Day in Rock Report for 12/28/2015

Guns N' Roses Reunion Rumors Sparked By Mysterious Movie Trailer

The Guns N' Roses reunion rumor-mill is churning in overdrive following website and Facebook changes and a mysterious trailer that reportedly appeared in theaters over the Christmas holiday weekend.

The latest round of rumors began on Christmas Eve when the band's official website was updated with a large image of the "bullet" logo from the band's "Appetite For Destruction" era and the removal of all but three links on the site's navigation bar.

The band's website wasn't the only online change noticed by fans. Guns N' Roses also updated their official Facebook cover photo and profile image on Christmas Eve with a black and white image showing a crowd of fans.

To add more fuel to the reunion rumor fire, several media outlets report that Guns N' Roses also made a mysterious appearance during the pre-show movie trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens over the weekend.

According to the reports, the trailer plays three short clips of "Welcome To The Jungle" over black and white images of a concert crowd, similar to the Facebook updates.

This follows a series of cryptic tweets from the band's official Twitter last month that read "What ever happened to no new is good news?... Of course today everyone is a journalist... if only they could read lips... Surely they'll read between the lines."

And read between the lines people have. There has been no official word from any of the original members about reunion plans, but the clues and developments have led many to speculate that it is coming. Perhaps, or maybe Axl is having fun fueling the fires and the tweets and redesigns and movie trailer point to something else like the release of a classic era live album or DVD, or a theatrical concert film. With so few details, speculation can lead anywhere. Time will tell... until then, we need a little patience to see what ultimately happens.

Ultimate Classic Rock has put together a time line of reunions rumors here.

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Lamb Of God Were Sued After Listening To Aspiring Band

(TeamRock Radio) Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton has explained why he always refuses to listen to demos offered to him by hopeful bands. His own outfit once became the subject of legal action after accepting a recording that had been handed to them.

Morton says: "Years ago, some aspiring band gave us their demo. Some time after that unremarkable incident, they presented us with a lawsuit. They claimed that, upon hearing their crappy demo, we stole some of their music and released it as our own without compensating them."

He says that very little came of the unfounded allegation and "the whole thing went away as quickly as it had appeared." But he adds: "That, my good friends, is why I don't want to hear your demo. As so often happens in life, one a**hole ruins it for everybody." See his full posts here.

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Radiohead Streaming Rejected James Bond Spectre Theme

(Classic Rock) Radiohead have streamed their track Spectre, which they wrote for the James Bond movie of the same name. Thom Yorke and co were the subject of speculation earlier this year that they'd been signed up to write the theme song for the 24th film in the series, starring Daniel Craig.

Bookies suspended betting in July after a customer tried to place a 15,000 wager on the subject. Now Radiohead say: "We were asked to write a theme tune for the Bond movie Spectre. Yes we were. It didn't work out - but became something of our own, which we love very much.

"As the year closes we thought you might like to hear it. Merry Christmas. May the force be with you." Earlier this month Yorke wrote a public letter to Santa, asking him to send his children "hope for the future." Listen to the track here.

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Eagles Of Death Metal Frontman Helped By U2 Following Paris Attacks

(Classic Rock) Jesse Hughes has told how U2 helped him recover from shock in the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks - at a time when the Eagles Of Death Metal frontman wasn't sure he could ever perform again.

And he's described the Irish band's hospitality when he took part in their own Paris show as the best way to get over his fear of returning. EODM were on stage when 89 people were killed at the Bataclan venue last month. They guested with U2 just weeks later, playing a collective cover of People Have The Power, and then Bono's outfit left the stage so they could perform alone. They've now rescheduled the shows they'd been forced to postpone.

Hughes tells Rolling Stone: "Bono knows I'm a Christian and he knows I'm a mamma's boy. The day after the attack a courier came with a phone and a note that said, 'This is from Bono. Make sure you call your mom.'

"I thought that was awesome - it was the first time I really got to talk to my mom without being in a police station, and that meant the whole world to me at that moment."

Bono later called him to offer advice and support. "I felt like the best person to ask is someone who's rubbed elbows with world leaders," says Hughes. "He just prayed with me on the phone. He kept my head off things. Then U2 visited the memorial site - that was important to me because I really wanted to be out there. I didn't want to be in some safe house.

"That little detail is something that nobody would ever know mattered, but it mattered to me. I didn't know how I was ever going to get back on stage again." Read more here.

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Aerosmith Guitarist Hopes Another Dimension Not Their Final Album

(Classic Rock) Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford says he's not holding his breath for another album - but he'd prefer it if Music From Another Dimension wasn't their final word from the studio.

The 2012 title, which received mixed reviews, came after the band endured a tumultuous period that saw frontman Steven Tyler fall off the wagon, fall out with his colleagues and come close to being fired.

Whitford said last month that Aerosmith "kind of felt abandoned" while Tyler concentrated on his country rock solo album, which had forced them to change touring plans.

Asked about the chances of recording a 16th record, Whitford tells Eddie Trunk: "I really don't know. Joe Perry and I are in the trenches digging away. We're certainly capable of sitting down with the rest of the guys and writing music. If that happens, great. But I'm not going to hold my breath. I really don't know."

He says he's "not really" happy with the idea of Music being their last release, adding that he'd wanted to approach the project differently but he "couldn't get anybody to go along" with him.

"I said, 'Let's go record this the same way we recorded Toys In The Attic and Rocks.' Aerosmith is such a good band that I wanted to basically record live, because we play so well together." Read more here.

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Singer For AC/DC Precursor Easybeats Stevie Wright Dead At 68

(Classic Rock) Stevie Wright, frontman with Australian rock pioneers The Easybeats, has died at the age of 68. The English immigrant, also known as Little Stevie Wright, formed the band in 1964 along with Englishman Gordon Fleet, Scotsman George Young and Dutchmen Harry Vanda and Dick Diamonde.

Vanda and Young became one of the leading songwriting teams of their generation. Their best-known composition is The Easybeats' Friday On My Mind from 1966, featuring Wright's vocals. It was named the best Australian song of all time by the Australian Performing Rights Association and it's been covered by David Bowie, Gary Moore, Bruce Springsteen, Peter Frampton, Blue Oyster Cult and others.

George Young is the elder brother of AC/DC co-founders Malcolm and Angus Young. Malcolm played guitar on Wright's 1974 track Evie, which became the first 11-minute song to chart anywhere in the world. Read more here.

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Vivian Campbell Reunites With Whitesnake At Final Tour Stop

(Classic Rock) Def Leppard guitarist Vivian Campbell has revealed how a conversation with former Whitesnake colleague David Coverdale cleared the air between them. That led to Campbell guesting with his old boss on the final show of their UK tour together last week.

He was a touring member of Whitesnake from 1987 to 1989, but recently said the stint "didn't mean an awful lot" to him. He was dismissed after the bandleader decided he wanted to focus on working with guitarist Adrian Vandenberg.

Asked about his relationship with Coverdale, Campbell tells RockPages: "It's good. It was strange for a few years. Adrian didn't want another guitar player in the band. It was nothing against me - when he was hired they didn't tell him there would be two guitar players. There was a certain rivalry in the air.

"When the tour ended, David said to us all that the songs on the new record would be written by Adrian and himself, because they had a great working relationship. I knew deep inside that this wasn't a band I would last in for too long."

The situation came to a head when Coverdale had his tour manager tell Campbell that his wife wasn't welcome on the road, because she and the frontman's wife didn't get along.

Campbell continues: "That's the problem I had with David - I always thought he didn't have the balls to look me in the eyes and say what he wanted to say. Even when he wanted to let me go, he asked the tour manager to break the news." Read more here.

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Scott Ian Explains Why S.O.D. Won't Reunite

(Classic Rock) Scott Ian has explained why he's ruled out a Stormtroopers Of Death reunion - saying the supergroup "became like a job" after a while. He founded the outfit with bandmate Charlie Benante and former colleague Dan Lilker along with vocalist Billy Milano, who went on to form MOD.

They've released three albums - 1985's Speak English Or Die, 1999's Bigger Than The Devil and 2007's Rise Of The Infidels - but Ian recently said there was "zero chance" of another round.

Now he tells Mammoth Metal TV: "I have only fond memories of anything I've done with SOD. That being said, I just felt like we did too much. Speak English Or Die is a f***ing anomaly.

"We wrote a bunch of ridiculous songs that made us laugh - the whole 22 minutes is just a big inside joke. It f***ing worked. A lot of people got the joke all over the planet, laughed along with us, and it was f***ing awesome."

He enjoyed the opportunity of touring with SOD in 1999 and 2000. "It have some people a chance to see it," he says. "It's when we came around for a second run, though - then it became like a job.

"All of a sudden it was like, 'Wait a minute, I already have a band with baggage and issues and business problems. Now I've got two.' I couldn't handle that. I couldn't handle having two bands struggling." Read more and watch the full interview here.

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Gladys Knight & The Pips' William Guest Dead At 74

(The Blues) William Guest of Gladys Knight & The Pips has died at the age of 74, it's been confirmed. The backing vocalist was one of two members, along with Merald 'Bubba' Knight, who remained part of the group from their 1953 formation until their split in 1989.

After the Pips split, Guest went on to found a production company with former bandmate Edward Patten, who died in 2005. He was later boss of Crew Records, and published an autobiography, Midnight Train From Georgia: A Pips Journey, in 2013.

Co-author Dhyana Ziegler, Guest's sister-in-law, reported that he'd passed away of a heart condition. She added: "I'm so glad we finished the book, so his wonderful life and legacy will be celebrated throughout eternity." Read more here.

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Asking Alexandria Announce New Album The Black

(TeamRock Radio) Asking Alexandria have confirmed the name of their first album with new frontman Denis Stoff. The Black is to be released in March, after work was all-but started again following the departure of Danny Worsnop in January this year.

Guitarist Ben Bruce recently had the following to say: "After we spent the last two years writing for this record, a lot of that ended up getting scratched when Denis joined."

Describing the follow-up to 2013's "From Death To Destiny" as being packed with "raw energy and aggression, he added: "You turn it on and you're like, 'Wow - they're back.'" Check out the cover art here.

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Jackie Wilson To Be Resurrected For Hologram Show

(The Blues) Late R&B icon Jackie Wilson is set to perform again - as a hologram. The performing image is under production by the firm that drew attention when it brought dead rapper Tupac Shakur to the Coachella festival stage in 2012.

Since then, Hologram USA has created working images of Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday and others. Wilson will be the subject of the Mr. Excitement show.

Boss Alki David has vowed their version of Wilson will boast "everything you expect - the leaps, spins and backflips, not to mention his amazing four-octave range." Read more here.

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Papa Roach Release 'Falling Apart' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Papa Roach have released a music video for their single Falling Apart, which is also a track that is taken from the band's eighth album F.E.A.R., which was launched in January.

Frontman Jacoby Shaddix says: "Falling Apart is an epic Papa Roach track - the vocals are really straightforward, and then it explodes into that massive chorus. The audiences can't help but jump up and down when we play it."

He reported earlier this year that he'd started work on the band's next record, saying: "We're working on riffs already. Stuff just gets me off. It lifts me up, it moves me and it inspires me. I think that's why we're still here - because we still have that fire." Watch the video here.

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Nikki Sixx Says Motley Crue Is His Guilty Pleasure

(Classic Rock) Nikki Sixx has described Motley Crue as his "guilty pleasure" as the band's career nears its end. They'll play their final show on New Year's Eve in Los Angeles, after last year signing a legal document making it nearly impossible for them to reunite afterwards.

The bassist has already confirmed plans to concentrate on Sixx:AM for at least the next two years, while Crue's swansong is likely to be the movie version of their book The Dirt, expected for release next year.

Sixx tells Examiner.com: "In my own life I like to be poised and have a positive outlook on life, and I'm leading by example to mu children and the people around me.

"In Motley Crue I let it fall apart - it's my guilty pleasure. We're ageing, sometimes gracefully and sometimes not, and the blemishes enhance the beauty. The falling apart at the seams seems to be what people like. We don't have to grow up, so why would we?"

He believes one of the biggest lessons he's learned in recent years is to delegate tasks to those around him. "It's been a gradual work in progress," he says.

"There's a big difference between confidence and over-confidence. Over-confidence comes from fear and doubt. I look back at things I said when I was younger. It was bullsh*t.

"The more confident you are, the more you can let go, and believe that the people in your circle are able to do what they say they're going to do. It's made me a better band member, too." Read more here.

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Bring Me The Horizon Release String Section Performance Video

(TeamRock Radio) Bring Me The Horizon have released a new online video that features the band's live performance of their song "Drown" with a string section at a London Studio.

It was recorded during a BBC Radio 1 session in London's Maida Vale studios earlier this year, while the band promoted the release of fifth album That's The Spirit, launched in September.

BMTH have one UK date set among runs in Asia, Europe and North America - but Oli Sykes and co have tweeted: "In 2016, Bring Me The Horizon will tour the United Kingdom. This is not an announcement. This is a warning." Watch the video here.

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Behemoth's Next Album May Be Released Sooner Than Expected

(TeamRock Radio) Behemoth frontman Nergal has said the band could release the follow-up to The Satanist in 2017 - much earlier than expected. The overwhelming success of their 10th release, and the amount of effort involved in bringing it to fruition, had led him to suggest that the band's next release might be several years away, if it happened at all.

Nergal tells Rocksverige: "When we were in the studio f***ing around with ideas for a theatre project, it kind of triggered my creativity. I think I'll be getting into writing mode earlier than I expected. It's still too early, but I think I want to start in 2016. I think it would be smart to have a new album in 2017."

But he won't commit to any deadline. "It's been two years since The Satanist and it couldn't have been done better," he says. "I'm the happiest artist alive because I have the strongest album in my hands." Read more here.

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Panic! At The Disco's 'Death Of A Bachelor' Video Streaming Online

(TeamRock Radio) Panic! At The Disco have released a video for their track Death Of A Bachelor. It's taken from their upcoming album of the same name, which arrives on January 15 via DCD2 / Fueled By Ramen.

Frontman Brendan Urie recently described the follow-up to 2013's Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die as "a beginning of a new era and a homage to how it all began."

He added: "Death Of A Bachelor is in honour of those times I spent alone as a kid, allowing music to consume me, playing everything myself just to get the idea right and out of my head. It's a beginning to a new era. This album is me." Watch the video here.

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Chthonic Will Still Continue If Frontman Wins Political Office

(Classic Rock) Taiwanese metal band Chthonic cemented their reputation as 'the Black Sabbath of Asia' during their 20th anniversary concert this weekend - which doubled as a political rally for frontman Freddy Lim's election campaign.

And even though he knows it'll be difficult, he's vowed the band will continue if he becomes an official representative of the people. He's a candidate in the parliamentary elections that take place on January 16. Reports suggest he and his year-old New Power Party are likely to do well, with their policies of enhancing social freedom, advancing ecological issues and resisting the restrictive intentions of neighbouring China - which has Chthonic are banned from playing there.

Their Taipei concert, attended by 20,000 fans and seen by hundreds of thousands, was partly funded by the band selling their stage gear. It was billed as "a concert to calm the soul and defend the nation." It can be streamed in full below.

Lim - a former chairman of Amnesty International in Taiwan - tells the Guardian: "It's a show of how we support freedom of speech and to encourage our fans to all try their best over the coming year to change Taiwan for the better. There is a new political space and it will allow more and more young people to bring about real change." Read more here.

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Avantasia Preview New Album Ghostlights

(Classic Rock) Avantasia have released a teaser for seventh album Ghostlights, containing clips from five tracks. Ghostlights will be released on January 29 via Nuclear Blast.

Mainman Tobias Sammet gathered a wide range of guest artists for the album, including vocalists Dee Snider and Geoff Tate, ex-Kiss guitarist Bruce Kulick, Marco Hietala of Nightwish and Sharon Den Adel of Within Temptation.

Sammet recently said of the work: "Anything worth doing is worth overdoing, and more is more." The new teaser follows the launch of lead single Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose earlier this month. Check out the preview video here.

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The Flaming Lips Release Sad Christmas Miley Cyrus Collab

(Prog) The Flaming Lips have released another collaboration with Miley Cyrus, entitled My Sad Christmas Song. It follows their appearance on her album Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz earlier this year.

The release ends a year in which Wayne Coyne and co have worked on a wide range of non-Lips material, including tributes to Donovan, Brian Wilson and John Lennon.

Frontman Coyne admitted last year that their Beatles tribute album With A Little Help From My Fwends - which also feaured Cyrus - was a risk, adding: "The Beatles took chances.

"There was nothing safe about Sgt Pepper, and it probably could have been a huge disaster. But the Beatles wanted to follow their own path, and that's something to be celebrated." Stream the song here.

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Singled Out: Soundgazer's Dancing With The Dead

Voytek Iwasiuk from Soundgazer tells us a little about the song "Dancing With The Dead" which comes from the Toronto band's brand new album "Two Graves". Here is the story:

It's a person we have all met. Someone we trust, whose intentions we know and with whom we feel comfortable sharing our time. "Dancing with the dead" is about the disbelief one feels when this person's true intentions turn out to inflict suffering rather than pleasure, break trust rather than build it, and repel rather than attract. This disbelief may be perplexing enough to lead one to conclude this person is dead on the inside. Like a zombie on the dance floor!

This concept fuelled the lyrics we wrote for this song and ignited its edgy instrumentation and vocal layering. The original guitar tone was very distortion saturated and more akin to a metal sound. We spent hours sprucing up the guitar with variations of effects but could not capture anything compelling. Just before giving up on the entire idea, we decided to start cropping sections of the guitar audio clips. It sounded ridiculous dry, but with the channel effects turned on it instantly became the intro to the song.

We also layered 3 non unison vocal lines using 3 distinct voices to create the chorus. As an initial idea we expected this would sound cluttered and confuse the ear of the listener as to a focal point. However, after our first take we loved the outcome and found it very suiting for the track. We actually created a makeshift vocal recording area in the corner of my bedroom. It was a bit comical initially, as the sensitive condenser microphone captured every background sound, including passing cars, aircraft, running faucets, etc. It took a bit of creativity and numerous takes to finally capture a clean recording (we covered the windows with pillows and more or less held our breath while the other person was being recorded to ensure we did not shift our weight which would cause the bed and chair we were sitting on to creak).

Every other aspect of the song simply fell into place after this point. It felt very natural, more akin to something we allowed to freely channel through us rather than something we intentionally created.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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