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AC/DC With Axl Rose Play Rarity At Tour Kick Off

(hennemusic) Axl Rose and AC/DC opened their Rock Or Bust US Tour at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, NC on Saturday and videos from the show have been posted online.

The group's 24-song set included the first performance of the 1975 classic, "Live Wire," in 34 years. hennemusic streamed the concert live as the first of a 10-date run of shows that were rescheduled after singer Brian Johnson was sidelined from the world tour in March due to hearing loss issues.

Rose approached AC/DC with an offer to help the band in Johnson's absence, and the Guns N' Roses leadermade his debut with the Australian rockers in Lisbon, Portugal on May 7 to rave reviews worldwide as the lineup performed a 14-date European spring tour.

Opening night of the fall AC/DC shows comes just five days after Rose completed a summer stadium tour of North America with Guns N' Roses at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA on August 22.

Axl Rose and AC/DC will next perform at the BB&T Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on August 30. Check out the videos from the show here.

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Guns N' Roses Sold More Than 1 Million Reunion Tour Tickets

(hennemusic) Guns N' Roses sold more than 1 million tickets to their Not In This Lifetime North American summer tour. The reunited trio of Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan were presented with a plaque recognizing the achievement following their August 25 summer finale at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA.

Live Nation exec Bob Roux predicted the company would sell one million tickets for the 25-show tour, roughly 90 percent of what was available. Roux said that some less well-attended shows were the result of the band playing cities it wanted to play, rather than sticking to the highest population centers that would better guarantee sellouts.

Summer dates began in Detroit, MI on June 23 and saw guest appearance by drummer Steven Adler in Cincinnati on July 6, Nashville on July 9 and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on August 19. Read more here.

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Slipknot To Play Full 'Iowa' Album During Upcoming Concert

(Metal Hammer) Slipknot will perform their 2001 album Iowa in full at Knotfest next month. Earlier this week, the band's frontman Corey Taylor hinted that he and Shawn 'Clown' Crahan had been "conspiring to do something insane" to mark the anniversary of one of their records - but stopped short of saying which one it would be.

Now Slipknot have confirmed that it'll be Iowa, which Metal Hammer recently voted the best album of the 21st century. The band say: "Fifteen years ago, something quite extraordinary happened. Nine men from Iowa went in to a studio in California and created one of the most chaotic and destructive albums ever made. It was, and still is, a shockingly physical and ferocious recording.

"To this day, it has never been performed in its entirety. That is about to change. On September 25, 2016, at Knotfest in San Bernardino, 30,000 people will experience an event that has never been done before." Read more here.

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Ozzy Osbourne Confirms New Solo Album Plans

(Classic Rock) Ozzy Osbourne intends to make his next solo album as soon as Black Sabbath's farewell tour is over, he's said. The vocalist has begun gathering ideas for the follow-up to 2010's Scream, and aims to get into the studio as quickly as possible once he's completed his Sabbath duties on February 4 next year.

Ozzy tells Metro: "I'm currently playing around with some song ideas. I have a few things jotted down, and once Black Sabbath is off the road, I'll be heading into the studio with my band to get the songs recorded. Once it's all in the can you can be sure to see me back on the road again."

He adds: "The whole tour has been an emotional roller coaster. Though the one I am most aware of is the very last show ever in Birmingham, England. I'm sure it will be pretty emotional - but everything has to come to an end at some point, and it's been an incredible journey." Read more here.

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Iron Maiden Almost Top Billboard's Hot Tours Chart

(hennemusic) Iron Maiden have landed at No. 2 on the latest edition of Billboard's Hot Tours chart. According to the music industry magazine, the veteran UK rockers appear on the list based on the final counts reported from its European tour that included headlining dates and festival appearances at 32 cities in 24 countries during a 10-week span.

The European tour was the final leg of the band's Book of Souls World Tour that played in six continents from February 24 through the finale at Wacken Open Air festival on August 4 - which was streamed live.

Overall ticket sales from the tour reached $54.6 million from 47 reported shows with 816,721 tickets sold during the 23-week run. Included in this week's tally for Iron Maiden are 13 concerts from the band's final stretch through Europe that added $19.5 million in revenue to the tour's overall box office counts. Read more here.

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Black Sabbath Didn't Approve Of The Inverted Cross Album Artwork

(Classic Rock) Black Sabbath didn't approve of the inverted cross used in the artwork for their debut album, according to former drummer Bill Ward. Ward hints it may have been used as a "promotional ploy" by their label Vertigo and says though the band were "morbid" and "rebellious," the Satanic symbol didn't represent who they were.

In an archive interview from 2010, which has recently surfaced, Ward tells Banger TV: "The cover was something that was presented to us, and being our usual morbid selves, we were all instantaneously attracted to that.

"But the inside cover, none of us liked. We didn't like it at all because it had an inverted cross in it." He adds: "I think there were some wise guys who deliberately put that together as a ploy - as an advertising, promotional ploy, or who had seriously misgauged us as a band. There was no collaboration so I don't know who was responsible for it. I guess someone thought it would be a good idea and thought that was what we represented." Read more here.

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Rammstein Working On New Music

(Metal Hammer) Rammstein keyboardist Christian 'Flake' Lorenz says the band are working on new music - but they're not certain how close they are to recording an album.

They've been opening their recent shows with a fresh track entitled Ramm 4, which he describes as a signal of intention over the songs that will follow it. Lorenz tells Kaaos TV: "We wanted to show the world that we're still together and that we're playing and making new music.

"We've started to compile ideas for songs and develop them as a band. It's difficult to say how far along we are, because a lot of the time everything seems to be going well - and then there are days and we just want to start the process all over again.

"That's why there's no objective view about how far in we are." Read more here.

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Def Leppard's Phil Collen Stars In Tesla's New Video

(Classic Rock) Def Leppard's Phil Collen stars in Tesla's new music video for Save That Goodness. The song was written and produced by the guitarist, who also produced the Sacramento outfit's latest work, Mechanical Resonance Live, while both bands have been touring North America. The live release was launched on Friday (August 26) in celebration of their multi-platinum debut album's 30th anniversary,

Tesla guitarist Frank Hannon says: "Our new video for Save That Goodness captures the essence of the song. It's a feel-good message with a hint of spirituality.

"Tesla the band is having a great time with our new friend and vocalist Debbi Blackwell, while performing with our old friend Phil Collen. The location glues it all together in a turn of the century classic chapel that conveys an old time feeling of gospel, while the band has fun playing new rock'n'roll and blending the two." Read more here.

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Metallica Star Shares A 'Classic Moment' On Airplane

(TeamRock) Metallica bassist Robert Trujillo recalls a funny moment when he was flying home after completing work on their new album "Hardwired… To Self Destruct," when a fellow passenger talked to him about Metallica - but didn't realize who he was.

He says "I'm getting on the plane and Hardwired had just been featured all over the nation. I sit down next to this guy, who offered me the free drink coupon.

"I had a Metallica jacket on and he said, 'Oh, I heard they released their new album today.' I said, 'No, I think it was just one song.' He goes, 'Did you hear it?' and I'm like, 'Yeah, it's good.'

"I look down, he's got his headset on watching the video on his iPhone. He doesn't know I'm in the band. He's just going, 'Oh man, this is really good.' That was a classic moment." Read more here.

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Finger Eleven Star Directs Uforia's New 'Fight Or Flight' Video

Uforia have released their brand new music video for their track 'Fight or Flight' and they recruited Finger Eleven guitarist James Black to direct the clip.

The song is the title track off the band's latest EP which was released on July 15th to follow their fan-funded full length 2015's 'Transmutation' and 2012's debut EP 'Imagining'.

Vocalist and guitarist Michael Ursini had this to say, "We had the luck and honor of having our single 'Fight or Flight' played at the Blue Jays games all summer and felt that there was a great enough demand to release a music video.

"Working with James and Rich was a pleasure and we're really proud of what we've accomplished. This is for the fans and the people ready to face their fears." Watch the video here.

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Anthrax Reveal Creative 'Monster At The End' Video

(Classic Rock) Anthrax have released a video for their track "Monster At The End" - and taken a swipe at YouTube's business model. They teamed up with director Jack Bennett for the shoot, where he incorporated animation, stop-motion and rotoscoping techniques to give the promo a staccato-feel to suit the track, which appears on the band's 11th studio album For All Kings.

Drummer Charlie Benante explains to Fangoria: "Originally, the idea for the treatment that Jack came to us with was a very frame-to-frame type of look. There was going to be a monster in it of course, because the title lends to that.

"We shot performance stuff at a studio and the next day we were doing a festival and they came out and were just doing shots of us live. That song didn't have to be the one we were playing - they just wanted to get a different vibe and a different look to the video."

Benante says the days of "huge marketing tool" videos to help them sell singles and albums are in the past, with the band no longer feeling the urgency to create them. And he takes a swipe at YouTube for not paying artists enough for using their material.

He adds: "The business model has changed completely - the floor has dropped out. There really is no other way of marketing your record like the old school way. Now you have to think of other ways to reach people." Read more and watch the video here.

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Defy The Ocean Release 'Elderflower' Video

(Prog) Defy The Ocean have released a music video for their new song "Elderflower." It's the title track from their upcoming EP, which is due out on September 2.

Vocalist and guitarist Chris Theo previously said the track tells the story of someone "seeking to come to terms with their gender identity later in life," taking the listener on "an emotive journey that spans resignation, anger, acceptance and regret."

Vocalist and guitarist Chris Theo tells Prog: "It would have been easy to go for something dark and grimy for this video, but we were keen to push ourselves to create something different.

"Since a lot of our music explores this juxtaposition between heavy and atmospheric elements, we looked to create visuals that seemed almost at odds with the music.

"But beyond the immediate surreal and comic nature of the Elderflower video is an underlying sadness. We all deceive ourselves, we all hide from the truths that hurt, but unless we own those truths this architecture of fallacy we've built will topple, and take us with it.

"Elderflower explores this self-deception with tongue firmly in cheek." Watch the video here.

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Tesseract Release New Tour Documentary Online

(Prog) Tesseract have released an online documentary showcasing their run of European summer festival appearances this year. The 20-minute film follows the band as they play across mainland Europe and it also features their appearance at the UK's Download festival in June.

Speaking about the experience, frontman Daniel Tompkins says: "I live quite close to the Download festival at Donington, and I've always gone and watched all my biggest inspirations on those stages. To be there, on the Encore Stage with 15,000 heads singing along and showing their appreciation, that was special."

Tompkins split from the band in 2011 and was brought back into the fold in 2014, replacing Ashe O'Hara prior to work on the band's third album Polaris, which launched last year.

And the vocalist reports he can see the band's progression due to the fact they're now playing to larger audiences. He continues: "It's the first time we've been on a big festival run. We've done quite well this year - we've had some good billings and played some big stages. The crowds have been incredible as well. I really do think that's a good sign of the progression of the whole band.

"Everything seems to be growing - the fan base is getting bigger and more people are spreading the word. You can tell with the big audiences, great vibe and I couldn't ask for anything more." Read more and watch the documentary here.

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Lordi Release 'Hug You Hardcore' Video

(Metal Hammer) Lordi have released a video for their track "Hug You Hardcore," showcasing the Finnish band's new look. It's taken from upcoming album Monstereophonic: Theaterror Vs Demonarchy, which arrives on September 16 in Europe and September 30 in North America.

The follow-up to 2014's Scare Force One consists of two sets of music - Theaterror is described as "traditional hard-rocking songs" while Demonarchy is "more modern than ever."

Frontman Mr Lordi recently said: "It's our first conceptual half an album - not a full conceptual album, but half of the album is a conceptual storyline with six songs.

"It's nothing new in the world of music, but, for Lordi it's completely different. It's more metal. It's more progressive. I am really f***ing thrilled about the result." Watch the video here.

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Trivium's Matt Heafy Opens Up About Social Anxiety Disorder

(Metal Hammer) Trivium vocalist and guitarist Matt Heafy has opened up on his battle with social anxiety disorder. Heafy experienced the phobia in the band's early days due to having severe acne, and recalls that meeting fans and doing magazine shoots caused him to "freak out."

Speaking to the You Rock Foundation, a music charity which seeks to raise awareness about mental health issues, Heafy says: "When we first started touring I used to have social anxiety disorder. It's not clinically diagnosed but I knew that any time I would go out and meet fans I would freak out.

"At that time as well, I had really terrible acne, so when our band was first blowing up in the UK, we would always have fans who wanted to meet us and magazines who wanted to take pictures - and I didn't want to do it. Not because I was trying to be egotistical, it's that I didn't want to be seen. I was afraid to talk to people and afraid to be in groups.

Heafy says he managed to overcome the disorder thanks to support from his wife, family and friends. And he offers advice to those who face similar problems on a daily basis. Read more here.

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Red Hot Chili Peppers Announce First UK Tour In 5 Years

(Classic Rock) Red Hot Chili Peppers have announced their first UK tour for five years. The've lined up seven dates this December in London, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester in support of their 11th studio album The Getaway, which was released in June.

Support on all dates will come from Japanese metal trio Babymetal, who launched their second album titled Metal Resistance in March this year. Tickets for all seven shows go on general sale from 10am on September 2 through TeamRock Tickets.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers report that every ticket purchased will include a choice of either a physical or digital copy of The Getaway. Each ticket will come with one redemption code. Read more here.

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In Flames Release Trailer For Forthcoming Album 'Battles'

(Metal Hammer) In Flames have released a short album trailer detailing the work that's gone into making their upcoming 12th album, Battles. The follow-up to 2014's Siren Charms will be released on November 11 via Eleven Seven Music.

In the short clip, vocalist and lyricist Anders Friden explains the meaning behind the album title, and reports it was inspired by emotional conflicts which affect people on a daily basis.

Friden says: "All titles for every album come really late in the process. I write the lyrics and then I gather all the lyrics after we're done and I look at the album as a whole, then try to figure out what the theme is.

"With Battles, we all have our inner struggles from the day we are really young up until the day we die, so this album is about that and something everyone can relate to.

"We all have it - you can never get away from it. It could be inside and outside, between all kinds of people with all kinds of situations." Read more and watch the trailer here.

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Arch Enemy To Headline Heavy Scotland

(TeamRock) Arch Enemy have been announced as the headline act for a brand new metal festival launching in Scotland next year. Heavy Scotland will take place at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh on April 1 and 2, 2017 and other acts confirmed so far include Sodomized Cadaver, Dyscarnate and Disposable - with more to come.

Organizer Caitlin Elliott tells TeamRock: "Arch Enemy are melodic death metal legends and we are incredibly proud to have them headlining the first edition of Heavy Scotland.

"Scotland is a beautiful country with a thriving metal scene so it is with great pleasure that we bring to you Scotland's metal festival, a platform for up-and-coming Scottish bands as well as the biggest metal event north of the border." Read more here.

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Korn Sing Praises Of Bring Me The Horizon

(Metal Hammer) Korn's James 'Munky' Shaffer and Brian 'Head' Welch have heaped praise on UK outfit Bring Me The Horizon, saying they are driving metal in a "fresh and new" direction.

Welch also reports that if Bring Me The Horizon's 2015 album That's The Spirit had come out a decade ago, it would have racked up an enormous amount of sales by now.

He tells Alternative Press: "When you think of what bands, when we get all grey-haired and hang it up, that can take that slot and headline, Bring Me The Horizon is no.1 for me, they just have everything.

"If Bring Me The Horizon had come out 10 years ago, their album would be five times platinum right now, guaranteed. Every song on that newest album is so good. Even the last couple I really like. I don't know those guys too well - I just really love their writing." Read more here.

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Biffy Clyro To Launch UK Tour This Winter

(TeamRock) Biffy Clyro have announced an 8-date UK winter tour. The run of shows will take place in November and December, with the trio lining up the concerts in support of their seventh album Ellipsis, which was released last month.

Vocalist and guitarist Simon Neil says: "We would like to let you know that we're doing a UK tour with Brand New, which is unbelievably exciting. It's going to be one hell of a show – we can't wait."

The new dates follow Biffy's just completed European tour. Their live dates will then recommence in October across mainland Europe before they return to the UK. Their tour schedule can be seen here.

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Singled Out: Acrylic's Overrun

Scottish alternative indie-rock quintet Acrylic just released their new single "Overrun" and to celebrate we asked them to tell us the story behind the track. Here is the story:

'Overrun' was written by our two singers about the intensity of living in a flat with the rest of the band and rarely seeing or speaking to anyone that's not in the band. It's very introspective, lyrically, but wasn't intended to be a sad song. Because two of us contribute to the lyrics, we tend to try to capture a general feeling or idea, rather than a specific subject or story. I think that's why people often come up with suggestions as to what they think one of our songs is written about that aren't even close to what we had in mind.

As for the recording, it sort of came together by accident. We had planned to demo 'Overrun' with a view to then bringing it into a professional studio and getting a good producer involved. However, after self-producing the demo in our local studio in Maryhill, Glasgow, we were really happy with how it turned out and weren't confident we'd be able to do any better after throwing loads of money at it. So we just kept working on what was meant to be the demo, then got an amazing producer called Paul Savage on board to mix it for us and that was it!

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here!

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