Day In Rock 3/12: Dead Milkmen Suicide- Jesus Lars?- Rare Axl CD- 500K F-Word?- More Van Hotair- Von Bondies On White Plea- Viva La Slayer- Nickelback- Pantera Hagar-Lionel Kravitz- Free Prince- Cold Sevendust- Mo Maiden- New Audioslave- dredg- Slipknot Remasked- Kid Rock- more
by Keavin Wiggins
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Dead Milkmen Suicide
Dead Milkmen.com reports: Sad news came today from this posting on the Dead Milkmen website. 

This morning Dave Blood is no longer with us. 

David is my brother. Since the breakup of the band David has never really found his niche in life. 

My brother was a smart clever and talented person. Inner peace has seemed to elude him for the last many years. 

Sometime last night David chose to end his life. He left a note that I don't know all of what it said,he was not elaborate-but he said he just could not stand to go on any longer. 

Our mother passed away at the end of January and maybe David just had had enough. 

There will be a memorial service in a few weeks. I will try to remember to come to this board and post it.It will be in the Delaware County area. 

Please pray for the respose of my bother's soul; that he now has the peace that seemed to elude him most of his life. 

I want to say that one of the shiniest parts of David's life was being a Dead Milkman and having that claim to fame.And the fans who appreciated the talent and time that went into making the band rise above the ordinary-thank you all for making my brother feel and know that he was indeed somebody. 

Kathy - Click Here for the Full Story 

Jesus Lars?
Encyclopedia Metallica / Blabbermouth reports: Barry Layden from Glasgow, Scotland reports: "I was reading The Daily Record (Scottish tabloid paper) on Saturday, [March 6, 2004] and there was an article about Jesus appearing on a road sign and it shows a photo which I have enclosed. At first I never really paid any attention to it until this morning (March 11) when my mum asked me if I had seen the article about Jesus appearing on a road sign, I said yes, she went and got the paper from wed the 10th and showed me what people had been writing in to say about the image. As soon as I read the comments I could see who the image was actually, not Jesus Christ but another great man, the image was of Lars Ulrich from the inside of [METALLICA's] 'Black Album'. I got my album out and right enough it was him." - Click Here for the Full Story 

Click the full story link to see the clipping.

Rare Axl CD
BW&BK reports: The Roots Of GUNS N' ROSES is a historical and monumental musical document of the very first demos recorded by Axl Rose and Izzy Stradlin, before they became Guns N' Roses. 

The album features five demo recordings that haven't been heard in decades, plus new remixes by former GN'R member Gilby Clarke. These rare tracks showcase the raw talent of Axl and Izzy that was just beginning to blossom into GN'R. - Click Here for the Full Story 

BW&BK reports that it comes out in June, they have some more info, tracklisting and background on the Hollywood Rose.

500K F-Word?
AP reports: Broadcasters airing indecent programming could be fined up to $500,000 almost a twentyfold increase over current levels under legislation expected to pass the House. 

The bill, which would raise the maximum fine from the current $27,500, picked up momentum after the Feb. 1 Super Bowl halftime show when singer Justin Timberlake exposed Janet Jackson's breast to 90 million viewers. 

"This is a tough bill which, if enacted, would help clean up our airwaves, no doubt about it," said Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., a lead sponsor of the legislation, which the House was considering Thursday. - Click Here for the Full Story 

More Van Hotair
BW&BK reports: Van Halen fans won't have much longer to wait before the official announcement of SAMMY HAGAR's return is made, along with the band's long anticipated summer tour plans. While I still do not have any confirmation of a likely announcement date (some tip March 16 one possibility) - I do have something else to run with. It seems that all financial arrangements have now been settled, with all four guys happy. As reported last week, Warner Special Markets is said to have negotiated a deal with Van Halen for a new greatest-hits package featuring three new songs. I hear that the deal was for an advance in the vicinity of the US$1 million mark. And further to that - I've previously talked about an established contact of mine that has got me occasional updates from a contact at Warner Bros. I got an interesting update from this contact today. Before you read and debate the information, please be aware this is something I cannot personally verify, but thought it worthy of printing. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Von Bondies On White Plea
Net Music Countdown reports: Management for Jason Stollsteimer, singer for the Von Bondies and punching bag for rock star Jack White, issued a statement Wednesday addressing the outcome of The People vs. Jack White incident. The statement reads: "Unlike Mr. White, we have been consistent and unwavering in our statement of December 15, 2003: Jason Stollsteimer was violently attacked by Jack White in an unprovoked incident at the Magic Stick nightclub in Detroit on December 13, 2003. 

"As a result of this incident, Mr. White was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery. Mr. Stollsteimer was never charged with any crime. 

"Now, the facts and evidence have been presented. Mr. Stollsteimer did not, at any time, lay a hand on Mr. White, but was a victim of Mr. White's rage. On March 9, 2004, Mr. White pleaded guilty to the charge of assault and battery on Mr. Stollsteimer. We are glad that the truth has finally been told and that justice has prevailed. [click the full story link for more]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Viva La Slayer
The PRP reports: Slayer recently performed a set at the home of Bam Margera for an upcoming episode of [MTV's] "Viva La Bam". The new season of "Viva La Bam" is expected to begin airing at the end of April. In other news, the band will also appear on the season finale of TV's "Monster Garage" on April 19th with a live performance that took place in a junkyard "in front of the boxing toyotas turned dueling robots." Slayer will be releasing a new album through American/Island/Def Jam this summer. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Down Under Nickelback
Digital Noise reports: Nickelback will be heading to Australia in May for a handful of shows. 

The band will be performing in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle over an 8 day period beginning on May 1st in Melbourne and wrapping up on May 8th in Sydney. 

Fellow Canucks Three Days Grace will be the support act on the tour. 

[ you know where to get the dates...]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Pantera Hagar
MTV reports: On Tuesday night, Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell and drummer Vinnie Paul, both longtime Van Halen fans, got to jam onstage with ex-VH singer Sammy Hagar at the Las Vegas nightclub Rain inside the Palms Casino. They didn't rip through "Why Can't This Be Love?" or "When It's Love," instead pounding into versions of the Troggs' "Wild Thing" and the Kinks' "You Really Got Me" (which Van Halen covered on their 1978 self-titled debut, with David Lee Roth on vocals).- Click Here for the Full Story 

Lionel Kravitz
MTV reports: Lionel Richie has recorded three songs with Lenny Kravitz, two of which will appear on his next album, Just for You, due May 4. The third, "Destiny," will appear on Kravitz's next release. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Free Prince
Chart Attack reports: Prince said that he will be giving away copies of his yet to be released album in advance to fans who buy tickets to his upcoming arena tour. 

After years of shunning major labels, Prince has been shopping around his latest effort Musicology, to different labels. No one has bitten quite yet, but he has decided to just give them to his fans for free instead. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Cold Sevendust
Billboard reports: Sevendust has put together a hefty rock tour that will feature four bands playing 30 dates across the U.S. in the spring. Boasting opening acts Cold, Apartment 26 and Atomship, the bill will shove off April 8 in Rochester, N.Y., and wind down May 14 in Merril, Wis. 

[see full story for all the dates and more info]- Click Here for the Full Story 

Mo Maiden
Loud Planet reports: Iron Maiden will release No More Lies, The Dance of Death Souvenir EP on 29th March 2004 via EMI. The EP will feature the track 'No More Lies', plus special mixes of 'Journeyman' and 'Paschendale'. The disc will also feature a live video of the band performing 'No More Lies' on the recent Dance of Death World Tour. The EP will be packaged in a silver printed box with a Woven Jacquard Iron Maiden wristband and 12 page colour booklet. Also, on the same day, the album Dance of Death will be re-released on DVDA with 5.1 surround sound and will include full length videos of the singles 'Wildest Dreams' and 'Rainmaker'. - Click Here for the Full Story 

New Audioslave
I Ate Your Microphone reports: Audioslave have been working on new material for their upcoming sophomore album as of late, and have currently penned some 20-25 songs towards the effort. A release period for the next album has not yet been contemplated, while the group's touring agenda will be on hold until it is completed.- Click Here for the Full Story 

dredg Date
I Ate Your Microphone reports: dredg have selected Terry Date (Deftones, Helmet, Pantera) as the producer for their upcoming third album. The band are entering the studios in Seattle, Washington in May to begin recording the as-yet-untitled effort, due out later in the year through Interscope.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Slipknot Remasked
Day in Rock reports: For those that care, you can check out the new masks for Slipknot by clicking on the Full Story link. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Kid Rocks More
liveDaily reports: Kid Rock's in-progress tour behind his latest, self-titled album, will continue rolling well into the spring, thanks to a new batch of shows. 

Rock has extended his itinerary into late April. Tickets for most shows are on sale now. 

Premiere members of Rock's fan club have access to an online ticket pre-sale that begins on Thurday at 5 p.m. Eastern Time; the club is offering tickets to Rock's April stops in Albuquerque, Bakersfield, Sacramento and San Jose. More information is available at Rock's website. 

[see full story link for the dates and more info] - Click Here for the Full Story 

Warrant Regurgitated
liveDaily reports: Sony/Legacy Recordings on April 13 will issue expanded, remastered versions of Warrant's "Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich" (1989) and "Cherry Pie" (1990), and Aldo Nova's self-titled debut (1982). All three albums will feature bonus tracks and new liner notes not found on the original versions, according to a press release.- Click Here for the Full Story 

As if one piece of 'Cherry Pie' wasn't more than enough.

Novel Idea
http://www.billymccarthy.com reports: New Author Billy Mccarthy Rocks Lit World With First Ever Single To A Novel 

CHICAGO,IL,March X, 2004- New pop culture author, Billy McCarthy, is set to break literary ground this spring with the release of the song, "The Devil of Shakespeare," the first ever single for a novel. The song will be released nationally on May 4, 2004 and will be included in hardcover editions of McCarthy's debut novel, The Devil of Shakespeare, which hits bookstores June 1st. 

Co-written by McCarthy and Chip Z'Nuff of E'Nuff Z'Nuff, the riveting single features platinum recording artists Jani Lane from Warrant, Styx' James "JY" Young and Ron Flynt of 20/20. McCarthy is a former rock drummer, composer and producer, who founded Screamin' Mimi's with Poison's C.C. DeVille and the Atlantic Records quartet D'Molls. 

The author plays the drums in the single for his novel. 

Fans can pre-order The Devil of Shakespeare, accompanied by the CD single through www.billymccarthy.com or www.amazon.com. - Click Here for the Full Story 

Drive-Thru Video
Press Release reports: The first of 4 vids from PRV's exclusive access to the DRIVE THRU UK INVASION TOUR are now up for download on www.punkrockvids.com. Enjoy '20 Below' from Hidden in Plain View and tons of other videos. All from views that you can't get from just buying a ticket.- Click Here for the Full Story 

Silly News - Eating Can Kill You
Washington Post reports: Those of us who've never smoked can only imagine the pull of cigarettes on people for whom smoking is a hated habit. We'd be tempted to feel superior to them -- if we'd never eaten. 

Obesity is about to overtake cigarettes as America's leading cause of preventable deaths, as reported Tuesday by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The combination of Americans' widespread lack of exercise and less-than-healthy diets has created a fatness epidemic that may soon prove deadlier than smoking. If current trends continue, the death toll from obesity will next year surpass 500,000 annually. - Click Here for the Full Story 

As I sit here finishing off my third pack today, and start on my sixth can of coke, I grin at reading this. Are we now going to have warning labels on Big Macs? You know if we listen to ALL the experts and ALL the studies and with all their dire predictions came true, then we would all be dead right now.  They also seem to forget to say that. But now that eating is worst for your health than smoking, are they gonna ban eating in bars? The irony in all of this is the life expectancy keeps increasing as we learn that all of these wonderful things we now have are killing us. My unscientific theory is the reason we are living longer is BECAUSE of the junk food. It's the preservatives, and now all these health people are taking them away, so we'll start dropping like flies again. Like I said, that was my unscientific theory. But is it any nuttier than the "Filmed at Eleven" reports that we hear constantly? But you know what I have another theory about all these things that we keep learning will either kill us or save us (they do seem to change places often).. get this --EVERYTHING is unhealthy if you do it to excess.  Have a great weekend, we'll see you on Monday!