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Kings Of Leon Announce New Album 'Walls'

Following a series of online teases, Kings of Leon have announced that they will be releasing their new studio album, which will be entitled "Walls," on October 14th.

The new album is the following the band's hit 2013 effort "Mechanical Bull" and was produced by Markus Dravs (Arcade Fire, Coldplay, Florence + the Machine).

Members of the group released hints online that the announcement was coming with Caleb Followill saying in a teaser 'the walls come down' and Gibson reports Jared Followill as tweeting "We are so excited to share this album. It's unlike anything we've done before. You guys are going to fall in love with these songs." See the tracklisting here.

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Led Zeppelin Premiere Previously Unreleased Song 'Sunshine Woman'

Led Zeppelin have shared a song called "Sunshine Woman", which is yet another previously unreleased track from their upcoming of 'The Complete BBC Sessions' reissue.

The newly expanded version of 'The BBC Sessions,' which features the band's live recording on the British network that were made between 1969 through 71, is set to be released on September 16th and includes a number of rarities.

"Sunshine Woman" is said to be the only take of the song which Jimmy Page says was "basically made up on the spot" on Alexis Korner's World Service Show in March 1969, according to UCR.

He elaborates, "It was pretty brave, bearing in mind the circumstances. We played it as if we were in rehearsals, starting it around the riff and then working it out. It shows that we were evolving pretty quickly." Check out the song read more details about the reissue here.

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Gene Simmons Says Prince's Death Was A Choice

(Classic Rock) Outspoken KISS star Gene Simmons has reignited the controversy of his comments about Prince's death, saying the late musician's death was a "choice".

Simmons found himself at the centre of angry outbursts in May after stating that Prince had died of a drugs overdose, despite the facts remaining unconfirmed at the time.

He later apologized for his comments about addiction, and explained himself by saying: "I have a long history of getting very angry at what drugs do to the families/friends of addicts. I didn't express myself properly."

Now Simmons tells WNOR: "I knew Prince. I knew Bowie and all that. Bowie died from disease - Prince died because of drugs. So did Michael Jackson.

"Drugs killed them. But it was a choice. It's so sad. It's sad that they went that way, because you have every reason to live. You hurt your fans, you hurt everybody." Read more here.

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Stone Sour Streaming 'Through Glass' Demo

(TeamRock) Stone Sour have made a demo version of their track "Through Glass" available to stream. The song appeared on the band's 2006 second album Come What(ever) May, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this month. The demo version can be heard below.

Frontman Corey Taylor says the track is a "very angry" rant at the reality TV show culture of music at the time. He says: "I was sitting in a European hotel room watching a music video channel, seeing act after act after act of this insane, innocuous, plastic music. They were plastic, bubbly, gossamer-thin groups where it was really more about the clothes they wore and the length of their cheekbones than it was about the content of the song they were singing.

"It really made me mad. I was like, is this it? Have we just gone full circle? Did the singer/songwriter revolution never happen? Is it just the same drivel from the same replicate over and over again?

"Through Glass is really a very angry song. It's me basically calling 'bullsh*t' on pretty much everyone involved with the American Idol-type shows. It has its place, but when you're basically cornering the market and making it very hard for anyone who actually writes their own music to get ahead, then it's wrong and that's really why I wrote this song." Stream the song and read more here.

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Sum 41 Release Music Video For 'War'

(TeamRock) Sum 41 have released a video for their new single "War." The song is taken from the Canadian punk outfit's upcoming sixth album 13 Voices, which is released on October 7 via Hopeless Records.

13 Voices was written as frontman Deryck Whibley recovered from a near-death experience brought on by alcohol abuse. The video for War shows the band performing in an airplane graveyard in the middle of a California desert. Whibley uncovers reminders of his past - a journal, an old drawing, a t-shirt, a guitar and an empty bottle of alcohol - in the wreckage and burns them along with his past life.

Whibley says the crash site represents how he "crashed and burned" and that the graveyard was "a place for a funeral for my past." He adds: "I feel that this song literally saved my life. I was at my absolute lowest point of what seemed like a never-ending recovery. When I was at a tipping point of falling back into drinking or staying the course of recovery, I grabbed a pencil and paper instead of a bottle and started writing.

"Whenever I had any thoughts of giving up, I would read these lyrics to myself over and over again. They helped remind me of what it was that I was fighting for, and that I needed to keep fighting harder. Giving up was not an option." Watch the video here.

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Avenged Sevenfold Plan To Mix Things Up On Upcoming Tour

(TeamRock) Avenged Sevenfold are revamping their shows for the upcoming tour - with a "big" production and a setlist packed with older material and songs they've never played before.

Vocalist M Shadows says they're experimenting with a new stage concept as the novelty wears off their last album, 2013's Hail To The King.

He tells WGRD: "On this tour we're thinking about going with a really clean, really big look. And since Hail To The King is three years old, it really isn't appropriate to bring out Hail To The King-themed stuff.

"So I think what we're gonna start doing is we've been, in rehearsal, bringing out a lot of older things that people haven't necessarily heard in a long time, or things we've never played. Like, we debuted a song called Planets the other night, and we've been playing a song called Acid Rain.

"We want to start bringing out some older stuff that people haven't necessarily heard. So we wanna pack this setlist with stuff that isn't necessarily all the hits and just kind of come up with a big look, production-wise, while we work on building something much bigger for the future and for the next few runs." Read more here.

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Scorpions Announce Sting In The Tail Tour Concert Film

Eagle Rock have announced that they will be releasing the Scorpions concert film "Live In Munich 2012" on Blu-Ray and DVD on September 30th and have released a preview clip of "Loving You Sunday Morning".

The film was captured during the final show of the veteran band's Sting In The Tale world tour which took place on September 30, 2012. The preview performance clip can be seen here.

Amazon has launched a presale for the film, which features 21 songs including classics like "Rock You Like A Hurricane," "The Zoo," "No One Like You," "Still Loving You," "Big City Nights," "Holiday," "Winds of Change" and more. See the full tracklisting here.

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Blue October Postpone Tour Following Chart Success

(Prog) Blue October have postponed their German and UK tour to "get more traction" in the US after their album title song Home spent its 16th week in the country's Top 40.

The Texas outfit had a number of shows scheduled next month in support of their eighth studio release, but they've pushed back the live dates until next March so they can capitalise on their domestic chart success over the coming weeks.

Frontman Justin Furstenfeld issued a video statement, saying: "I can't believe Home is doing so well here in America. It's amazing - we haven't done anything like this since we were on a major label.

"Now we're going to be pushing and working as hard as we possibly can to make it react even more in America, because then that translates to UK, Germany and overseas touring.

"So, unfortunately, we're having to reschedule our UK and German dates for next March because we're trying to build a foundation at radio so we can come over there more." Read more here.

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Every Time I Die Release New Song 'C++ (Love Will Get You Killed)'

(Metal Hammer) Every Time I Die have released their track "C++ (Love Will Get You Killed)", taken from upcoming album Low Teens. The follow-up to 2014's From Parts Unknown arrives on September 23 via Epitaph.

Frontman Keith Buckley was inspired to write the song by the experience of rushing to his wife in intensive care as she gave birth prematurely to their daughter last year - and nearly died in the process.

Buckley tells Billboard: "They took me to see her, but she was unconscious and hooked up to a bunch of machines. None of the doctors knew what happened. All they could do was monitor her vitals.

"She couldn't talk because of the tubes so she just wrote words with her fingers on my arm. 'Scary' was what she wrote first." He continues: "I had never felt so helpless. I could do nothing for her." Read more and check out the song here.

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In Flames Announce 'Battles' Album, Premiere First Song

(Metal Hammer) In Flames have announced that they'll release their new album entitled Battles later this year. It will be the Swedish outfit's 12th album, with the follow-up to 2014's Siren Charms set to launch on November 11 via Eleven Seven Music.

Guitarist Bjorn Gelotte reports that the record has a very different feel to their previous material - and he puts that partly down to where they recorded the album.

He tells Decibel Magazine: "Siren Charms had a very dark vibe to it. We recorded it at a cold, damp and dark time during the year in Berlin so it gave it a certain melancholy to the record.

"Now, recording in Los Angeles with the sunshine, it's a different energy. The writing process was different this time, too - that I would like for us to continue to explore."

Crediting Grammy-nominated producer Howard Benson with his work on Battles, Gelotte adds: "Working with Howard and his team was great. I got stressed taking a break for even five minutes because they were always ready to go for the next take and kept my energy up."

In Flames have given fans the first taste of what they can expect from the album by releasing a stream of the track The End. Listen to it here.

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Gemini Syndrome Announce Dates With Sevendust and Red Sun Rising

Gemini Syndrome have announced that they will be staying on the road through the fall with the addition of a new batch of US tour dates with Sevendust and Red Sun Rising.

The new dates will be kicking off with a free show on October 12th in Dallas, TX at the Bomb Factory and wrapping up on October 30th in Spokane, WA at the Knitting Factory.

The band had this to say about the new trek, "We are more than excited to be touring with our brothers in Sevendust again this fall. A great band, a great lineup, and great people. Come out and make this community bigger and better than it ever has been. The time is now."

The group is currently on their own headlining tour promoting their new album "Memento Mori". The trek features support from Stitched Up Heart and 9Electric and is set to run until September 8th where they will conclude in West Hollywood at The Roxy. See the dates here.

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Meshuggah Unveil New Song 'Born In Dissonance'

(Metal Hammer) Meshuggah have released a lyric video for their track "Born In Dissonance." It's lifted from their upcoming album The Violent Sleep Of Reason, which will be released on October 7.

Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake tells Rolling Stone: "It ties in with the biblical apocalypse - the idea of a deity coming back to undo it all and taking to heaven the ones who are righteous. It's about a monster that's coming for us, or maybe an asteroid hurtling towards the earth.

"It's always been a weird conundrum for me how some people, even devout people, fear the apocalypse while others welcome it. I've never understood that."

Haake recently told Metal Hammer that The Violent Sleep Of Reason is the first they've recorded live in "20, 25 years." Describing the inspiration behind the record, he added: "The whole idea of why we chose the title is to connect with the lyrical content of the album, which is to a fair degree about current events and what you see going on such a terrorism and extremist views on ideals and religious dogma, and the violent implications that you get from being asleep or not acting or reacting to what's going on in the proper way." Read more and watch the video here.

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Huntress Announce Dates With Trivium and Sabaton

Huntress have expanded their fall tour plans with a series of headline dates, a new batch of shows where they will be supporting Trivium and Sabaton, as well as an appearance at this year's Ozzfest.

They will be kicking things off with a short run of headline dates that begin on September 9th in Flagstaff, AZ at the Orpheum Theater and wraps up on Sept 14th in St. Louis, MO at Fubar.

The next day they will hit the road with Trivium and Sabaton. That trek will launch in Columbus, OH at the Newport Music Hall and runs until October 21st where it concludes in Lake Buena Vista, FL at the House Of Blues.

Huntress' Jill Janus had this to say about the upcoming tour dates, "Huntress is in full beast mode again and ready to bring the fury to stages this fall! It is an honor to join Black Sabbath at Ozzfest on September 24, and tour alongside Trivium and Sabaton.

"September Mourning joins us as direct support on a slew of headlining shows as we kick off the fall tour. Huntress is thrilled to have the chance to really connect with our fans, who've been so supportive throughout our journey. Spread it, shred it, behead it!" See all of the dates here.

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Deadly Circus Fire Split With Singer Adam Grant

(Metal Hammer) Deadly Circus Fire have announced they've split with founding frontman Adam Grant and are inviting applications for a replacement. The British prog metal outfit plan to honor their touring commitments and say there are no hard feelings between them and their former vocalist.

Guitarist Save Addario says: "After over seven years together, it's with sadness we have to announce that Adam has taken the decision to leave Deadly Circus Fire to follow a different path in his life.

"There are no hard feelings between us. We respect his decision and we thank him for all he has done for the band. It's hard to explain how we really feel, but all we can say is that Deadly Circus Fire is still alive and a new chapter is about to start." Read more here.

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The Mission Announce New Album 'Another Fall From Grace'

The Mission have announced that they will release their new studio album, which will be entitled, "Another Fall From Grace," on October 14th via Eyes Wide Shut/SPV.

The new album was produced by Wayne Hussey and Tim Palmer and features guest backing vocals from Gary Numan, Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Ville Valo (HIM), Julianne Regan (All About Eve) & Evi Vine.

Wayne Hussey had this to say about the effort, "For me, this new Mission album is the long lost missing link between the Sisters Of Mercy's First & Last & Always and The Mission's God's Own Medicine, both albums of course that I was heavily involved in making. I set out this time with the intention of making an album that sounds like 1985. The fact that I feel this has largely been achieved is down to my renewed love for the jingle jangle shimmer of the electric 12 string guitar which featured heavily on those two previously mentioned albums and now the new Mission album.

"This is a dark album although I didn't set out with that intention; it's just the way things unfolded. I know I did go a little crazy and even a little paranoid during the recording of this album, certainly my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing all suffered during the course of it. And I think that has informed both the music and the lyrics. So much of this was done in isolation - from the world, from my family, from my friends, and even from my band mates. I can't say it's an album I enjoyed making but it is an album I needed to make. It is with huge relief that I can now say it is finished and maybe it's like an acute pain that you have that once it's gone you can't remember how it felt. I hope so as I would like one day to feel the fondness for this record that it maybe deserves."
See the tracklisting here.

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Obituary Announce 'Ten Thousand Ways To Die' Album, Stream Song

(Metal Hammer) Obituary have made new song "Loathe" available to stream from their upcoming live album, Ten Thousand Ways To Die. The record includes two new studio tracks and 12 live songs which were recorded across 11 cities on their Inked In Blood world tour last year. It's due out on October 21.

Obituary say: "We are very excited about the live songs that we recorded on this last US tour. Joe Cincotta from Full Force Studio is also our live sound engineer and he had his full recording rig on the road with us, so we took advantage of the opportunity and recorded the show every night.

"The quality was amazing so we decided to include this as part of the Ten Thousand Ways to Die release to give the fans a little Obituary bonus. We selected songs from different cities so you will hear the sound difference between each song.

"Nothing was done to the songs after the live performance recording, so it gives you the real, true, unedited 'live show' sound and feeling that the fans experienced at each show." Stream the song here.

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Haken Stream New Song Ahead of North American Affinitour

Haken are preparing fans for their forthcoming North American headline tour by releasing a stream of the song "1985", which comes from their latest album 'Affinity'.

The song can be heard here and the band kicks off their Affinitour next Tuesday, August 30th in Chicago, IL and wrap up the trek on September 21st in Portland, Or. They will be supported by Thank You Scientist.

They had these comments about the outing which includes an appearance at ProgPower, "After last year's success in North America, we've been eager to get back and play to our amazing fans over there and also travel to new territory in Texas, Arizona and the west coast.

"To make things even more exciting, we're taking one of our favorite bands out with us - Thank You Scientist. If you haven't heard these guys, you've been missing out!" See the tour dates here.

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Asphyx Stream 'Incoming Death' Album Title Track

Asphyx have released a stream of the title track to their forthcoming album "Incoming Death", which is set to hit stores via Century Media Records on September 30th.

Singer Martin van Drunen had this to say about the track, "Incoming Death was music-wise composed in perhaps 10 minutes when Husky and Paul were checking the sound in the Perle am Rhein studio for the flexi recordings. When we all freaked out on it, we knew we had the title track for the album.

"It's so typical our Asphyx death metal style. Straight forward, no nonsense, three riff, in-your-face death metal. Not that we were looking for a title track that would be in the tradition of 'Death The Brutal Way' or 'Deathhammer'. It just came out like this. It's a damn neck breaker to raise hell to when playing live and that's why the choice for the track was only natural. Stanza, chorus, repeat, bridge, stanza, chorus, end. That's how it's done. On Instinct.

"Lyricwise three times death and gore by plague, aliens and zombies. And some metal beasts are even shorter than two minutes! So grab a beer, bang that head and scream along. This is f***in' Asphyx and we always deliver the goods!" The video for the clip features footage from their performance at Brutal Assault Open Air 2015, check it out here.

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The Answer Stream New Song 'Beautiful World'

(Classic Rock) The Answer have released a stream of their new track "Beautiful World." It features on the band's upcoming sixth album Solas, which is due out on October 28 via Napalm Records.

Guitarist Paul Mahon reports the band had to approach the writing process differently for the follow-up to 2015's Raise A Little Hell as they were struggling to find inspiration.

He says: "We initially sat there looking blankly at each other. It was certainly disconcerting to move away from our traditional approach but we had to embrace a new process.

"We didn't want to limit ourselves and as well as exploring our Celtic roots, we wanted to explore roots music in a broader sense. There may have been some conscious resistance at first but it felt we were being guided down a much more atmospheric, surreal and cinematic path and I think that is reflected in the final album." Stream the song here.

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Esben And The Witch Premiere Epic New Track 'Sylvan'

(Prog) Esben And The Witch have premiered their new track "Sylvan" exclusively with TeamRock. The 13-minute song features on the band's upcoming fourth album titled Older Terrors, which will be released on November 4 via Season Of Mist.

The band say of the track: "We wanted to paint a picture of a forest in flames - of wild destruction, spectacular and terrifying. The calm amidst the ancient pines shattered by an insatiable desire, all-consuming, all-devouring and with a raging intensity so fierce it can set anything on fire.

"Ultimately, as the flames engulf the trees, it is a song about searching for meaning and even beauty in a burning world."

Rachel Davies, Thomas Fisher and Daniel Copeman's last studio album was 2014's A New Nature, with the new record spanning four tracks which were inspired by the "awe and terror" of the band's journey since the release of their debut album Violet Cries in 2011. Read more and stream the song here.

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Threshold's Damian Wilson Announces Solo Live Dates

(Prog) Threshold and Headspace frontman Damian Wilson has announced a short run of UK shows. The three dates will take place in September, and have been scheduled in support of his upcoming solo album titled Built For Fighting, which is due out on September 9.

Wilson tells TeamRock: "I'm bringing Dutch and English musicians together to celebrate the release of the new album. Looking forward to mooring up alongside as many of the venues as I can. Since Cropredy, I think I should sail to all the gigs."

His first studio album since 2003's Let's Start A Commune was produced by Andrew Holdsworth, with Bill Shanley, Lee Pomeroy, Adam Wakeman and Brian Willoughby joining Wilson on the record.

The singer was forced to delay the release of Built For Fighting due to "personal matters" back in April but with those now resolved, the new launch date is set for September 9. Read more and see the dates here.

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Singled Out: Vicious Rumors' Take It Or Leave It

Vicious Rumors released their new album "Concussion Protocol" today (Aug 26) and to celebrate we asked Geoff Thorpe (guitar/vocals) to tell us about the song "Take It Or Leave it". Here is the story:

Geoff Thorpe here from VR! Our latest single/ video" Take it or Leave it" is part of a story that the whole album tells... It's a nightmare really about the end of the planet from a global killer asteroid and how humanity unravels at the news! As we live in the age of disaster we wanted our album lyrics, cover and concept to be as powerful as the music! The first such album we've ever done... there's a short story that goes with every song on the album. So if you only download the music you miss out on a lot of impact the cover, booklet , photos and story has to offer! The Cd comes with a 2 sided poster and Lp comes with 2 blood Red vinyl disk and a CC !!! It's a great package! Now for the song!! We thought "Take It Or Leave it " was a good choice for the single/ video for a few reasons! 1. It has all the classic trademarks of VR and projects the attitude in the band after all these years simply take it or leave it or get out of our way!!! . 2. We wanted to show our fan base that even though we're spread out between California , Slovenia and Holland we work together as a team! We all worked on songs together in a house we rented in Holland at the end of a tour in 2015 . We recorded the album together in California Oct 2015 to Feb 2016!!

The Song was on my demo without an ending! Just the rough idea... I wrote the music to the ending while we were in the studio! Nick Holleman our singer and I worked out the vocals for the ending in my van in front of the studio!! We liked the fire and energy of what happened that day and now it's out for all to see!! Tilen Hudrap our Bass player, along with Larry Howe, Thaen Rasmussen and I had a great time recording and performing the video for this song! I hope you'll check it out and have as much fun as we did!! Turn it up! Hold on tight! The VR ball is rolling full speed ahead!! Thank you!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the album right here!

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