Day in Rock Report for 09/09/2015

AC/DC Singer Addresses Retirement Rumors

(hennemusic) AC/DC's Brian Johnson has heard the rumblings that the band's current Rock Or Bust world tour will be their last, but the singer isn't ready to confirm their retirement plans just yet.

"Y'know, retirement is like anything," Johnson tells Morning Sun Music. "A good footballer, a good ice hockey player, they don't want to retire, but unfortunately sometimes there's a time when you have to call it quits. So it's an ongoing thing with us; we never say no, and we never say never.

"The thing about the boys in AC/DC, you've got to remember, is we're constantly surprised and amazed at how we keep the success going. We don't know what we're doing - I mean, we literally don't know what we're doing except what we're doing is we just play 100 percent every night and give it everything we've got. If that's the secret of success, we'll pass it on."

"But we never expect the crowds," adds Johnson. "We never take anything for granted. How can you? Times change. You've just got to keep doing what you're doing, basically, and just hope they come back for more." Read more here.

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Guns N' Roses Reunion Tour Predicted By Surprising Source

Guns N' Roses fans were excited this summer to learn that Slash and Axl Rose have settled their differences and are speaking again. We have already seen the first rumor that the reconciliation will lead to a reunion but now a star who claims that his band brought the two back together predicts that a reunion tour is going to happen. That music star is Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst.

Durst reportedly told fans at the Reading Festival in the UK that Limp Bizkit ended the longtime feud between Axl and Slash. "I'd like you to know that we're responsible for Axl and Slash being back together," Durst told the audience, according to UCR. "We had a meeting, and it went really well."

The outspoken Limp Bizkit frontman has now prediction that Guns N' Roses will launch a reunion trek. "I have a strong feeling that there's going to be a Guns N' Roses tour coming up," he told TMZ. "So you better get your tickets when they go on sale. That's all I can say."

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Chickenfoot Working On New Music

(Classic Rock) Joe Satriani has confirmed that Chickenfoot are working on a new track and says he's hopeful of more to come. He previously admitted he'd given up trying to bring frontman Sammy Hagar, bassist Michael Anthony and drummer Chad Smith back together for their first material since 2011's Chickenfoot III, saying their unwillingness to write together left him bewildered.

But he says his comments ruffled a few feathers in the camp, which has pushed them to record together again. Satch tells GuitCast.com: "I think all my complaining and foot-stomping really had an effect, because it was really bothering me and I still, philosophically, felt like there was a really big disconnect there.

"I followed it up with writing some new music, and I sent Sam some stuff - and I was surprised to see him respond so quickly with some creative ideas. I can happily tell you now that there is a track that is circulating through the band. It's got new drums from Chad, it's got new vocals from Sam, and I think Mike is coming at the end of this week to add bass and vocals." Read more here.

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The Who Postpone North American Dates Due To Illness

(hennemusic) The Who have postponed the launch of their fall North American tour due to illness. The first four shows of the trek have been delayed on doctor's orders as Roger Daltrey recovers from an unspecified virus.

Dates affected include the planned tour launch - September 14 at Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, CA - as well as a September 16 date at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA, a September 19 show at Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and a September 21 appearance at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA.

The band has cancelled their September 18 performance at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. The Who Hits 50! tour will resume September 24 at Moda Center in Portland, OR. Read more here.

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Eyehategod Cancel String Of Live Appearances This Month

Eyehategod have been forced to cancel the series of live performances for this month that they were supposed to kick off tonight (September 9th) for an undisclosed reason.

The band released the following statement, "Due to an unfortunate turn of events, Eyehategod has sadly been forced to postpone their four show September run this week. Many apologies to everyone with plans to see the band.

"Eyehategod promises to make up these gigs ASAP. Housecore Horror Fest is still on the schedule for November and we are looking extremely forward to that."

The canceled appearance include a show tonight in Philadelphia and appearances at three music festivals that are taking place this month: Hopscotch Fest, Full Terror Assault Fest and Don't Call It A Fest. See the canceled dates.

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Slayer's Tom Araya Tells His Side Of Dave Lombardo Dispute

(Classic Rock) Tom Araya has opened up on the contract dispute that led to Dave Lombardo getting the sack from Slayer. The band split with drummer Lombardo for a second time in 2013. He was replaced by Paul Bostaph - who had also stepped in when Lombardo left in 1992.

Frontman Araya has spoken out to "set the record straight" on Lombardo's latest exit and says the sticksman talked his way out of the lineup. Araya tells The Skinny: "Going back a long time now, 15 years nearly, we were looking for somebody to sit in for Paul Bostaph - that's how long ago it started with Dave. Paul decided to move on, but he stuck with us until we could find a replacement.

"We came up with a simple agreement that lasted a while, and then we were in the process of trying to make it better for Dave. We came up with a deal and he basically was getting everything he wanted, but it was a three-year term, and three years into that, we still hadn't been able to get him to sign it.

"We had some obligations that came up and when you're given an ultimatum or put on the spot, you have to do something, so we moved forwards, and Dave got really upset. We went back to him again and told him that if he signed the deal, we could move forwards, but he had other plans, so we made a phone call to him and ended it, because he was beginning to put us into a bad spot. We managed to find somebody to sit in, we went off to play in Australia and Dave went on a rant and told a lopsided story, and we let him talk and do what he does best." Read more here.

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The Hold Steady's Craig Finn Streaming New Album Online

Fans of The Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn are getting an early listen to his new solo album "Faith In The Future" with a full album stream going online ahead of its official release date this Friday, September 11th.

"I had both the music and lyrics to these songs, though they changed a great deal in the studio," Finn says of the album, much of which was written following the death of his mother. "There's a grandness to The Hold Steady that tends to make me write about bigger, more dramatic themes. Some of these songs are more mundane, with minor slices of life that wouldn't best be supported by the hugeness of a rock group.

"It wasn't always about what we wanted to put in, but what should we leave out? We didn't want to sermonize or moralize. Just let these songs, and characters, be." Stream the album and check out an interview with Craig here.

Finn will be hitting the road to support the new album, with the first leg of his North American tour kicking off on October 14th in Woodstock, NY. The trek will feature support from Esmé Patterson.

He will also be playing a special show this Saturday, September 12th, in New York City at Rough Trade. See the tour dates here.

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Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here 40th Anniversary In The Studio Special

(ITS) The latest installment of the syndicated radio show In The Studio: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands celebrates the 40th anniversary of Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here with guests David Gilmour, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and archive comments from the late keyboard player Richard Wright. The show sent over the following details and excerpts:

"You try following up Dark Side of the Moon. Go on, just try it!", admonishes David Gilmour, guitarist/ singer of Pink Floyd. "We've been trying to do it ever since!", laughs drummer Nick Mason. Yet not only is that follow up album Wish You Were Here their confessed favorite of all that Gilmour and Mason did, this postcard from the edge of Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett's madness holds up exceedingly well because of classics "Shine On You Crazy Diamond", "Have a Cigar", "Welcome to the Machine" and the title ode.

Creative Stride Or Beginning Of The End? But as you will hear in this InTheStudio program, not everyone remembers the process of making Wish You Were Here as a pleasant one. There is a common misconception that the fracturing of Pink Floyd occurred at some time after their worldwide blockbuster The Wall album and movie, but Roger Waters tells us that during the making of Wish You Where Here, "Already the rot had set in...".

Quotes from Redbeard's interview with members of Pink Floyd: "Once you've had the big hit album everything should roll off a little easier and in fact like so many things...it's just as difficult to make the next album as the one before." - Nick Mason

"Being a Syd Barrett fan seems to me to be a perfectly legitimate and reasonable way of spending your spare time. He was a very interesting man... he was the key that unlocked the door to Rock'n'Roll for me." - Roger Waters

"I would say that it's my favorite album... it's an album that I can live with very happily." - David Gilmour

Stream the episode here.

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AC/DC Fans Reach Funding Goal For Bon Scott Hometown Statue

(Classic Rock) AC/DC fans have rallied round to complete funding for a statue of Bon Scott to be placed in his hometown. He was born in Kirriemuir, Scotland, before his family moved to Australia and he found fame as the iconic band reached the big time.

Local organization DD8 Music have been working on the project for several years - and they've finally secured the £45,000 needed to complete the job.

But pledges are still being taken, with additional money to be used to pay for an "extra-special" garden to be built round the statue. DD8 Music say: "Kirriemuir already has a few things honouring Bon - a street named after him, a memorial plaque, an AC/DC section in the local museum, and our annual Bonfest." Read more here.

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Anthrax Stars Look Back At 'Sound Of White Noise'

(MAR) The Mars Attacks Podcast take a special look back at Anthrax's 1993 album, "Sound Of White Noise", which was the thrash group's first effort with Armored Saint frontman John Bush taking over vocal duties from Joey Belladonna.

The show send over the following details about this latest episode in their classic album series: The podcast features current members of the band Charlie Benante and Frank Bello as well as former lead singer John Bush discuss the album.

The special also includes Johyn Bush's Armored Saint bandmate Joey Vera who shares his reflections on the album and what it was like to be in the Saint when everything went down.

In addition to the podcast, the special also includes a written Q&A with one time Anthrax guitarist and producer Paul Crook, and comments from current and former members of White Wizzard, Holy Grail, Benedictum, Will Carroll of Death Angel, and Steve Smyth of One Machine, who is probably best known for his work with Nevermore and Testament. Check out the special here.

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Odin's Court Crowdfunding Two Album Releases

(Glass Onyon) Odin's Court have launched a crowd sourcing campaign for the release of two album projects: Deathanity (R3) and Turtles All the Way Down Vol, II. We were sent the following details:

Deathanity (R3) is a "reboot" of the original ProgRock Records album released in 2008, consisting of a remix (original recording), new recording (e.g., vocals), and a re-master. Turtles All the Way Down, Vol. II continues the concept started in 2015's album by the same name.

Band leader Matt Brookins commented on the decision to revisit Deathanity: "This was an important album to the band - we worked hard independently, and then shopped it to labels. It was picked up by ProgRock Records (2008), and to date remains our best selling and most popular release. While we were, and still are, proud of what we did, there are some factors that made us want to revisit and improve the quality of the album…mainly, the addition of Dimetrius LaFavors (lead vocals), but also my improvements as an engineer and producer. Additionally, the concept of the album is becoming increasingly important in today's world, so hopefully we will reach even more ears with this re-release. Stylistically, this album is heavy, progressive, and artsy."

Turtles All the Way Down, Vol. II continues where the last album left off, exploring the concept of infinite regression and individuals' methods of finding their place and coping in such a vast universe. Brookins comments: "The creation of 2015's album was therapeutic to me. I was so enthusiastic about the concept, that I ended up writing two albums worth of music and lyrics. While we discussed putting out a double album, our financial situation and time constraints prohibited it at the time. Rather than letting these 'extra' songs go unheard, we thought it would be nice to complete them. While some songs didn't make the final cut, many did - and I wrote some new ones as well. We also have a couple of alternate versions of songs from the 2015 album. Stylistically, this album strikes me as a bit AOR with a hard edge."

Rewards for campaign backers include CDs, digital releases, shirts, signed drum heads, vinyl banners, coasters, picks, an invitation to a listening party, and more. Samples and more details here.

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Elitist Announce They Have Broken Up

Los Angeles metal band Elitist released their new self-titled album via Equal Vision Records earlier this summer, but on Tuesday they broke the bad news to fans that they have broken up.

The band posted the following message on Facebook, "Hey guys, after 5 years of being a band we have decided to close the book on Elitist. To everyone who supported us over the years, Equal Vision Records, and to all of the former band members who contributed along the way, we thank you dearly.

Recording albums and being able to tour with bands we've looked up to for years, was more than enough for us. Keep an eye on the members of the band as we will be undergoing new musical ventures in the future.

"We will leave you with a few re-recorded instrumentals of 'Caves', 'Principles' and a few unused demos and unreleased material....because why not". Grab the tracks here.

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Barock Project's Luca Zabbini Hospitalized With Punctured Lung

(Prog) Barock Project have been forced to pull out of their planned UK shows later this week after mainman Luca Zabbini suffered a punctured lung. He's currently in hospital, meaning the Italian symphonic band can't appear as planned with Franck Carducci in London, Southampton, Maltby and Leamington Spa, in a road trip sponsored by Prog.

Ghost Community, who were to support on all shows but London, will fill the empty set in the capital, playing before Mexican outfit Cast. Mary Reynaud will deliver acoustic sets at the other three events.

Barock Project say: "Luca is currently undergoing tests and medication that will make it impossible for him to fly to the UK. We apologies and wish our tour mates Franck Carducci, Ghost Community and Cast the best of luck. We're really looking forward to playing in the UK soon!" Read more here.

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The Wonder Years Stream New Song Featuring Letlive's Butler

(TeamRock Radio) The Wonder Years have released an online stream of their new track Stained Glass Ceilings, which features a guest appearance from Letlive singer Jason Aalon Butler.

The song is taken from the band's album No Closer To Heaven, which was released earlier this month via Hopeless Records. They previously unveiled streams of I Don't Like Who I Was Then and Cigarettes & Saints.

The Wonder Years are on a widespread North American tour and play the UK early next year with Enter Shikari. Letlive's last release was 2013's The Blackest Beautiful, which launched via Epitaph. Stream the new song here.

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Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Thrilled With Move To Nashville

(Radio.com) Music City has a new resident in the form of Steven Tyler. The Aerosmith frontman has been hard at work on his first country album after relocating to Nashville in early 2015. That transition from rock to country earned him Nashville Lifestyles' September cover.

Tyler opened up to the magazine about the writing process, which he's done with some of the city's greats. "The album is all co-writes. I've written with the Barlowes [Nathan and Cary], Brett James, Jaren Johnston, Hillary Lindsey, the Warren Brothers, David Hodges, Chris DeStefano, Rhett Akins-so many," he said.

More than the music industry's open arms, though, Tyler has been taken aback by residents' friendly demeanor. In fact, their big-hearted nature reminds him of his days growing up in New Hampshire.

"Even though Nashville's a big town, it's still got a small town attitude," he told the magazine. "Everybody's real nice and kind of says 'hello' to each other. I grew up in a town of 1,200 people in New Hampshire, and back in my formative years in the early '60s, you knew everybody in town." Read more here.

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Ghost Perform New Song On TV

(hennemusic) Ghost performed "From The Pinnacle To The Pit" from their new album, "Meliora", on l'Album de la Semaine on French national TV channel, Canal + and video of the performance has been posted online

The song is one of seven tracks the Swedish band played during a recent visit to the studios. Four songs will be aired by the station this week - one each day - leading up to the broadcast of the group's full set on Saturday, September 19 around 11.35 AM, CET for subscribers only (over 6 millions peoples pay to watch Canal +). Following the airing, the performance will be available via the different Canal + replay platforms.

Ghost continue to promote "Meliora" around the world in advance the Black To The Future North American tour, which will open at The Fillmore in Washington, DC on September 22.

The band recently scored their first-ever US Top 10 when the album debuted on the Billboard 200 at No. 8 with opening week sales of 29,000 copies. Watch the TV performance here.

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Metallica Release Live 'One' Video From Saint Petersburg Show

(hennemusic) Metallica are sharing footage of a performance of their 1989 single, "One", from Saint Petersburg, Russia on August 25. The band's video highlight package also includes the group warming up in the Tuning Room before the show.

The group are also sharing audio of the fellow "…And Justice For All" track, "Blackened", from the concert. The Saint Petersburg stop was the third date on a short run across Europe that saw the band playing a mix of headline and festival shows.

Metallica will perform two special concerts in Quebec City this month. On September 14, the band will play the final event at Colisee Pepsi, a hockey arena first opened in 1949. Metallica have played seven shows in the arena, including two that were filmed for 2012's "Quebec Magnetic" DVD release.

On September 16, the band will play the first event at the brand new Centre Vidéotron. Metallica will follow the Quebec City dates with a headline set at Rock In Rio on September 19. Check out the One video and the new audio from the Russian show here.

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Billy Gibbons, Robert Randolph Guest On New Shemekia Copeland Album

(The Blues Shemekia Copeland will release her latest album Outskirts Of Love on September 11, featuring guest appearances from Billy Gibbons, Robert Randolph and Alvin Youngblood Hart.

They join her band Oliver Wood, Jano Rix and Lex Price on a 12-track title that mixes original material with songs by John Fogerty, Albert King, Jesse Winchester, Jessie Mae Hemphill and father Johnny Copeland.

Copeland says: "I'm a lifer, singing about things that bother me, using my music to help people. My dad always said, 'We're all connected' - I'm an old soul marching to the beat of my own drum." Read more here.

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Horisont Release Space Themed 'Bad News' Video

(Classic Rock) Horisont are premiering their new video for the song "Bad News" exclusively with Metal Hammer. "Bad News" is taken from Horisont's upcoming album Odyssey.

And in true Horisont style, the video is a break from the norm and set in outer space! Speaking to Metal Hammer, the band had the following to say about the clip:

"You can now watch our breathtaking new space video, with astonishing special FX unlike anything you have ever seen before! Set your phasers to stun and your faces to stunned!"

The album will be released by on Rise Above Records on September 18th. Watch the new video here.

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Mr. Divisadero's Lost Album Streaming Online

(Crash Avenue) In what is being billed as almost a decade of waiting, Mr. Divisadero's long-lost, self-titled album has now seen the light of day courtesy of Axis Mundi Records who just released the album.

Here is the background we were sent about the band and the album: Mr. Divisadero does not exist, and they have not existed for nearly a decade. In early 2014, through the mystical forces of the universe, Bill Toce and Graham Dickson (Crystal Fighters), the co-founders of Axis Mundi, found themselves sharing a rehearsal space with a band called Workout.

One day they were digging through some boxes and came across an aggressively DIY-looking CD from a band called Mr. Divisadero, which they surmised was the previous project of their fellow tenants in Workout. After immediately falling in love with the album, they realized it never got a proper release, and got the blessing to put it out from Workout's Jack Killen.

So why is Axis Mundi releasing their album and expecting anyone to care? Quick answer is that they love it, and think it would be selfish not to share with the world. The album is dirty, loose, hectic and dark. The label considered asking Mr. D to re-record the album but then thought: Could Pure Guava or The Pod (Ween) be re-recorded and polished up a bit and sound fantastic? Yes. Would they love to hear it? Yes. But, would it be better? No, and that is the beauty of Mr. Divisadero.

The album is available for purchase on iTunes and you can stream it in full here.

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Singled Out: Quor's Human Paradigm

Today Brian Corn from San Diego rock band QUOR tell us about the title track of their brand new album "Human Paradigm", which is set for release tomorrow (September 10th). Here is the story behind the song:

"The single Human Paradigm means a lot to the band and the new record, hell, we named the record after the song. It begins the very personal journey and victory of the records completion. The song Human Paradigm contemplates the idea that we are all just irrelevant blips in the universe. We all strive to be something more, and yet most of us will fade into oblivion. Are we cut from the same program or can we change our fate and in effect change the path of our human kind, our human evolution?

In the spirit of this songs message we set out to record it with conviction. We recorded it out of town at Swagger Studios in Glendale, CA. We challenged ourselves to produce a song in one weekend from start to finish and Human Paradigm was the result. Our engineer Dan Whittemore invited us to "camp out" in the studio during the recording and we took it literally. I woke up Saturday morning with a slight disorientation from the night before and looked out of my tent to see four other tents inside a studio rehearsal room. There were lanterns, ice chests, and the remnants of bottles and paper plates upon a picnic bench. The whole studio was filled with the sounds of the drum and guitar tracks we had recorded the day before. It was 9:00 am and it was loud and it was f***ing beautiful."

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself here and to learn more about the band right here!

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