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(Day in Rock) Stewart Copeland (of The Police) posted a blog on his website where details his recent adventures with the Foo Fighters. Here is the first part, click full story link to read it all

I feel like the winner of an MTV prize. Here is my itinerary: Whisked by limousine from my home to an airport in Van Nuys, where I will meet the Foo Fighters. We board their Gulf Stream IV jet, which will take us to San Francisco to attend a concert there before flying to New York to participate in an MTV special event. Duration of adventure: thirty hours. Professional obligations: none (almost). Now look at the itinerary of these young professionals who are my hosts. They just returned from a trip to Japan and Australia. Last night they played the Tonight Show. Tonight is the gig in San Francisco (for 12,000 fans). Within an hour of the last note of the show, they are airborne for New York. Arriving at 9:00 AM, pretty much sleepless, they get half an hour in their hotel rooms before going live in front of the cameras to host MTV for TWENTY-FOUR HOURS! The event is called "24 hours of Foo". For them it will be fifty hours without sleep. For the last twenty-four of those hours, they will be holding the attention of worldwide MTV viewers, pretty much with only their charisma and what's left of their vitality. A long day, even for soldiers like these guys. [see full story for more] - Click here for the Full Story

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