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AC/DC Out Sell The Beatles - 08 Rewind
Sony reports: 2008 is shaping up to be a year of firsts for AC/DC. With over 5.3 million copies of Black Ice shipped worldwide, combined with over 5.1 million in catalog sold this year, AC/DC have surpassed The Beatles as the no. 1 selling catalog artist in the US for 2008.

Additionally AC/DC are the first band to release an entire album for video game play with the release this week of The AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack. Also sold exclusively at Walmart and Sam's Club in the US, AC/DC LIVE: Rock Band Track Pack, gives music fans a whole new way to experience rock's hardest hitting act with access to 18 live recordings from AC/DC's epic, live performance at Castle Donington.

Columbia Records have partnered with Walmart and MTV to create "AC/DC Rock Band Stores" in New York's Times Square and in Los Angeles to give fans in the these cities fast access to all AC/DC music and merchandise. - more on this story

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Page and Plant Member Dies - 08 Rewind
BW&BK reports: Michael Lee (born Michael Gary Pearson) who played drums for Robert Plant, Plant and Page, The Cult and Thin Lizzy* has died according to Lemonsqueezings.blogspot.com. He was 39.

Michael drummed for Robert Plant beginning with the recording of his 1993 album Fate of Nations. He can be heard on that album's 'Memory Song (Hello Hello)' and 'Network News'. Robert Plant asked him to go on tour as the drummer for his tour.

A keen sense of timing is one thing a good drummer should have. Michael's was great since Robert Plant's next career move was to reteam with Jimmy Page. Half of Led Zeppelin was playing regularly for the first time in 15 years and, Michael was along for the ride. He drummed for the Unledded sessions and promoted the No Quarter album release with Page and Plant. [* According to Wikipedia Lee also played with Little Angels, The Cult, Echo & The Bunnymen and Thin Lizzy.] - more on this story

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Deftones Star In A Coma - 08 Rewind
Lambgoat reports: Deftones bassist Chi Cheng is reportedly in a coma following an automobile accident in Santa Clara, CA yesterday.

Details are limited thus far, but Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has issued the following statement:

"It deeply saddens me to inform you all that our brother Chi Cheng was involved in a terrible car accident last night. He is currently in a Northern California Hospital in serious, but stable condition." - more on this story

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Stone Temple Pilots Future In Doubt - 08 Rewind
antiMusic reports: Scott Weiland is pleased with his new solo album, "Happy in Galoshes," which hits stores on Tuesday but when Billboard asked him if a new Stone Temple Pilots album was in the future, Scott sounded a far less happy note. And you can blame it on how one major label treats music as product and not art. Here is that part of the interview:

Q: Are you planning to make a Stone Temple Pilots album now that you've toured? ** Weiland: "I don't know how things are going to go with STP. It was sad to find out that we're still in some way locked into a contract with Atlantic Records, which is a travesty, actually. When we signed to them it was a great label. It was a beautiful time in music. Now if you say, 'We're going to do this song as the first single,' they go, 'OK, we're going to do some radio testing.' What the ... ?

"When we first talked about putting STP back together, it was, 'Do this tour and then see about doing a creative deal with another company.' So if it ends up being we have to make a certain amount of records for Atlantic in order to be free, then I don't know if I have that in me." - more on this story

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T.I. A Murder Target - 08 Rewind
E! reports: Looks like we might have a clue why T.I. went on a gun-shopping spree that got him in so much doo-doo.

Flanked by some serious security, the self-proclaimed King of the South took the stand Friday as a witness for the prosecution in the murder trial of an Ohio man accused of killing a member of T.I.'s entourage—and the rapper told a packed courtroom that he believed he was the intended target.

T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris, spent 40 minutes testifying against Hosea Thomas. The 34-year-old defendant faces a litany of charges, including murder and felonious assault, for a May 2006 shooting following a post concert bash in Cincinnati. - more on this story

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AC/DC Frontman Calls Rock Legend An A**hole - 08 Rewind
Sleazeroxx reports: HoundsTV.com has uncovered footage from Brian Johnson in 2003 signing autographs for fans that contains some not to nice comments about a Rock and Roll legend.

When one fan asked if he has ever asked anyone for an autograph, Brian responds "I asked Chuck Berry once in 1975. He was the biggest piece of sh*t I ever met in me life. The rudest man I ever met."

When asked if Chuck's reaction was the reason Johnson signs so many autographs today, Brian answered "Well I don't want to be an ---hole like he was." - more on this story

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Metallica May Release Online Album - 08 Rewind
NME reports: Metallica are considering releasing their new album online, but drummer Lars Ulrich says that their next record might be a while coming.

The band recently came to the end of their record deal, and are weighing up all the options, which could include a regular label release.

"We're free of our record contract," Ulrich told Rolling Stone. "We have that element of complete freedom with the next record, so we can do whatever we want. We could do an Internet thing or even put it on Andy Greene's record label." - more on this story

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China Vs Guns N' Roses - 08 Rewind
AP reports: A newspaper published by China's ruling Communist Party is blasting the latest Guns N' Roses album as an attack on the Chinese nation.

Delayed since recording began in 1994, "Chinese Democracy" hit stores in the U.S. on Sunday, although it is unlikely to be sold legally in China, where censors maintain tight control over films, music and publications.

In an article Monday headlined "American band releases album venomously attacking China," the Global Times said unidentified Chinese Internet users had described the album as part of a plot by some in the West to "grasp and control the world using democracy as a pawn." The album "turns its spear point on China," the article said. - more on this story

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Beatles iTunes Talks Stalled - 08 Rewind
AP reports: Paul McCartney said Monday negotiations on a long awaited deal to make the Beatles' catalog available on the online music service iTunes have stalled.

"The last word I got back was it's stalled at the whole moment, the whole process," the former Beatle said. "I really hope it will happen because I think it should."

McCartney, who was speaking at the launch of his new album, Electric Arguments, added: "It's between EMI and the Beatles, I think." - more on this story

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Platinum Blonde Bassist Found Dead - 08 Rewind
Jam! reports: Sources say that former Platinum Blonde bassist Kenny MacLean died following a CD release party in Toronto Friday, Nov. 21.

He was found Monday morning by his sister and it is thought he passed away sometime during the night after the event.

"Kenny had his party at the Mod Club on Friday and he was really excited," local musician Angel Marr said in a brief phone interview. - more on this story

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Creed Reunion Coming? - 08 Rewind
House of Rock reports: Once again Alter Bridge vocalist Myles Kennedy is being touted as the front runner for the much rumored, Plant-less Led Zeppelin tour.

Now, if that wasn't scary enough, in a double whammy, the article goes on to say that if Kennedy leaves Alter Bridge, it would clear the way for a Creed reunion with Scott Stapp, which would be an unintended consequence the music world simply must not tolerate.

From the article : "There may be one unintended side effect should Kennedy bolt Alter Bridge, which has released an album each for Wind-Up and Universal. That band features the non-singing members of Creed, who split with frontman Scott Stapp in 2004. But sources indicate there would be big bucks in a Creed reunion tour and that the band may indeed rise again" - more on this story

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Punk Pioneer Dies - 08 Rewind
punknews.org reports: Frank Navetta, founding member of Descendents has passed away. Frank founded the band with Tony Lombardo and Bill Stevenson in 1979.

His bandmates made the announcement: "We're very sorry to announce that founding member of The Descendents, and close friend Frank Navetta passed away on October 31, 2008 after becoming ill over the course of a few days.

"This is obviously a huge loss for the Descendents family. His contribution to the band, and to music in general can not be overstated. Frank will be truly missed. We will share information about memorial services when we find out." - more on this story

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Death Cab Singer Stung By Scorpion - 08 Rewind
NME reports: Death Cab For Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard was stung twice by a scorpion just as he was about to go on stage in San Diego last week.

The singer reportedly had just changed into his show trousers when he felt something sting him on his thigh. Writing on his blog about the incident, bassist Nick Harmer explained what happened:

"So tonight in San Diego, Ben got stung by a SCORPION. Twice. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried, file this under 'things that really happen on rock tours,'" he wrote. - more on this story

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Miley Cyrus Wig Catches Fire - 08 Rewind
antiMusic reports: This one is just too silly to pass up. Angry Ape reports: Miley Cyrus followed in the footsteps of her Hannah Montana alter-ego, by putting on a wig to disguise her true identity when out in public.

But the teen pop star failed to try out her new look because her wig caught fire, she has revealed.

Talking to British chat show This Morning, Miley told presenters: "I had the idea [for the disguise] so I got a wig and it was really short - a tomboy cut - and I decided to straighten it. I'm sitting down and all of a sudden I start smelling smoke. - more on this story

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You Won't Believe What The Biggest Selling Digital Song Is - 08 Rewind
MusicRadar reports: Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" is a song you either love to hate or hate to love. But lots of people simply love, love, love it: the epic power ballad has become the biggest-selling digital catalog track ever.

According to Soundscan, it is the first catalog song to sell over 2 million downloads, achieving double-platinum status. (It is categorized as a 'catalog' track because it was released before MP3s were invented and available for sale online through venues like the iTunes store. It was placed in the iTunes Store catalog on April 28, 2003.)

Why is it so popular? Good question, and like "What makes water wet?" it's somewhat unanswerable. However, the fact remains that, since it was first released on the 1981 Journey album Escape, Don't Stop Believin' resonated with fans. - more on this story

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Coldplay Crowned Top Selling Act of 2008 - 08 Rewind
Reuters reports: British band Coldplay was crowned the world's top-selling act of 2008 at the World Music Awards (WMAs) in Monaco.

Their latest album "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends," released mid-year, topped charts in the United States, Britain, Japan, Germany, France and elsewhere.

Sales apparently benefited from Coldplay's marketing strategy, including giving away the first single free over the Internet for a week and staging a series of free concerts before embarking on an international tour. - more on this story

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Kaiser Chiefs Member Hospitalized - 08 Rewind
NME reports: Kaiser Chiefs' keyboardist Peanut has been hospitalised in Brazil, having come down with a bout of appendicitis in Sao Paulo.

Peanut had his appendix removed on Thursday, and has been ordered to recuperate in Brazil for a few more days before traveling on a plane.

With commitments to meet in Los Angeles, including a show at the Henry Fonda Theatre and an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the remaining band members flew to LA, and will go ahead with the performances as planned. - more on this story

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Bon Jovi Sued Over Golf Cart Assault - 08 Rewind
antiMusic reports: While reading the following report from Sleaze Roxx, keep in mind that the allegations are against a Bon Jovi employee, not a member of the band. Here is the report: A British woman is suing rockers Bon Jovi, alleging that a member of their crew ran her over during a 2006 UK gig, leaving her seriously injured. Sally Allen, a security supervisor at the venue, claimed that the incident happened when the band played at Milton Keynes' National Bowl in southeast England two years ago.

The 37-year-old lady has said in legal papers that she suffered a fractured knee, ligament damage and severe internal injuries after Kevin McDonnell "deliberately" ran over her in a golf buggy.

She claimed that she was working to prevent backstage access after a fire broke out in the VIP area, and that's when she was approached by McDonnell, a member of Bon Jovi's personal security team. [Wait, she supposedly first tried to sue in the U.S. but that case was rejected - More details ]

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Blind Melon Lose Another Singer - 08 Rewind
Blabbermouth reports: The reactivated Blind Melon has launched a vocalist search following the departure of Travis Warren. Travis left the band last week, forcing Blind Melon to cancel its U.S. tour which was set to begin on November 7 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The group initially hoped to be able to play some of the shows with vocalist Chris Shinn, who formed Unified Theory with Blind Melon's Christopher Thorn (guitar) and Brad Smith (bass), filling in, but those plans were eventually abandoned.

[FMQB reported on Tuesday: "Warren claims that he was fired from the group because of vocal problems, but the band says that it was he who walked out on them"] - more on this story

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Mastodon Guitarist Hospitalized - 08 Rewind
PR reports: Mastodon has issued the following statement: Bill Kelliher, guitarist with Mastodon, has been hospitalized in London as of November 3rd, during the band's current European Unholy Alliance Chapter III package tour. Doctors will continue to monitor his condition which is improving at press time.

At the moment, Mastodon has decided to continue on the tour as a trio. Doctors and Bill are hopeful that he will rejoin his bandmates in time for their headlining tour of Europe which begins November 30th, in Utrecht, Holland and will end on December 7th, at the All Tomorrow's Parties Festival in Somerset, England.

More details to follow as they develop. [end band statement] There is no word on why Bill was hospitalized, but Relapse sent out this totally unrelated press release: A collectors edition Mastodon vinyl box set is set to be issued on November 18th via Relapse Records. This box set will be a one-time pressing strictly limited to 1,000 copies and include nine 180-gram LP's encapsulating the legendary band's entire history of recordings. - more on this story

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Ticketmaster Experiments With Dropped Fee - 08 Rewind
Billboard reports: Ticketmaster Entertainment president and Ticketmaster CEO Sean Moriarty said yesterday (Nov. 10) during a conference call with investors that the company is beginning to experiment with "eliminating add-on fees" for ticket purchases.

"We're already testing the program on certain upcoming tour on-sales," Moriarty said, noting that concertgoers who use Ticketmaster electronic delivery system TicketFast would not be charged with additional service fees.

"We look to lead the way with this dramatic new approach, and fundamentally change the way tickets are sold in the live entertainment industry." - more on this story

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Faces Plan Reunion - 08 Rewind
NME reports: Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood to reform Faces. The band is set to reunite for rehearsals with a view to a full reformation.

Frontman Rod Stewart told Raysgigs.com that all the original members aside from late bassist Ronnie Lane, who died in 1997, were set to reconvene on Monday (November 17) to run through their old hits.

The band includes Rolling Stones' guitarist Ronnie Wood, but plan to use Stewart's touring bassist to fill in for Lane. - more on this story

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Jimi Hendrix Experience Drummer Mitch Mitchell Dead At 62 - 08 Rewind
PR reports: Mitch Mitchell, the innovative drummer who anchored the Jimi Hendrix Experience, has died at the age of 62. Mitchell passed away on November 12 in Portland, Oregon of natural causes. The London native had completed an 18 city American tour as a featured performer with Experience Hendrix, a series concert series celebrating the legacy of Jimi Hendrix featuring an all-star line-up of artists including his one-time Hendrix bandmate and dear friend Billy Cox. Other performers on the tour included Buddy Guy, Hubert Sumlin, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jonny Lang, Brad Whitford of Aerosmith, Robby Krieger of the Doors, Mike McCready of Pearl Jam as well as members of Los Lobos and others. Portland was the tour's last stop and Mitchell had been staying in town for some vacation time before his planned return to England.

Janie Hendrix, CEO of Experience Hendrix, LLC commented, "We're all devastated to hear of Mitch's passing. He was a wonderful man, a brilliant musician and a true friend. His role in shaping the sound of the Jimi Hendrix Experience cannot be underestimated. Over the course of the recent tour, he seemed delighted with the interchange with the other musicians and the audiences. There is no question that he was doing what he loved."

Mitchell began working with Experience Hendrix, the family owned company established by James "Al" Hendrix shortly after its inception. He had been featured in many of the documentaries and programs issued by the company over the years. - more on this story

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Billy Corgan Has It Out With Fan On Stage - 08 Rewind
MusicRadar reports: Let's just say that the first few dates of The Smashing Pumpkins' 20th anniversary tour aren't off to a rousing start.

Sick of the catcalls he was receiving and from watching audience members leave in droves, Billy Corgan eventually invited a particularly vocal heckler onstage to have it out with him.

"Last night's show ----ing sucked, man!" the young man yelled into Corgan's microphone to an abundance of cheers. Corgan appeared to stay calm and asked the fan if he wanted his money back, but then told him to leave. And while the man walked off the stage, Corgan let loose with this gem: "By the way, I liked that song you wrote. I heard it was Number 1. Wasn't it Number 1 in Europe? It's called Take Your Dick Out Of My Ass And Stick It In My Mouth." - more on this story

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New Led Zeppelin Band Won't Be Called Led Zeppelin - 08 Rewind
Metal Underground reports: A band featuring Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham would not go by the name of Led Zeppelin, a spokesperson for Page has said.

Jones revealed last month that the former Led Zeppelin stars planned to tour minus their frontman after Robert Plant ruled himself out of any further performances.

When asked about the collaboration, an unnamed spokesperson for Page's management company, Qprime, told Rolling Stone: "Whatever this is, it is not Led Zeppelin. Not without the involvement of Robert Plant." - more on this story

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Man Beaten Over Karaoke - 08 Rewind
Sleazeroxx reports: Meet Kyle Drinkwine. The Wisconsin man, 24, allegedly became so incensed by a lackluster karaoke performance of a heavy metal song that he assaulted the singer and a second man, police charge.

According to a River Falls Police Department report, Drinkwine throttled singer James Mischler, 28, and his friend Cyrus Kozub, 29, "over one's ability to sing karaoke."

Though cops did not specify which song set Drinkwine off last week, Kozub told TSG that Mischler was performing "Holy Diver," the title cut on Dio's 1983 debut album (the band is fronted by Ronnie James Dio of Black Sabbath/Heaven and Hell/Rainbow fame). - more on this story

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Nine Inch Nails Lineup Change - 08 Rewind
Metal Underground reports: Nine Inch Nails has announced Ilan Rubin to the lineup, who will replace Josh Freese, who is parting with the band at the end of the current North American leg of the tour.

Here's the announcement from Trent Reznor: "With great pride and excitement I announce the addition of Ilan Rubin to the lineup beginning next year. I had the chance to see Ilan playing his ass off at Reading and Leeds a couple summers ago and he blew me away.

"We recently invited him out to rehearse with us and he blew US away - the perfect guy to pick up the sticks after Josh leaves us at the end of the year. - more on this story

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McCartney Wants To Release Lost Beatles Track - 08 Rewind
AP reports: Paul McCartney says it's time an experimental Beatles track saw the light of day. McCartney says he wants to release "Carnival of Light," a 14-minute experimental track the Fab Four recorded in 1967 but never released.

The band played the recording for an audience just once, at an electronic music festival in London.

It reportedly includes distorted guitar, organ sounds, gargling and shouts of "Barcelona!" and "Are you all right?" from McCartney and John Lennon. - more on this story

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Mental Health Issues Sideline Vines Tour - 08 Rewind
Reuters reports: Australian rock band The Vines have canceled all their upcoming shows due to a deterioration in the mental condition of singer Craig Nicholls.

Nicholls, 31, was diagnosed four years ago with Asperger's Syndrome, a highly functioning form of autism, after his behavior became increasingly erratic.

"Craig Nicholls' mental condition has deteriorated extremely rapidly over the past month to the point where he requires immediate help over an extended period of time," the band said in a statement on their website. - more on this story

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Eurythmics Sex Toys - 08 Rewind
MusicRadar reports: Musicians are known for endorsing all kinds of things, but as far as we know, former Eurythmic Dave Stewart is the first to put his name to a range of vibrators.

Working in collaboration with JimmyJane, he's created special editions of the Little Something model, and also written a song called Let's Do It Again. This will be offered as a free download to anyone who buys one of the vibrators.

"The project is a multi-faceted mashup of design, luxury, sex and music," says JimmyJane [Sweet Dreams indeed!] - more on this story

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U2 Reinventing Rock N' Roll On New CD? - 08 Rewind
MusicRadar reports: Along with producer Brian Eno, Daniel Lanois has put his stamp on six U2 albums, starting with 1984's The Unforgettable Fire. Their next collaboration with the band is due early next year, the title rumored to be No Line On The Horizon.

In an interview with the Boston Herald, Lanois discussed his history with U2 and how, in his words, they have "reinvented" rock 'n' roll with the upcoming record.

What's U2's new stuff like? "The president of the company is singing better than ever and the tracks are wildly innovative. I would never have thought things would have gone this way. I believe, well, rock 'n' roll has been reinvented one more time." [laughs] - more on this story

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Metallica Diss Guns N' Roses - 08 Rewind
antiMusic reports: James Hetfield was interviewed by the Houston Chronicle and discussed a variety of topics including "Death Magnetic," the downside of "St. Anger" and was even asked about Guns N' Roses long in the making "Chinese Democracy," which finally will see the light of day next week.

While James was complimentary towards Axl Rose as an artist, he did take the opportunity to take a little swipe at Rose with some 'dis'missive remarks about "Chinese Democracy". Here is that part of the exchange. The Houston Chronicle asked James "You guys have an uneasy history with Guns N' Roses. Have you heard Axl Rose's new record? Do you even care?"

Hetfield responded: I'll certainly listen to it. But I haven't lost sleep waiting for it. I thought we took a long time to make an album. But you know he's late for everything so it makes total sense. We saw him play at a festival in Germany two years ago. He's a good frontman. He's eccentric, but all artists are. If they don't show that they're quirky, they're lying to you. They're either pretending they're not or they're pretending they're an artist. - Check out the full interview for James hindsight feelings about St. Anger and more.

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Vinnie Paul Denies Cashing In On Dimebag - 08 Rewind
Blabbermouth reports: During an appearance on the nationally syndicated radio show "Rockline" this past Monday night (November 17), former Pantera and current Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott was asked about the criticism he has received via various Internet message boards for the fact that the proceeds from his Dimebag-related projects are not going to charity.

"I don't even know where to go with that other than, you know… They're not in the same position I'm in or had to go through what I've gone through here," Vinnie replied. "It's really none of their business where it goes, so I don't know how else to address it — I really don't even think about it; it doesn't cross my mind."

"I'm doing this for the fans and for them to enjoy what Dime was all about and give them more than what they already had — to increase his legacy and to make him larger than life forever. And he'll outlive all of us. I'm beyond letting things like that pick at me or irritate me. I just have to look past 'em and keep rolling." - more on this story

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Chris Cornell and Linkin Park Collaboration On CD - 08 Rewind
Blabbermouth reports: Former Soundgarden/Audioslave singer Chris Cornell and Linkin Park joined forces this summer during the Projekt Revolution tour on a live version of the Temple Of The Dog classic "Hunger Strike" and Linkin Park's "Crawling".

You can now own those never-before-released performances on "Songs From The Underground". The new CD, previously only available through the Linkin Park fan club Linkin Park Underground, will be sold at selected Best Buy locations starting Thanksgiving Day!

This limited-edition CD includes "Hunger Strike" (live from Projekt Revolution 2008 featuring Chester Bennington) and comes with a free one-month trial membership for LPU and access to a FREE download of "Crawling" (featuring Chris Cornell). - more on this story

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Blink-182 Reunion? - 08 Rewind
Reuters reports: After a messy split in 2005, the members of Blink-182 are back in communication, raising speculation that a reunion may be in the offing for the pop-punk trio.

On his blog, group member Mark Hoppus says the recent death of Blink producer Jerry Finn and drummer Travis Barker's survival of a plane crash brought the threesome back in contact.

"We're just reconnecting as friends after four years of not talking," he says. "It's a good thing. Obviously the first question for a lot of people will be, 'Does this mean a Blink-182 reunion?' The answer is none of us know. " - more on this story

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Taco Bell Claims 50 Cent's A Poser Gansta - 08 Rewind
NME reports: 50 Cent has been accused of embellishing his gangsta image by fast-food chain Taco Bell after filing a federal lawsuit in Manhattan.

The company responded in court documents to the suit filed by the star in June for trademark infringement. Taco Bell say that the rapper is trying to embellish "his gangsta rapper persona by distorting beyond all recognition a bona fide, good faith offer".

They called him a "self-described former drug dealer and hustler" in notes to Manhattan Federal Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald, reports the New York Daily News. - more on this story

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Metal Guitarist Killed In Crash - 08 Rewind
Metal Underground reports: Mortal Sin has posted the following message online: "Our long time friend Greg Morelli, guitarist of Nazxul was tragically killed in the early hours of Thursday morning November 20th in a motorcycle accident.

"As many locals would know a huge storm hit Sydney last night and Greg was riding his motorbike home and hit a greasy wet patch on Parramatta road North Strathfield. Greg's death will be a huge loss to the Australian metal scene and of course the international black metal scene.

"The new Nazxul album had just been completed and Greg was really looking forward to getting back out on the road and we had also talked about the possibility of heading over to Europe for some shows next year. Greg explained to me that the new album was sounding like they finally wanted to sound like, and was really proud of what he had achieved." - more on this story

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Roots Bus Crash - 08 Rewind
NME reports: The Roots were involved in a serious tour bus crash en route to Paris Wednesday night (November 19).

The Philadelphia band, who were heading to the French capitol to perform at a gig with Kanye West tonight, reportedly came out of the accident with nothing more than minor injuries.

Blogging from the ambulance on the way to the hospital, Ahmir '?uestlove' Thompson described what happened. Read that - here

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Copyright Law Unconstitutional? - 08 Rewind
Billboard reports: A Harvard Law School professor has launched a constitutional assault against a federal copyright law at the heart of the industry's aggressive strategy, which has wrung payments from thousands of song-swappers since 2003.

The professor, Charles Nesson, has come to the defense of a Boston University graduate student targeted in one of the music industry's lawsuits. By taking on the case, Nesson hopes to challenge the basis for the suit, and all others like it.

Nesson argues that the Digital Theft Deterrence and Copyright Damages Improvement Act of 1999 is unconstitutional because it effectively lets a private group - the Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA - carry out civil enforcement of a criminal law. [interesting enough, soon after this the RIAA stopped their practice of suing fans] - more on this story

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