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Fans Sue Hannah Montana
antiMusic reports: We've done a few stories recently addressing fan anger at fan clubs. Most notable Bon Jovi fans angry at excessive charged added to fan club tickets on top of what they already paid to become members of the club. Seems Bon Jovi are not alone as Hannah Montana fans are angry at her fanclub over concert tickets policies and aren't just complaining, they are suing. 

Billboard has the report: Thousands of "Hannah Montana" fans who couldn't get concert tickets are suing the teen performer's fan club over memberships they claim were supposed to give them priority for seats.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a New Jersey woman and anyone else who joined the Miley Cyrus Fan Club based on its promise that joining would make it easier to get concert tickets from the teen star's Web site.- more on this story

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Bon Jovi for Governor?
antiMusic reports: Despite some speculation that Jon Bon Jovi has been positioning himself to run for governor of the state he abandoned, his PR person has denied such plans and says that Jon's "day job is going too well" for him to contemplate such a move. Maybe the pay cut would be too much for him? 

Bon Jovi has long been a supporter of left-wing politics and politicians so it's natural to assume that he may want to get involved directly instead of being a fund-raiser for the political causes he believes in. Some have read into a few facts that Jon is positioning himself for a run. 

Fact one is that when Jon and his family abandoned their native New Jersey for the trendy mecca of SoHo, Jon kept his house in Red Bank in retain his residency so he could run for governor. They also point to his political appearances with the Al Gore's and John Kerry's of the world. Perhaps thinking his fame would help him actually win elections? And the big one is the fact that Bon Jovi has hired former Mayor David Dinkins chief of staff Ken Sunshine as his new public relations "guru".- more on this story

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Winehouse Witness Tampering
Contact Music reports: The husband of singer Amy Winehouse has been remanded in custody on the charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice. Blake Fielder-Civil, 25, of Camden, north London, was one of five men arrested by the Metropolitan Police in connection with the case and appeared at Thames' Magistrate's court this morning, along with Anthony Kelly, 25, of Chalk Farm, north London.

The full charge is "that on or before the 8th November 2007, within the jurisdiction of the Central Criminal Court, you (Fielder-Civil) conspired together with James King, to do an act namely whereby James King would withdraw from being a witness in an indictment charged before the court against another for causing grievous bodily harm to James King with intent to pervert the course of justice contrary to Section One (1) of the Criminal Law Act 1977".

The charge against Mr Kelly is that he "with the attempt to pervert the course of public justice did a series of acts which had a tendency to pervert the course of public justice in that you arranged with the victim and the defendants in that the victim doesn't attend court".- more on this story

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Ramones Murder Arrest
antiMusic reports: An angry assistant has been arrested for the murder of Linda Stein, the former manager of The Ramones and later called the real estate agent to the stars, who was murdered in her New York home. Stein was found dead in the kitchen of her Manhattan apartment on October 30th. According to MTV, the assistant made incriminating statements that implicated herself in the murder. Here is their report: 

New York police detectives interviewed Natavia Lowery multiple times in recent days and allege that the assistant killed her boss because Stein "just kept yelling at her," The New York Times reports, quoting a law-enforcement official who went unnamed. Criminal charges are pending against Lowery from the Manhattan district attorney's office.

The arrest was made Friday morning (November 9), less than two weeks after the alleged murder, which occurred October 30 at Stein's Fifth Avenue apartment. An autopsy showed that Stein died from blows to the head and neck, according to The Associated Press.- more on this story

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Prince Suing Pirates Not Fans
antiMusic reports: Prince's camp has denied suing fansites and instead his UK promotion company says that the Purple one is targeting pirate sites. In fact, he is reportedly planning to sue The Pirate Bay in not just his native U.S. but in two different countries in Europe and Israeli based companies that advertise on Pirate Bay. 

News.com reports that Prince plans to file suit in the U.S. also plans to file "suit in the next few days against The Pirate Bay in France, a country known for tough copyright laws, and Sweden, where The Pirate Bay is based. In addition, Prince is preparing to take civil action against some of the Israel-based companies that advertise on The Pirate Bay, according to John Giacobbi, Web Sheriff's president."

According to several sources in the UK media, Prince's UK promotor AEG issued a statement about the controvery surrounding allegations that Prince was threatening fansites with ligitagation. The statement reads: Prince is not suing his fans, is not looking to penalise fans and nor is he looking to or inhibiting freedom of speech in any way. In fact, he is simply looking to provide Prince fans with exclusive music and images entirely free of charge, and bypassing unofficial and unauthorised phoney fan sites that exploit both consumers and artists.
- more on this story

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Korn Hire Roth Drummer
PR reports: Veteran rock drummer and MI graduate Ray Luzier has just joined multi-platinum, two-time Grammy-winners Korn and will begin touring this January. Joining Luzier on stage with the superstar nu metal act—which has sold more than 25 million albums worldwide-- is fellow MI grad Kalen Chase on guitar and background vocals.

Well known for his longtime associations with David Lee Roth (1997-2005) and Army of Anyone (2005-2007), Luzier graduated from MI's Percussion Institute of Technology in 1989 and later returned as an instructor at the school, where he taught rock drumming classes and private lessons on and off from 1992-2001.- more on this story

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Rap and Country Cause Drug Abuse
antiMusic reports: We learn something really interesting today. Two things actually. One is that universities use that small fortune you spend on tuition to fund asine studies that have no real benefit to humanity and we also learn that you have to be on drugs to get into popular country music or rap. Or at least you are more likely to encounter music about drinking and drugging if you listen to rap and country music than rock music. Who knew? If you listen to rap or country and are easily influenced you most likely aren't reading this or are too stoned to turn the computer on. 

Researches at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine took time out of researching real medical issues or trying to cure diseases and wasted time and resources to look at the top 279 songs on the Billboard charts in 2005. Their mind-shattering discovery was that a third of the songs included references to alcohol and drug use. The bozo that headed this study, Dr. Brian Primack justified this worthless study by saying "Tobacco in movies, for example, is now known to lead to smoking. We started realizing adolescents are exposed to two and a half hours a day of music. What's in the music?" 

According to Reuters, the study found that: "nearly 80 percent of rap songs mentioned substance use, followed by 37 percent of country music lyrics, 20 percent of R&B/hip-hop and 14 percent of rock songs. Only nine percent of pop songs referred to drug or alcohol use." And with all that good stuff it still doesn't improve the listen-ability of music but gives idiot professors another way to "blame" music for the ills of society while wasting money instead of realizing that people with certain lifestyles are drawn to music they can relate to.- More on this idiocy here

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Sex Pistols Bomb With Worst Gig Ever?
Gigwise reports: Sex Pistols fans have hit out at the punk outfit's return to the live stage in the UK, calling last night's Brixton Academy gig "embarrassing."

Gigwise has received a number of comments from fans, who have hit out at what they call a "dire" and "shoddy" show. Last night's show was the first of five at the London venue, following the band's stint in America. 

One impassioned comment reads: "Went last night. They were s***e to the point of embarrassing. I'm aware that some might say 'well that's the point, they were never good', but honestly, save your money and put Never Mind the Bollocks back on the CD player. Worst gig ever." - more on this story

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Surgery Blamed for Death of Kanye's Mother
E! reports: Donda West, the former Chicago State University English professor who left higher education to guide her son Kanye to a Grammy-winning hip-hop career, died Saturday evening in Los Angeles. She was 58.

According to Patricia West, a spokeswoman for Donda West, the cause of death was complications stemming from a "cosmetic procedure."

The Los Angeles County Coroner's Office confirmed Monday the death is under investigation, but initial indications are that she succumbed to complications from surgery. - more on this story

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My Chemical Romance Pay University
antiMusic reports: University of Maine have reportedly settled with My Chemical Romance after the band pulled out of a performance on the campus at the last minute. According to PunkNews.org "The band was invoiced for all the promotional costs of the performance, which totaled over $20,000. The student government and the band recently announced a settlement, with the band agreeing to pay the University of Maine's Student Government over $20,500 in restitution."

So why did they pull the plug on the show? Drummer Bob Bryar blogged their reason on their Myspace page last week: Hi, it's Bob. We are very sorry about canceling our recent show in Maine. I have been having many problems with my wrists over the past few years. They have been getting worse but I kept playing. I have seen many doctors to get some relief so I wouldn't have to stop playing. I guess I pushed it too hard this time. During our show at Maxwell's I got a golf ball-sized lump in my wrist, I started to not only have pain, but lose control and feeling in my fingers. I went through a process to control the swelling and attempted to play the show with Bon Jovi the next day. 

The Bon Jovi show was really bad for me - I was dropping sticks and could barely hit my drums. After that show we decided I had to go get immediate treatment. I had to leave the tour. Being the stubborn person I am, I made a last minute decision to give it another shot on the second Bon Jovi show. It didn't work, we had to cut the set in half. We have a fill in now as I am getting treatment - he learned the songs in one day. We will try our hardest to make the show up to you when the specialists give me the okay. Thanks for understanding.- EmoSpace

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Ministry C U LaTouR
PR reports: On the heels of their final studio release, "The Last Sucker," released September 18, 2007, Ministry announces their final world tour, "C U LaTouR," with Special Guests Meshuggah and opening act Hemlock. 

Ministry kicks off the North American leg of "C U LaTouR" in Vancouver on March 28, 2008, stopping in a limited engagement 33 major market cities through mid-May, ending the U.S. leg in Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen's home town of Chicago. Ministry then heads off to play the principal European festivals as well as choice club dates beginning late May stretching through to July.

Exclusive pre-sale tickets for the North American "C U LaTouR," offered by Music Today, go on sale this Thursday, November 15- more on this story

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Quicks: Weezer Sets Date- Soil Lose Glass- Music World Destruction- Enola Grey RIP
antiMusic reports: Weezer sixth album is set to hit stores on April 22nd, 2008. They either haven't gotten around to naming it or don't want us to know yet. But if you need something to hold you over 'Alone: The Home Recordings Of Rivers Cuomo', will be released on Dec 11th. It's a collection of Rivers demos. 

Soil have reportedly had "personal differences" with guitarists Shaun Glass and he has been shown the exit or left, we're not sure which. The band is said to be carrying on as a foursome with their frontman AJ Cavalier filling in the blanks guitarwise. 

Billboard is reporting that Canada's Music World is in jeopardy after the market's largest domestically-owned music retailer filed for bankruptcy protection. The chain until recently operated 72 stores, a drop from its peak when it counted more than 100.

Minneapolis metalcore band Enola Grey has broken up according to Lambgoat.

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3 Inches of Blood Fire Drummer After Saxon Fight 
Metal Underground reports: 3 Inches Of Blood has kicked out drummer Alexei Rodriguez in the wake of an apparent altercation with SAXON drummer Nigel Glockler at the Hard Rock Hell festival in the UK over the weekend. Classic Rock has posted the following apology from the band: 

On behalf of all the members of 3 INCHES OF BLOOD we would like to express the utmost regret and sincere apology regarding the actions of our drummer, Alexei Rodriguez, that occurred in Minehead in the early hours of November 10. 

In no way were Alexei's actions a reflection of our band....Alexei's behaviour was appalling and completely unacceptable and it is our decision to immediately remove him from the band. We would like to attempt to repair the damage that has been caused and hope that you will not think of 3 INCHES OF BLOOD as a band that habitually acts in such inappropriate ways."- more on this story

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Radiohead Set US Release
PR reports: On January 1, 2008, TBD Records/ATO Records Group will release in North America the physical version of Radiohead's In Rainbows.

Released in download format earlier this year, In Rainbows has already received tremendous acclaim in the press. British music magazine Q wrote "In Rainbows is a brilliant work" while Rolling Stone said the album "delivers an emotional punch that proves all other rock stars owe us an apology." New York magazine raved, "Radiohead has made their best music in years, maybe ever."

Produced by Nigel Godrich, In Rainbows is the band's seventh studio album and the follow-up to 2003's RIAA certified Platinum Hail to the Thief.
- check out the cover art here

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Congress Vs Students
antiMusic reports: U.S. politicians continue to be for sale to the highest contributors. Some leading Democrats in the House of Reps introduced a bill last week which basically blackmails universities on behalf of the music and film industries. The same people that reportedly told one student they sued to quit school to pay for the lawsuit. 

Here is part of the CNET report: New federal legislation says universities must agree to provide not just deterrents but also "alternatives" to peer-to-peer piracy, such as paying monthly subscription fees to the music industry for their students, on penalty of losing all financial aid for their students. 

The U.S. House of Representatives bill , which was introduced late Friday by top Democratic politicians, could give the movie and music industries a new revenue stream by pressuring schools into signing up for monthly subscription services such as Ruckus and Napster. According to the bill, if universities did not agree to test "technology-based deterrents to prevent such illegal activity," all of their students--even ones who don't own a computer--would lose federal financial aid.

Read more about how Congress is serving the "people" and not corporate special interest- here

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