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Full Report for 07/09/06
Unseen Week: At Point Break
DiR reports: To celebrate the release of Unseen's new CD 'Internal Salvation' this week we have asked Mark to pick his top 5 favorite songs from the CD and tell us a bit about each track. We kick things off with the song "At Point Break". Here is Mark: 

"At Point Break": This tune has 2 short stories. Verse one is about how most Americans view the homeless. It's so crazy to see some people living outside in New England in the winter months trying to find shelter in a subway or atm spot to keep warm through the night. While this happens there are other people who complain about there house being to small or not lavish enough. It's f***in sickening if you ask me. Verse 2 in this song is about my mom and how she was forced to work minimum wage to support 3 kids when she got a divorce. The dad was making great money under the table and stood by and watched his kids suffer while he lived very well.- You can check out the song here and be sure to pick up 'Internal Salvation' tomorrow when it hits stores. 

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Korn Arrest
TuneLab reports: Korn touring guitarist Clint Lowery was arrested at the Hodokvas festival in Slovakia on July 5th according the festivals website. Lowery was temporarily detained following a "wild drunken night" which resulted in a trashed hotel room. Lowery was released after apologizing for the act and paying for damages.- more breaking rock news

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Metallica Detained As Terrorist
Gigwise reports: Metallica frontman James Hetfield was denied entry into Luton airport yesterday, when security officials pulled him over. 

The rocker was prevented from leaving the airport terminal once he got off the plane because of his �Taliban-like beard', The Times reports. 

After a brief interrogation in which Hetfield explained he was in a world-famous rock band, officials apparently let him got.- more on this story

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Snow Patrol Arrest
Contact Music reports: SNOW PATROL keyboard player TOM SIMPSON was arrested on drugs charges on Saturday (7Jul07) just hours after the band performed at LIVE EARTH in London. 

Simpson was taken into custody at Northolt RAF base after failing to appear in court in Scotland accused of possession of Class A substances. 

A spokesperson for London's Metropolitan Police says, "A 35-year-old man wanted on a sheriff warrant was arrested. He will remain in custody until transferred."- more on this story

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Aiken Air Rage
Contact Music reports: AMERICAN IDOL runner-up CLAY AIKEN has reportedly been involved in an air-rage bust-up on a flight from Los Angeles to Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday (7Jul07). Aiken rowed with a woman after his foot was resting on her armrest and she gave him a "minor shove" according to reports. 

When the plane landed, passengers were held at Tulsa International Airport until they were interviewed by FBI agents. FBI Special Agent Gary Johnson has confirmed there was an altercation between a male and female passenger, but refused to confirm Aiken was involved. No arrests were made.

[AP also ran with this story so maybe they are "just jealous" too? No word from the Aiken Camp - but the man himself may have indirectly confirmed it]

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Ozzfest Lottery
Sleazeroxx.com reports: If metal fans were pleased to get tickets to this year's free Ozzfest in the first place, Sharon Osbourne and the tour's other organizers are hatching plans to make them even happier once they get in the door. 

Osbourne, the wife and manager of tour namesake Ozzy Osbourne, told Billboard.com that about 3,000 tickets for each of the 24 shows -- which begin Thursday in Auburn, Wash. -- have been held back in order to provide upgraded seating for fans. Those will include reserved pavilion locations and even some seats that are actually on the stage, she said. 

"On the day of the show you can get to different booths, enter a lottery and get upgraded," Osbourne said. "We'll be upgrading throughout the day, 3,000 people. That's a lot of people to upgrade."- more on this story including Sharon on sponsors who wouldn't "pay up" and Black Sabbath reunion plans

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Biomechanical Studio Fire
PR reports: Jon Collins, bassist of BIOMECHANICAL checks in with a fiery studio update on the recording of their upcoming album, 'Cannibalised': "Chris Webb Blows Up Chris Tsangarides' mixing desk

John K and Chris Tsangarides were recording Chris Webb's solos when a strong smell of electrical fire started to fill the room. Right after that, smoke started coming out of the desk's power supply and it eventually caught fire! Chris ran out of the main room and grabbed the fire extinguisher. Thankfully it was put out straight away. Just a few more minutes and the whole thing would go up in flames! Just a small glitch�. : / Biomech recordings will restart as soon as the desk is back on line"- more on this story

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Axl Explains Live Earth Absence
PR reports: Axl Rose has issued a statement regarding Live Earth this past Saturday. Here it is: Guns N' Roses or myself will not be performing at Rio Live Earth or Live Earth for a couple of reasons. The first is that we were not asked until the last couple weeks while we were on tour in Australia and have upcoming sold-out dates already rescheduled in Japan. Our gear is already en route to Japan for these shows. We have attempted to find a solution to be able to perform in Rio, but unfortunately none has been suggested. 

I was asked to perform individually with Lenny Kravitz by the promoters and Mr. Gore. As we were working this out, Lenny unfortunately became injured and temporarily canceled his involvement from the event. According to the promoters, by the time they had reconfirmed Lenny's performance, there wasn't enough time to arrange flights for myself to Brazil and then to Japan for our upcoming shows. Unfortunately, I was not informed that Lenny's performance was reconfirmed until our own explorations and in following the media surrounding the event today, which is Saturday morning here in Australia and Friday in Brazil. - more from Axl

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Avril on Song Theft
punkbands reports: Avril Lavigne has responded to the accusations she stole lyrics from another band. She writes: You may have heard some news that two guys who wrote for some band from the 1970s I have never in my life heard of called the "Rubinoos" are trying to sue me. They have a song called "I Want To Be Your Boyfriend" that has no musical similarities to the song "Girlfriend" that Luke Gottwald and I wrote together. 

They claim that a small part of the lyrics are the same and are saying that I took these from them. I had never heard this song in my life and their claim is based on 5 words! All songs share similar lyrics and emotions. As humans we speak one language. [make of that what you want]

Off the top of my head, two other songs that I can immediately think of with this type of lyric are "Hey, hey, you, you get off of my cloud" by the Rolling Stones and "Hey little girl I want to be your boyfriend" by the Ramones. Simply put, I have been falsely accused of ripping their song off. Luke and I have done nothing wrong and there is no merit to their claim.
- (punkbands)

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Beatles Diapers
Idolator.com reports: Saatchi & Saatchi, the advertising geniuses behind that Kurt Cobain Doc Martens campaign, plan to market a line of Luvs diapers to the tune of "All You Need Is Love". Here's the poop--I mean, scoop:

Procter & Gamble wants Luvs to be all that parents need.

Its new "All You Need is Luvs" marketing campaign uses the classic Beatles song "All You Need is Love" to spread the word about Luvs' Bear Hug Stretch diaper. [this is why all ad people that use classic songs should be shot]- more on this story

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Sparta for Revolver in Chains Support
Blabbermouth reports: According to HardDrive Radio, SPARTA � the El Paso post-hardcore band featuring former members of AT THE DRIVE-IN � will open for VELVET REVOLVER and ALICE IN CHAINS on the second of their North American tour beginning on September 8 in Vancouver. 

As previously reported, Chicago-based rock act KILL HANNAH has secured the opening slot on the first leg of the tour starting on August 11 in Montreal. - grab the dates here

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Wolf Lose Member
Blabbermouth reports: Swedish metallers WOLF have announced the departure of bassist Mikael Goding. His final appearance with the band will take place at the Headbangers Open Air festival, set to take place July 12-14 in Brande-Hörnerkirchen, Germany.

Commented Mikael: "To put it simple: too much business and mini-van, and [too little] music. The reason we started the band was that we wanted to create great new wave of British heavy metal. And we certainly have! The thing that I always have enjoyed most with WOLF is to see a song grow during rehearsals. Thinking: man! This is a really good song, and we have done it together. Now with Tobias [Kellgren; drums] and Johannes [Losbäck; guitar] living on the west coast, we hardly rehearse at all and that sucks! Unfortunately, releasing an album isn't just about music, there is a lot of business involved, and I hate that sh*t!- more on this story

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Boots Randolph RIP
Reuters reports: Renowned saxophonist Boots Randolph died on Tuesday (July 3) after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage June 25, according to publicist and family friend Betty Hofer. 

Randolph, who was 80 and whose signature tune was his self-written "Yakety Sax," a 1963 hit, died at Skyline Medical Center in Nashville.

Randolph was the first to play sax on Elvis Presley's recordings, and contributed to eight of the singer's movie soundtracks. He also played for such stars as Johnny Cash and Pete Fountain.- more on this story

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Grateful Dead Movie
Gigwise reports: One of rock'n'rolls most fantastical stories is being brought to the big screen with a bio-pic about the Grateful Dead. 

The acid fuelled band's long-time roadie Steve Parish's 2004 book �Home Before Daylight' is being adapted by director Michael Garais. 

The film, which will cover the band's history from their inception in the sixties to frontman Jerry Garcia's death in 1995- more on this story

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