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Full Report for 05/20/2008
Young Metal Show Turns Violent
Blabbermouth reports: Miami metal band Black Tide played a free show last Thursday (May 15) at the Whisky A-Go Go in Hollywood, California to celebrate the release of James Frey's new book, "Bright Shiny Morning".

There were several scuffles with security during Black Tide's set and even more after a reading from James' book.

According to the New York Post's "Page Six", "literary types were horrified as the brawl spilled out to the sidewalk, where it took 20 cops to quell the violence. Three men were arrested." - more on this story

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Top Banned Album Art
antiMusic reports: Our friends over at Gibson have another interesting article up, this one deals with some of the most notorious banned album covers in rock history. What follows is their intro and a couple of our favorite selections: Banned record sleeves are a rock and roll tradition. Even heavyweights (especially?) like the Beatles and Stones are not immune to critical scrutiny. Some of these sleeves were withdrawn for not meeting some standard of decency, some for unlicensed images, and some just crossed a line of serious bad taste.

Jimi Hendrix Electric Ladyland Following up the iconic Axis: Bold As Love album cover would be no small feat. But Hendrix managed to top himself with this image. Though he originally requested to use a photo by Linda Eastman (the soon-to-be Mrs. McCartney) what he got was a harem of naked women just, well, hangin' out. The original U.K. release carried this beautiful gatefold but later issues including the domestic pressing got a blurred yellow and orange headshot of Jimi.

Blind Faith Blind Faith Iconic rock image or pornography? The self-titled 1969 record from this U.K. supergroup didn't even include the band's name yet it is instantly recognizable even today. The photo, by Clapton's former roommate Bob Seidermann is still at the center of controversy among rock historians. Seidermann claims that the model was used with the full consent of her parents while some claim the band kept the girl for more devious purposes. Whatever the case may be, the sleeve was withdrawn and replaced with, big surprise, a black and white shot of the band.

- There are more, see the above mentioned covers and also the others spotlighted in the Gibson special.

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Idol Taps George Michael For Finale
E! reports: American Idol wants some freedom. The big surprise guest performer during the American Idol finale tomorrow night will be "Freedom" hit-maker George Michael, a source has exclusively revealed.

Earlier this week, producer Nigel Lythgoe refused to reveal who the artist would be, only saying that the "biggest star in the world" was coming to Idol.

The appearance will time in nicely for the former Wham! frontman, who starts a 20-city tour on June 17
- more on this story

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Deep Thoughts With Miley Cyrus
antiMusic reports: For her next tween product of mass consumption, Miley Cyrus is ditching her Hannah Montana alter-ego to provide you with her own deep pop thoughts! The Miley Cyrus opus "Breakout," is set to be released by Disney's Hollywood Records on July 22nd.

If you listen to Disney Radio, or it's unofficial offshoot Top 40 radio, you can't escape hearing the first single from this offering; a little diddy called "7 Things". The single, according to Billboard "was one of the most added at U.S. top 40 radio outlets last week, garnering 255 spins. It is also enjoying some airplay at adult top 40 stations." See that Vanity Fair thing paid off!

And what lyrical genius has attracted these adult fans? Talk of major issues like war, terror, what about the photog-stalkers that feed the Tabloid Media Zombies? No, it's all about the broken heart of a teenage girl. A few years back the philosopher Avril bestowed this wisdom upon us: "He was a boy / She was a girl / Can I make it anymore obvious? / He was a punk /. And she did ballet / What more can I say?" Say no more! But now Miley is going to give Avril a run for her money with the tale of an ex-boifriend that is unwilling to give her a "sincere apology." She tells the boi in the lyrics that "when you mean it, I'll believe it / If you text it, I'll delete it." A sure fire classic in the tradition of "Yummy, yummy, yummy. I got love in my tummy, and I feel like a-lovin you!"
- Read the sarcasm free Billboard article if you "must" know more about this album

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Vh1 Holding Metal Memorial
Blabbermouth reports: This Memorial Day weekend VH1 Classic documents more than 30 years of one of music's most passionate genres with "Metal Weekend". Beginning on Friday, May 23 the network "for classic music lovers" sets the stage for a heavy metal marathon including some of the most memorable concerts, chilling documentaries, and all-access looks at the artists behind this powerful and often controversial music genre. Throughout the weekend metal fans everywhere can saturate themselves with music from KISS, METALLICA, JUDAS PRIEST, PANTERA and more.

VH1Classic.com will also join the metal madness with extensive programming online. In addition to premiering "My Playlist: Judas Priest" simultaneously with the on-air premiere on Friday, May 23, the online home to all things classic music will offer a massive amount of metal playlists including "40 Greatest Metal Songs", "100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock", "Box Set: Metallic", and "Box Set: Kiss". Additional video compilations, playlists and video content will rollout online at the beginning of the weekend.

"My Playlist: Judas Priest" Premieres on VH1 Classic and VH1Classic.com Friday, May 23 at 8:00 PM ET/PT It features the band's top ten videos of all-time. In a new and exclusive interview, viewers will hear from the band about the videos they loved back in the day and the ones that still get them excited today. - more on this story

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R. Kelly Child Porn Trial Begins Amid Press Blackout
Hecklerspray reports: It's been a long time coming, but the R Kelly child pornography trial is actually getting underway today. With the jury selection process over and done with, lawyers are set to give their opening arguments in a trial that'll determine whether or not R Kelly filmed himself having sex with a girl as young as 13. It'll be a first class spectacle, make no mistake of that.

But don't get too excited about it - thanks to the judge, there'll be a total media blackout in court for the duration of the R Kelly trial due to the sensitive nature of the charges and the potentially detrimental influence that any media coverage could have on the outcome. But what about us? What if R Kelly goes to court with a funny haircut? Isn't it our right as humans to be able to call R Kelly a funny-haired knob? Isn't it?

Different people like their trials served to them in different ways. Some may like the Phil Spector method of live streams on the Court TV website, while others may prefer the grotesque reenactments by lookalikes that made up coverage of the Michael Jackson trial. But it's probably fair to say that nobody likes the presentation of the R Kelly child porn trial. - more on this story

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Sharon Osbourne Signs Up For Ironic Reality Show
antiMusic reports: You might turn to R. Kelly to watch your teenage daughter before you turn to Sharon Osbourne for lessons on etiquette, but that hasn't stopped VH1 from casting Osbourne in their latest installment of Celebretardity. How we miss "Behind The Music". Blabbermouth has the story:

Sharon Osbourne is taking on a new role as headmistress of VH1's "Rock of Love Girls: Charm School" premiering on VH1 in the fall 2008. Osbourne has been given the task of teaching some of the most notorious contestants from "Rock of Love with Bret Michaels" the art of becoming more lady-like. Whether you love them or love to hate them, there's no denying that these rough-around-the-edges women need a respectable mentor who knows what it takes to become a rockin' leading lady.

"Sharon Osbourne is undoubtedly one of the most successful women in the industry and truly an icon in the rock world. We knew she would immediately capture the imagination and attention of our cast and our audience," said Jeff Olde, EVP Programming & Development, VH1. "Not only is she a true master at the art of the business, but Sharon is a master at the art of being herself and we are thrilled to have her spearheading this show." - more on this story

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Courtney Love Addresses Album Rumors
antiMusic reports: Courtney Love took to her Myspace blog this past weekend to address rumors surrounding her new album. One being that she "scrapped" what she had recorded, she dismisses that claim and says that she is simply re-recording the songs. The difference between the two concepts? Who knows, but she explains part of the reason is that some of the tracks leaked onto the web.

Since we believe in accurate quoting, we now offer you Courtney's blogging exactly as she typed it. So grab your Courtney to English dictionary and enjoy: how do i define rerecording things? a little more the way i feel them? its certainly no diss on Linda ( or billy) there wouldnt BE lift off without either of them- itll take at most til July rto have a finsished and completed album and it has not taken ME three years , aa i just posted i have been absouloutly at the mercy of the schedules of others and waiting 8 months for 5 days is just not something i can live with, at this rate itll NEVER come out so no":scrapping" is going on, simply a few retakes- especially since all those recordings were leaked to the net and i knew if we played some of those songs live that woudl happen- so rearrangemnt ona couple of things hav happened and on a couple oif things toally unmixed and unfisinihsed is what yoru hearing ( eg carcrach that IS a demo and not the song at all- that was a small idea thats now a huuuge idea you wouldnt recognise it)

dont assume you knwo any songs on this album some may sound somewhat familiar or even have the same titlkes and arrangements a few , a few are just precious diamonds i wouldnt touch but theres TONS of NEW ones wich you have nt a clue about i knwo cos i havent finsihed lyrics and im days away also am playiong with Roddy ( Bottum) and Stuart Fisher-= its all very good and should go by very fast the latest i can see thsi coming outr is i dont want to say- but oit will be turned in by mid july at latest. okay? - Her Blog

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Heaven And Hell CD Coming Later Than Expected
BW&BK reports: Black Sabbath Online's Joe Siegler reports: "I received a press release today regarding the upcoming Rules Of Hell box set, as well as the Metal Masters Tour. Most of what is contained within is information we already knew, but there were a few tidbits in here worth pointing out before you check out the full press release.

New Studio album in "Early 2009": Previously it was expected that the new album from Heaven And Hell would have been out late this year, but apprently [sic]that's not happening.

According to this press release, the album will be out in "early 2009". Now before a lot of fans go and get their panties in a knot, remember "early 2009" means more than "Up to January 10th". Don't forget, we're getting a new Sabbath (yeah, yeah, yeah - It's Black Sabbath, and you know it), album with Ronnie Dio - let's give 'em a chance to do it right before bitching about WHEN, eh? - more on this story

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PBS Take R.E.M. To The Limit
PR reports: R.E.M. recently made their first-ever appearance on the historic Austin City Limits stage. Almost three decades into their career and just weeks before the release of their 14th studio album Accelerate, on a breezy Texas day amidst the buzz of South by Southwest, R.E.M. gave the intimate audience of 350 a concert experience that Pitchdork called "amazing" and USA Today dubbed "a special treat."

A one-hour special presentation of Austin City Limits featuring R.E.M. will premiere on PBS on Saturday, May 24 (check local listings for exact time and day). The concert features songs from the band's just released new album, as well as classics like "Man on the Moon" and "Losing My Religion." The show will also feature an exclusive interview with R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe, Peter Buck and Mike Mills by ACL Producer Terry Lickona. - more on this story

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Kataklysm Streaming New CD
PR reports: Kataklysm's latest album, Prevail, will be available for streaming on the band's MySpace Page until May 23rd. The band's ninth studio release was mixed at AudioHammer Studios in Orlando, Florida with producer Jason Suecof.

The album, which is scheduled for release via Nuclear Blast Records on May 27, features guest solo appearances by Pat O'Brian of Cannibal Corpse, Overkill's Dave Linsk and producer and guitar shredder Jason Suecof himself.

In other news, the band is currently perched atop the Myspace Metal page, as this week's featured artist. And fans looking to get a leg up on all things Kataklysm -- worldwide album pre-order purchase links, ticket purchase links for the upcoming Summer Slaughter Tour, the brand new video for "Taking The World By Storm," and plenty more can snag a custom-designed Kataklysm widget for a direct line to the band. - Kataklysm Myspace

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Aqua Teen Hunger Video Disaster
PR reports: Hot on the heels of a five-month European tour, including dates with Velvet Revolver and Dropkick Murphys, Year Long Disaster make a triumphant return to their hometown of Los Angeles to celebrate the release of their first music video.

The animated video for the single, "Leda Atomica," was written and directed by Matt Maiellaro and his team from Aqua Teen Hunger Force / Adult Swim and is making it's worldwide debut on the Adult Swim website.

On the touring front, Year Long Disaster will be joining The Cult on a few dates at the end of May, followed by a short jaunt across the United States with Burning Brides before returning to Europe later this summer to hit the festival circuit. - Watch the video here

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