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AC/DC's Brian Johnson Early Recording May Get Limited Release

(Classic Rock) Some of the earliest recordings made by AC/DC's Brian Johnson may be released for the first time on a limited-edition basis. The three tracks were laid down in 1971 when he was a member of The Jasper Hart Band, before he went on to front Geordie, where he stayed until joining AC/DC in 1980.

Jasper Hart Band guitarist Ken Brown recently discovered the original tapes, and he's gearing up to release them for the AC/DC "anorak" or "memorabilia fanatic."

Brown says: "You may be surprised to learn that Brian was not always a rock singer, but a very good 'middle of the road' chanter. In the late 60s and early 70s, Brian was a member of the Gobi Desert Kanoo Klub and The Jasper Hart Band, who played in the North East of England with reasonable success.

"In 1971 the Jasper Hart band recorded three original tracks with a view to becoming 'pop stars.' Snippets of these tracks have generated some interest with AC/DC fans. I've been asked if the complete recordings are available." Read more here.

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David Lee Roth Streams Rarity For July 4th

(hennemusic) David Lee Roth celebrated July 4 with a stream of his rare 2002 package "No Holds Bar-B-Que." Written, directed and produced by Roth and mostly filmed at his Pasadena, CA mansion, the set was originally designed as a media kit but quickly became something much bigger.

"Instead of a page that says, 'Dave's been fishing, is planning on going into the studio, and likes Django Reinhardt this year,' let's take the camera to the beach, play some Django, and go after what I'm best at!" Roth said in 2002. "I spent easily $600,000 outta pocket. I spent the mortgage, literally. It grew beyond a simple 'here's a kinda the day in the life,' because my day is full of fantasy and literary references.

"I've woven it together in a form that I think is much more appropriate for our national attention-deficit syndrome, or whatever it is we're having," he continued. "In this, you're entertained right along with your current state of biorhythms, which is frenzied. If you watch television and listen to radio regularly, if you spend any time at the local shopping mall, then your inner tempo is frenzied. At least in the United States.

"And I tried to create a different type of television - it's not really a show and it's not really a biography. There's a lot of show-and-tell in there. I'm not really sure what it is. Perhaps that makes it pure. Like Picasso said, it's bound to go over some people's heads, so I also created a version with a director's commentary."

"No Holds Bar-B-Que" features a dizzying array of images and musical performances, with a diverse setlist that runs from techno to blues to mambo to swing, mixing some Roth originals with plenty of covers by artists like Gerry Rafferty, ZZ Top, The Beatles, The Hombres, The Chemical Bothers and ELO, among others.

The hour-long video was initially sold on VHS during the ill-fated 2002 "Sam And Dave" tour - pairing up (at the time) former Van Halen singers Roth and Sammy Hagar (fans dubbed it the "Sans Halen" tour); the package has yet to see an official release. Stream the video here.

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Fearless Vampire Killers Announce They Have Broken Up

(TeamRock Radio) FVK (Fearless Vampire Killers) have split up after vocalist Kier Kemp announced his decision to quit, they've announced. The English outfit leave a legacy of three albums and three EPs, their most recent release being last year's Bruises.

FVK say in a statement: "Last Friday Kier announced he was leaving. This revelation was greeted with shock, disappointment and heartbreak as we've given our lives to this band. The idea of giving up was completely alien to us.

"However, over the weekend we've struggled to find the answer - and we've come to the conclusion that it would be wrong to continue without Kier." The band add that Kemp's decision wasn't easy, but that if he hadn't quit he'd have had to continue "something he no longer passionately connects with."

They continue: "He apologizes for any upset this may cause and is available in all the usual places if anyone has any questions or would like to talk more about it." Read more here.

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Latest News

Lostprophets' Ian Watkins' Police Investigators Guilty Of Misconduct

(TeamRock Radio) Police involved in the investigation into Lostprophets frontman Ian Watkins' child sex abuse case will face disciplinary action over their handling of complaints made about the disgraced singer.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) ruled that a detective sergeant and two detective constables were guilty of misconduct - and South Wales Police has accepted the findings of the IPCC report.

Watkins, 38, was jailed in 2013 for a string of horrific sex offences. He pleaded guilty to offences including the attempted rape of an 11-month-old child and encouraging a fan to abuse her baby via webcam.

Officers also found a stash of child abuse videos at his home, some of which Watkins had made himself.

But the BBC reports that the IPCC examined how the force responded to reports and intelligence about the singer dating back to December 2008.

The IPCC found that a detective sergeant "did not take sufficient action to progress enquiries" and also contributed to allegations from a main witness being treated as unfounded.

The police watchdog recommended the officer should face gross misconduct charges. Read more here.

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Former Singer Doesn't Want Feud With Motley Crue

(Classic Rock) Former Motley Crue singer John Corabi doesn't want his recent comments about Nikki Sixx to descend into a feud - and to make sure it doesn't happen, he's going to avoid talking about the band in future.

Bassist Sixx said in April that the 1994 self-titled album recorded while Corabi was with the band had been a "painful" experience, and added that he hadn't been impressed by the vocalist's creative contribution.

Corabi initially stated that he "didn't give a sh*t" about his ex-colleague's quotes. Earlier this week, when asked again, he replied: "I have no idea why Nikki feels that I'm the biggest piece of sh*t to roam the Earth."

Now Corabi has said via Facebook: "I officially have nothing to say about any member of Motley Crue ever again! I was asked a question about why Nikki dogged the Motley record and I said I have no idea why… blah, blah, blah. This isn't news kids!

"I don't really care. Never did, never will. Motley has retired. Motley is Nikki, Tommy, Mick and Vince. And it's been that way since 1997, as it should be." Read more here.

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Paramore Bring Back Zac Farro For New Album

(TeamRock Radio) Former Paramore drummer Zac Farro has confirmed he'll appear on the band's next album. But no decision has been made on whether he'll remain part of Hayley Williams' outfit.

He quit along with brother Josh in 2010, following the release of third album Brand New Eyes the previous year. The pair said they'd become tired of being a "manufactured product" and accused Williams' management of manipulation.

She recently posted several pictures of Farro - who's now with HalfNoise - hanging out with her band, but stopped short of offering official confirmation.

Farro tells Idobi: "They've asked me to play drums on their new album. It's no joke that I'm back, just playing drums for them, alongside doing my HalfNoise stuff." Read more here.

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The Devil Wears Prada Lose A Member

(TeamRock Radio) The Devil Wears Prada have announced that they have split with drummer Daniel Williams. The sticksman has been in the metalcore outfit since it began in 2005.

The band announced his departure, adding: "We wish him nothing but the best with everything he does going forward. We're putting the finishing touches on our new album and look forward to releasing new music very soon."

Williams confirmed the news and apologized to fans for the lack of clarity over the move. He says: "I'm sure I'll be getting a lot of questions today - I wish i was able to answer them. Just know that the fans are all that matter to me.

"Remember the good times and shows. And please keep in touch. I love you all. As everyone knows, I've always loved to engage with fans. Now I can call you all friends instead. Say hi to me on the street in San Diego." Read more here.

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Matt Skiba Was Surprised With Blink-182 Gig Offer

(TeamRock Radio) Blink-182 singer and guitarist Matt Skiba says he only wants what's best for the band. The Alkaline Trio frontman was brought in to replace Tom DeLonge when he left the group last year and says he's very proud of what they've achieved on current album California.

In the final part of Blink-182's documentary in conjunction with Spotify, Skiba says: "I only want what's best for the band. I don't hold anything near and dear or precious until it's done. Like California, I hold very precious, because I'm extremely proud of it. We all are."

DeLonge has repeatedly said he could return to the band and claims to have been in contact with Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker. Hoppus denied there had been any contact, but late last month DeLonge and Barker had a brief Twitter conversation in which they talked about going water sliding together.

Skiba adds that he and Hoppus had discussed working together for many years, but he still didn't expect to get the call to join Blink-182. He says: "Mark and I have been buddies for a long time but we were talking about working together in some capacity or another for many years.

"So when he asked me to have lunch it was really not that out of the ordinary. I figured it had to do with something musical. I never would have guessed that's what they were gonna ask me to do." Watch the documentary clip here.

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Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Steven Tyler Not On The Same Page

(Classic Rock) Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry says he has to hold his breath whenever frontman Steven Tyler does an interview on his own. The vocalist recently repeated his view that Aerosmith could go on one final farewell tour in 2017 - a statement Perry responded to by saying he hopes for a few more years with the band at least.

Now Perry has opened up further on his hopes for the group's future, saying he can never imagine a time when he's not on stage with the band. Perry tells Rolling Stone: "I always hold my breath whenever Steven does an interview on his own." And on their 2017 plans, he adds: "It could be the last. But it's really hard for me to imagine a last gig. Sorry.

"The band gets better and better. It will probably be called the final tour, but I play every night like it's the last show anyway. Calling it that will definitely give a different flavor to this. And who knows what's in the stars." Read more here.

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Megadeth Cancel Meet-And-Greet Sessions

(TeamRock Radio) Megadeth have cancelled all the meet-and-greet sessions on their European tour, because mainman Dave Mustaine believes fans weren't going to get the "kick-ass" experience they deserve.

He says the band are all "pissed" after a disagreement with Wonderful Union, the company organising the events. And he's vowed to make things up to followers who'd bought tickets in the hope of meeting Megadeth, a photo with the band, autographed poster, shot glass, fan club access and VIP upgrades based around each night's show.

Mustaine says in a video: "We were doing meet-and-greets with a company, and they did not send a representative to Europe with us. We're supposed to be doing this right. And since the meet-and-greets are not up to par, that I believe you deserve - and I believe it should be done really, really, cool - they've been cancelled."

He adds that he's taken personal action because he's heard the company in question "never told anybody" about the cancellations. "I hope this is not true, but we're going to get to the bottom of it. Until this is done right, and done the way I believe you deserve, then I'm just going to have to wait until I can hang out with you guys in person." Read more and watch the video here.

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White Wizzard Reunite With Singer Wyatt Anderson

(Classic Rock) White Wizzard have announced the return of singer Wyatt 'Screamin' Demon' Anderson to the fold. Anderson's return marks his third spell with the band, who have also announced their upcoming fourth album will be called Infernal Overdrive.

White Wizzard say: "White Wizzard is very very happy to announce the return of singer Wyatt 'Screamin' Demon' Anderson. A new album titled Infernal Overdrive is in the works and we will be launching a pre sale Kickstarter in the coming weeks with limited edition items.

"It will also feature James J LaRue on lead guitar. The album is nine blistering tracks and promises to be our strongest release yet. We plan to tour in 2017." Read more here.

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Prince Purple Rain Jacket Fetches $96,000At Auction

(Classic Rock) A blazer worn by Prince in 1984 movie Purple Rain has sold for $96,000. The blazer was given a guide price of $8000 but was always expected to sell for much more in the wake of Prince's death in April.

Also sold at the auction held by Hollywood's Profiles In History was a white shirt worn by Prince in the film. It also fetched $96,000. The outfit was scheduled to go under the hammer before Prince died on April 21.

Profiles In History's Joe Maddalena tells the Guardian: "It just happened to be one of those coincidences that unfortunately he passed away. Probably the signature thing he is known for is Purple Rain. It's what made his career. It's probably what he'll be remembered for always. To have an important piece like this is pretty astonishing and an amazing opportunity." Read more here.

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Bullet For My Valentine To Play 'The Poison' In Full During Concert

(TeamRock Radio) Bullet For My Valentine have announced that they will play their 2005 debut album The Poison in full for the first time at their Manchester show on December 4.

The Welsh metallers added a second date at the Manchester Academy after the first show sold out. They'll be supported by Killwitch Engage and Cane Hill.

The tour is in support of last year's album Venom. Frontman Matt Tuck previously said of Venom: "The album is hands down the best thing we've ever done. To have that arsenal of weapons now and to be able to play these songs feels sick. It's good to be back.

"That's kind of what happens in our band. Nothing ever stops. Milestone after milestone and cool event after cool event. We don't ever do anything which isn't cool." See the show poster and tour dates here.

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AFI Working On New Album

(TeamRock Radio) AFI have confirmed they are working on their 10th album. They haven't offered many further details such as a release date, saying only that they are working on the follow-up to 2013's Burials.

Guitarist Jade Puget tells Aggressive Tendencies: "We are working on AFI. It's hard to give nay dates on when it might come out, because then if you don't meet those deadlines, it's like you lied. I don't wanna say, 'It sounds like this,' and then it comes out and it sounds like that."

Frontman Davey Havok adds: "It doesn't exist yet. But we intend to play on it and I intend to sing on it." Watch the full Aggressive Tendencies video interview here.

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Reunited Dokken Members Working On New Music

(Classic Rock) Jeff Pilson has revealed that the reunited Dokken lineup are working on at least one new track. Don Dokken revealed last month that he, Pilson, guitarist George Lynch and drummer Mick Brown had agreed to reunite for a run of shows in Japan.

And Pilson says he and Lynch have already sent one new song to Dokken, although he can't say for sure whether there will be any further fresh material.

Pilson - who also works with Foreigner - tells the Official Jeff Pilson Blog: "George did come over two days ago and we wrote the music to a new track that I sent to Don yesterday.

"The plan is, hopefully, to somehow record one song before the tour to include as part of the packaging. The song we wrote is awesome, I can't wait to hear what Don does to it." Read more here.

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Mogwai and Teeth Of The Sea Lead Cancer Charity Album

(TeamRock Radio) Mogwai and Teeth Of The Sea are among the acts who feature on a compilation CD to raise funds for testicular cancer charity CheckEmLads. The 26-track record, called A Charity Album In Aid Of CheckEmLads, is the brainchild of testicular cancer survivor Stephen Clarke.

Stephen, 37 and from London, says: "I spent more than 150 nights in a hospital bed, I had seven courses of chemotherapy and lost almost half my body weight. I had to learn to walk again. I nearly lost my life. The CheckEmLads charity was with me every step of the way.

"Now, I want to give something back. Some of the bands and artists who helped me through the worst times feature on this exclusive compilation." All 26 tracks have been gifted exclusively for the album, which is available as a digital download only. Read more here.

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Bonfire Split With Singer David Reece, Reunite With Michael Bormann

(TeamRock Radio) Bonfire have split with their singer David Reece. The veteran German rockers parted ways with the American vocalist due to "personal and professional differences" that were deemed "irreconcilable." He featured on their two latest albums, 2015's Glorious and 2016's Pearls.

The band have now re-hired their former singer Michael Bormann, who has also appeared on television show The Voice Germany. He was a member of Bonfire from 1993 until 1994.

Bonfire say: "This reunion of sorts with mastermind Hans Ziller at the controls has all the ingredients for a truly incredible future. With all the missing pieces finally in place, this alignment will prove to be the strongest Bonfire ever." Read more here.

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Alter Bridge Announce European Tour

(Classic Rock) Alter Bridge will tour Europe in November and December this year, including seven shows in the UK with Volbeat. Like A Storm appear at all shows, with Gojira playing at later continental dates, and another support act to be confirmed for the first 10 gigs of the 24-date run.

Alter Bridge last month signed a record deal with Napalm Records for the release of their fifth album. Frontman Myles Kennedy said: "We are pleased to be joining forces with Napalm as we embark on the next phase of our journey. We are very excited to see what the future brings and look forward to reconnecting with our fans in 2016."

Tickets go on sale via venues at 9am on July 7 (Thursday) with an O2 presale the previous day. General sales commence on July 8. See the tour dates here.

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Skillet Release 'Feel Invincible' Video

(TeamRock Radio) Skillet have released a video for Feel Invincible. It's lifted from their forthcoming album Unleashed, due out on August 5. The band previously announced they had begun work on the follow-up to 2013's Rise last year.

Skillet singer John Cooper says: "I wanted to make an album that could make people feel the music. I always aim to write songs to which people can relate, but this time I wanted to see not only how the songs would connect lyrically, but also how they'd connect musically."

Joining Cooper in the Tennessee outfit are his wife Korey Cooper on rhythm guitar, drummer Jen Ledger and lead guitarist Seth Morrison. Check out the new video here.

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Thy Art Is Murder, Acacia Strain, Fit For An Autopsy Joint Album

(TeamRock Radio) Thy Art Is Murder, The Acacia Strain and Fit For An Autopsy have teamed up on an upcoming record, The Depression Sessions. Due out on August 12 via the bands' shared label Nuclear Blast, they describe the forthcoming project as a "statement of community."

The record also includes Thy Art Is Murder track They Will Know Another – the last song they recorded before former frontman CJ McMahon quit suddenly last year.

The bands say: "After months of heavy touring, a cold New Jersey background set the tone for a dark, honest, and moody record. We gave some nods to the bands we grew up listening to and took some new risks in our own songs.

"More importantly, this record is a statement of community. We live in a very competitive and selfish world, and this is proof it doesn't have to be like that. It's the friendships you make along the way, between the artists you share the stage with, that you'll take away with you long after the shows are over.

"Support your peers – the whole music scene will be better for it. Thank you for listening." The lyric video for They Will Know Another can be viewed here.

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Syd Arthur Streaming New Song 'Sun Rays'

British psych-rock band Syd Arthur have released a new track called "Sun Rays". The song comes from their forthcoming album "Apricity," which will be released October 21st via Harvest Records.

"Sun Rays" can be streamed here. The video for the new track will be released in the coming weeks as part of a trilogy co-directed and conceptualized by singer-guitarist Liam Magill and Gavin Bush. Shot on location in the Kent countryside, see the first video in the trilogy for the title track "Apricity" here

The band will be hitting the road with Jake Bugg on September 7th. Prior to that, they will perform at England's Bushstock and Glastonbury Festivals, as well as Riot Fest in Denver and the Sonic Boom Festival and X Fest in Canada. See the tour dates here.

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The Breakout Tour Singled Out Week: Blessing Of This Curse

We are celebrating the kick off of The Breakout Tour this Friday (7/8) featuring metal up and comers The Machinist, Gladiators and The Blessing Of This Curse. Today, Joey Galletta Jr. of The Blessing Of This Curse tell us about their track Quicksand from their "Emergence" EP. Here is the story:

"Quicksand" was one of the many songs on our new EP that started off as something very different and was ripped apart a million times before we finally got something we liked. The only part of the song that really stayed the same throughout all of its revisions was the chorus.

Originally, the song had kind of a weird, almost Avenged Sevenfold-vibe to it. The only part of the song that really stood out to us though was the chorus. While we were still working on the music, Jake came to us with some lyrics that he had written and thought they'd be a good fit for this song. Eventually, Jake came up with a really catchy melody to go with these lyrics. I helped restructure a few parts of it and what we had was the chorus to "Quicksand."

Once we had what we thought was one of the best choruses we've written, we decided to scrap the rest of the song and build a whole new track around it. The opening piano / guitar melody came from a very old track that I wrote that I never ended up using for anything. After that, the riffs and structure of the song just kind of fell into place.

What I love about the song is that it showcases just about everything we are capable of as a band. Not to mention it's the first time Branton got to use actual piano sounds on a song instead of the typical synthesizers that he normally uses. It was definitely one of those songs that we knew we were onto something cool when we got the first few mixes back. It has become a fan favorite and has been going over amazing live.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself and learn more about the EP, and grab the tour dates right here!

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