band after we've already peaked is a bit cheesy. There's a cheese factor with guys hitting 40 trying to recapture glory. There's no way to go but out. If you're driving a car and it goes off the road, it's hard to steer that car back on the road. I'm proud to look back at our career. I feel we've made a valid contribution to music. I guess putting out a greatest hits set is cheesy, but the strength of the songs is there.

"I hope for Scott and Eric that STP is something to move on from, so that everyone can find something better. Dean and I are thrilled about what's going on, and I want to see those guys go on and better what we've already accomplished."..-Click Here for the Full Story

Fear Factory Lives On
siN's metal news reports: FEAR FACTORY have checked in with a huge update, including the announcement of signing of a deal with D3 Entertainment in North America, and Roadrunner for Europe. They have also dubbed 'Archetype' as the title of the new album, with the following tracklisting:

Slave Labor
Act of god
Default Judgement
Corporate Cloning
Bite The Hand That Bleeds...
Human Shields
Ascencion (outro)
School "NIRVANA cover" Bonus track

The album will hopefully be out sometime in April 2004.
.Click Here for the Full Story 

Maiden Too Old For MTV
Blabbermouth reports: At IRON MAIDEN's sold-out show at Globen in Stockholm, Sweden earlier tonight (November 14), singer Bruce Dickinson slammed MTV Europe for refusing to air the band's new video for  the song "Rainmaker".

"I see a lot of faces here in the front who are not even half my age," Dickinson told the crowd. "That's great. We just got some bad news. Not that I care about MTV, but they told us that they won't show the 'Rainmaker' video because they say that our audience is too old for MTV."- Click Here for the Full Story

Guess whoever signed up Ozzy for the Osbourne's didn't get the memo. Don't sweat it Bruce Sponge Bob fans are too old for MTV. 

In Flames Escape
siN metal news reports: IN FLAMES have set "Soundtrack To Your Escape" as the title for their forthcoming album, due in Europe on March 29, 2004. Currently they have no North American label but are still on Nuclear Blast over in Europe.

The following is the tentative track listing for "Soundtrack To Your Escape" is as follows:

1. F(r)iend
2. The Quiet Place
3. Borders And Shading
4. Discover Me Like Emptiness
5. Touch Of Red
6. Bottled
7. Dead Alone
8. Superhero Of The Computer Rage
9. Like You Better Dead
10. Dial 595-Escape
11. Evil In A Closet
12. In Search For I
13. My Sweet Shadow

. Click Here for the Full Story 

(fan submitted) PA rockers CKY will be releasing a DVD video album of their 2002 release "Infiltrate-Destroy-Rebuild" on Tuesday. The 2 disc set will feature videos for all nine of the songs on I-D-R, plus videos for 2 additional songs.  Also included in the set is almost 3 hours of live footage from the bands most recent tour..-Click Here for the Full Story 

Count The Return
(press release) After a bad accident on the highway in September, Count the Stars were forced to cancel all touring plans, while singer Chris Kasarjian recovered from broken ribs, a collapsed lung and stitches.  Chris is feeling better and the band are on the road now with The Early November, hitting all major markets through the middle of December.  Count the Stars are extremely happy to be back on the road, where they will spend the hours on the highway writing material for the new album, slated to release in June of 2003.  The new songs are more layered, with more complex arrangements and darker guitar tones.   .  Click Here for the full story

Triumph Bites Aiken For PETA
Not even remotely rock related but pretty silly and therefore reportable. Rolling Stone reports: In a landmark display of canine-feline solidarity, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog has lashed out at professed kitty-hater Clay Aiken in a new ad campaign for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The print ad shows Triumph with a band-aid over his recently neutered doggy-bits and a post-surgery collar, and reads, "Get Neutered: It didn't hurt Clay Aiken." 

Though the barb was Triumph's own, PETA went along thanks in part to comments that Aiken made in a recent Rolling Stone article. "I think cats are Satan," Aiken said. "There's nothing worse to me than a house cat. When I was about sixteen, I had a kitten and ran over it. Seeing that cat die, I actually think that its spirit has haunted me. I wasn't afraid of cats before. But now they scare me to death."-Click Here for the Full Story 

Anne McCue Sets U.S. Debut
(press release) Anne McCue, the Australian-born singer/songwriter and guitarist, has completed work on Roll (Messenger Records), her first album to be released in the US. The album, set to be released on February 24, 2004, was co-produced by McCue and Dusty Wakeman (Dwight Yoakam, Lucinda Williams). McCue's previous effort, though never released domestically, gleaned much acclaim from the international press and attracted the support of fellow recording artist Lucinda Williams, among others.

An outstanding fact about Roll is that it rocks.  McCue lets her lead guitar rip, and may pleasantly surprise those who only know her as a singer and songwriter. For McCue, it's simply the frame of mind she's been in lately and a return to her roots. (She launched her music career as lead guitarist in the Australian indie hard rock band Girl Monstar.) The new recording features a trio (McCue, guitar/vocals; Dusty Wakeman, bass; and Dave Raven, drums) and was recorded at Mad Dog Studios in Burbank.-Click Here for the Full Story 

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