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Steven Adler Reunites With Guns N' Roses In Cincinnati

(hennemusic) Original drummer Steven Adler reunited with Guns N' Roses for a pair of songs in Cincinnati, OH on Wednesday and video from the concert has surfaced online.

Adler joined fellow classic GNR lineup bandmates Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan at Paul Brown Stadium for "Out Ta Get Me" and "My Michelle" from 1987's "Appetite For Destruction", marking his first appearance with the group since he was fired for excessive drug use in 1990.

"On the drums, you might know this guy," Rose told the crowd, "ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Steven Adler." The drummer has long lobbied for a reunion with the band through the years and finally had his chance on the sixth stop on the group's Not In This Lifetime summer tour.

Adler was replaced by Matt Sorum in 1990 during sessions for the "Use Your Illusion" albums. The remainder of the 26-song set in Cincinnati remained similar to other shows on the summer run, which will continue at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, TN on July 9. Check out the videos of Adler's reunion jams here.

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Motley Crue's Vince Neil Charged With Battery

(hennemusic) Former Motley Crue singer Vince Neil is heading to court later this month after being charged with misdemeanor battery in an alleged incident in Las Vegas, NV on April 7.

Neil is accused of dragging an autograph seeker to the ground by her hair during a lunch with actor Nicolas Cage at the Aria Hotel, with TMZ reporting that the alleged altercation was caught on surveillance video from inside the hotel.

The rocker quickly denied any wrongdoing in the days following the first headlines, claiming the fan was "very aggressive" in her efforts to secure an autograph from Cage.

"[Mr. Neil] and Mr. Cage went to Aria. A female was attempting to talk to or get an autograph from Mr. Cage," Officer Michael Rodriguez of the Las Vegas Police Department tells Rolling Stone. "Mr. Neil subsequently pulled her down to the ground by the hair."

Neil and Cage made headlines following the alleged incident when they were involved in scuffle outside the venue after hotel security had held them for an hour and police had already ticketed him for battery.

Following a scheduled June 17 hearing, Neil will return to a Las Vegas courtroom on July 27 and could face a maximum sentence of six months in jail if convicted, according to local police. Watch the video footage here.

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Blink-182 Producer Forced Band To Write About Tom DeLonge

(TeamRock Radio) Blink-182 producer John Feldmann has told how he forced the band into writing a song about former member Tom DeLonge - even though they didn't want to.

The result is San Diego, which appears on California, their first album with Matt Skiba in DeLonge's place. Feldmann tells Fuse: "It was a song that Mark Hoppus didn't want to write. I brought up the idea that you have to write about sh*t you don't want to write about.

"There's clearly a lot of feelings involved with having a best friend who's not in your band any more - having a best friend with all that stuff that went down."

On the surface, San Diego discusses Blink's history in their home town, a place that Feldmann says "nobody gave a f*** about" until the band found fame.

He adds: "The song acts as a bittersweet homage - a goodbye to this city that none of us live in any more, but owe so much to, while acknowledging the interpersonal relationships within the band." Check out the song here.

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Metallica's New Album Release Date Leaked?

(hennemusic) A rumored release date for the new Metallica album has been revealed by Germany's biggest daily newspaper. According to Bild, the band's 10th studio album could be issued on October 14, although neither the band or their European distributor, Universal Music, have made any statements concerning an official street date for the project.

Metallica have been working on the follow-up to 2008's "Death Magnetic" for most of the past year with producer Greg Fidelman. Drummer Lars Ulrich recently said the group were mixing the record while adding that the album is expected to be issued before the end of 2016.

"If the record doesn't come out this year then it won't be because it's not done," explained the drummer. "It will be because there's some sort of cosmic reason that it would be smarter to hold onto it until next year. But the record will be done this summer." Read more here.

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Latest News

Pantera's Phil Anselmo Slams Rock Stars With Big Egos

(TeamRock Radio) Phil Anselmo has taken aim at rock stars with over-inflated egos. The former Pantera and Down frontman says he hates musicians who deliberately ignore their fans and praises legends such as Ozzy Osbourne, Ronnie James Dio and Lemmy, who all treated him with respect in the past.

Speaking at the Diamond Pub Concert Hall in Louisville, Kentucky, Anselmo says: "This is why I say I f***ing hate rock stars - because when I see some a**hole rock star strutting around like they wrote a song or something, it's, like, 'A**hole. Motherf***ers write songs in their bedroom. What makes you different?'

"You cannot walk 10ft in someone else's goddamn f***ing shoes. Come back down to earth, you f***head. I've met and hung out with Lemmy. I've known Dio, I've known Ozzy, I've known Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler. I've spent time with them and they're the nicest, most down-to-earth people I've ever f***ing met."

He continues: "If any motherf***er in a band ever struts past you, give them the old f***ing bird finger from The Kid. F*** those a**holes. You've gotta be real. It's so much easier to be a dick - it takes effort to be nice to everybody, but you know what? It pays f***ing off to sit, listen, talk with people, be real as f*** with people." Check out the video here.

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Fleetwood Mac Announce One-Off Stadium Performance

(Gibson) On July 28, Fleetwood Mac will perform as part of the second annual Blue Diamond Gala, hosted by the Los Angeles Dodgers. They'll perform a set from centerfield at Dodger Stadium.

According to information on the Dodgers' website, the Fleetwood Mac performance is being billed as a "Grandslam Night Of Greatest Hits" and will be the band's only performance of 2016. The Gala will also honor Vin Scully, the long-time Dodgers announcer who's set to retire at the end of the season.

Single tickets to the event start at $1500, while sponsorship packages go all the way up to $100,000. All proceeds from the evening will go towards the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation, which benefits underprivileged local communities. Read more here.

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Metal Allegiance Tribute Lemmy, Bowie, Glenn Frey On New EP

(TeamRock Radio) Metal Allegiance will pay tribute to Lemmy, David Bowie, and Glenn Frey on a new EP. The supergroup release Fallen Heroes on August 12 and say it is in homage to three late music stars - Motorhead man Lemmy Kilmister, David Bowie and Eagles founder Glenn Frey.

Metal Allegiance's rotating all-star line-up includes Megadeth's Dave Ellefson, Alex Skolnick of Testament, Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater, Charlie Benante from Anthrax, Mike Menghi and Slayer's Gary Holt.

Fallen Heroes features covers of Motorhead's Iron Fist, Bowie's Suffragette City and the Eagles' Life In The Fast Lane. Menghi says: "The end of 2015 and most of 2016 has been a brutal year with many of our heroes passing. When Portnoy called me in January to alert me that Glenn Frey had passed, I literally broke down. That night after having a few tequila sunrises in Glenn's honor, a lightbulb went off - we're going to record a few tunes to honor our fallen heroes.

"I called back Mike that evening and asked him what he thought and the next day we were in the studio recording. By week's end, all guitars, drums and bass were complete. I can't begin to explain the influence that Glenn Frey, Lemmy, and David Bowie had on me.

"Each of their music has helped me immensely during some real dark periods of my life and not to mention their influence on me as a musician and songwriter. Lemmy is God, Glenn is King and David is the architect." Read more here.

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Supergroup ORBS Announce First Tour In Six Years

(Prog) ORBS have announced their first tour in six years. The supergroup - which includes Dan Briggs of Between The Buried And Me, Adam Fisher of Fear Before The March Of Flames, and Ashley Ellyllon, formerly of Abigail Williams and Cradle of Filth - will tour in support of their upcoming album Past Life Regression, due out on July 15.

Briggs told Amalgam: "It's a special thing for us, we're celebrating this album and obviously some older songs. It's just exciting to see what will happen in the future.

"Adam and I have talked about how we don't understand how we're going to be able to contain ourselves emotionally on stage playing these songs because they've been this pipe dream for us for so many years now and it's finally really happening." See the tour dates here.

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Serj Tankian Announces Special Symphony Concert

(TeamRock Radio) System Of A Down's Serj Tankian has announced that he will perform a symphony concert at California State University, Northridge, on November 10 and has released a teaser video for the event

The singer-songwriter will perform his Elect The Dead and Orca symphonies for the first time in the US, alongside the CSUN Symphony Orchestra.

Tankian recently composed the score for independent film The Last Inhabitant, due out next year, and released the soundtrack for 1915 - which commemorated the centennial anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Read more and watch the teaser video here.

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Slayer, Death Angel Stars Lead Rob Flynn's Birthday Bash Lineup

(TeamRock Radio) Members of Slayer, Death Angel, Forbidden, Vio-Lence and Machine Head are set to perform an all-star jam at Rob Flynn's Birthday Bash later this month.

The Machine Head mainman's celebration will take place at the Oakland Metro Operahouse on July 23 - and it'll be open to the public, with tickets available directly through the venue's website.

A statement reads: "The all-star jam will consist of old school metal, glam, punk, and hip-hop covers from the 70s, 80s and 90s played very sloppily by drunken participants." Read more here.

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Blind Guardian To Play Classic Album On North American Tour

(TeamRock Radio) Blind Guardian have announced a North American tour for this September. And although the German outfit released their latest album Beyond The Red Mirror last year, they say they'll perform their 1995 record Imaginations From The Other Side in full on the dates.

Vocalist Hansi Kursch says: "I, being asked at least a thousand times by journalists and fans if we were not, in general, interested in a conceptual album performance, have been surprised by my bandmates, who came up with the exact same idea during last week's journey to Denmark and Poland.

"Lead guitarist Andre Olbrich and rhythm guitarist Marcus Siepen suggested to make this September's Northern American tour an Imaginations From the Other Side conceptual tour. No surprise, drummer Frederik Ehmke was immediately up for that.

"It might be the two beers I drank that evening, but I spontaneously agreed on doing so, and now they are bound and determined to hold me to my word. No way out. I am already using too many words to deliver a fairly simple message - we will play the whole Imaginations From The Other Side album when we come back to North America." See that dates here.

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Dark Tranquillity Making Progress On New Album

(TeamRock Radio) Dark Tranquillity frontman Mikael Stanne says the band are "deep" into recording the follow-up to 2013's Construct. He reveals they'd planned to start recording in January this year, but needed more time to finesse the tracks - but reports that the process is now in full swing.

Stanne tells Kaaos TV: "Now we're kind of in deep into recording. So finally it happened. But for a while there, I just couldn't see it. Like, 'It's not even close.'

"This is going to be our 11th album and it has to feel fresh, it has to feel different. How do you find the inspiration? It's tough but we got started, and eventually, it's, like, 'Holy sh*t! We're on to something here.' It started feeling really good, and now it feels awesome.

"Some of the songs are incredible. I've recorded vocals for five songs already. We have tons more. And I can't wait to finish it. It's going to be so much fun. There's basically just keyboards and guitar solos and vocals left. So it's going to be a couple of more weeks. It's going to come out in November. That's the plan." Read more and watch the full interview here.

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Rob Reed Streams 19-minute 'Sanctuary II' Excerpt

(Prog) Rob Reed has streamed a 19-minute excerpt from latest solo album Sanctuary II. It follows on from the Magenta mainman's 2014 release Sanctuary - his personal tribute to Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells.

Sanctuary II was once again completed in collaboration with Oldfield collaborators Tom Newman and Simon Heyworth, and features Les Penning on recorders and Simon Phillips on drums.

Reed recently told Prog: "It's not meant to be a rehash or a pastiche. It's not a cheap imitation, or a fanboy thing created in someone's bedroom. These are standalone records with all real instruments in a proper recording studio. They're proper albums that I wanted people to take seriously and judge on their own merits." Check out the stream here.

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Dave Navarro To Receive Honor For 'Mourning Son' Documentary

(Classic Rock) Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro will receive an award for his work raising awareness of domestic violence and criminal injustice. The musician and actor has been working with his friend, writer-director Todd Newman, to produce his personal documentary Mourning Son - which details the brutal murder of his mother by her ex-boyfriend John Riccardi in 1993.

The Investigation Discovery television network has partnered with Glamour magazine for the fourth annual Inspire A Difference honors event, which takes place in New York City this autumn. And they've chosen Navarro to be one of the recipients.

Navarro says: "Losing a loved one to domestic violence is a difficult and unfortunately much-too-common event. It is my hope that Mourning Son was a way to shine a light on this horrible epidemic within our culture, so that we can all help end it." Read more here.

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Rick Wakeman and Billy Sherwood Appear On Leon Alvarado's Album

(Prog) Rick Wakeman and Billy Sherwood will appear on Leon Alvarado's album The Future Left Behind. The concept album is due out on July 30 and is a follow-up to 2014's Music From An Expanded Universe.

Yes bassist Sherwood appears on guitar duties and also helped the composer record the album, while Wakeman performed on the track Launch Overture. The record was mastered by longtime Pink Floyd engineer Andy Jackson.

Alvarado says he was inspired by Wakeman's iconic work Journey To The Centre Of The Earth, as well as music by Vangelis and Yes. He says: "My goal was to create something that would combine the artwork and the music into one cohesive vision. I thought that basing my project on a sci-fi story would be very fitting and would give me the necessary creative space to make music that entices the imagination." Read more here.

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Gojira's Joe Duplantier On Challenges On Making Album

(TeamRock Radio) Gojira mainman Joe Duplantier says there's no such thing as a perfect album. The band recently released their sixth studio record Magma which was recorded in Duplantier's New York studio - and he reports that knowing when to wrap up album sessions is difficult as there's always things he'd like to tweak.

Duplantier tells Rocksverige: "At some point when you're working on a record - and I'm sure it's even the same process for a movie - at some point you have to let it go. 'Take your hands off this thing now! Button off!' There is always something.

"It's a nightmare. Mixing is really nerve-racking too, because each time you touch one thing, everything else is kinda moving in the mix. It's this weird, breathing, moving, sweating thing.

"You touch it and it moves. But it's also very exciting and very rewarding when you take on a project like that and you bring it all the way. It's crazy to think that we started all this by building the studio. It was pretty epic."

Gojira are currently on tour in support of Magma and will also head out on the road with Alter Bridge this winter. See the tour dates here.

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Les Claypool Releases His Own Soft Drink Called SeaPop

(Classic Rock) Primus frontman Les Claypool has released his own soft drink called SeaPop. The bass virtuoso says the drink is "like a ginger-snap dipped in vanilla ice cream" and that it's here to "mellow things out in a world saturated with energy drinks."

Claypool says: "Years ago I accidentally ruptured my inner ear scuba diving off the California coast and since that day I've found myself a bit more susceptible to the adverse effects of motion.

"Not liking how most of the over-the-counter medications made me feel, I sought out alternatives. In 1945, my grandfather, petty officer third class Glen Claypool, was a landing craft pilot in the South Pacific.

"Just after his 98th birthday I asked him what he and the soldiers he ferried to the beaches did about sea sickness. He promptly quipped, 'Well, you just hung yer head over the side and let her go.'

"Well, I don't like to 'let her go' so it became my notion to create a tasty, natural, soothing beverage to help tame the rough seas within." Read more here.

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Joanne Shaw Taylor Starts New Chapter With 'Wild' Album

(The Blues) Joanne Shaw Taylor says her upcoming fifth album Wild documents her "closing the chapter on one relationship and starting a new chapter on another."

Wild is set for release on September 30 via Taylor's Axehouse Music label and is available for pre-order now, and the blues artists admits it deals with some very personal subject matter.

She tells TeamRock: "I ended a pretty big relationship a couple of years ago and started one just before this album, so I had a lot of stuff I wanted to channel.

"I taught myself to write music so it has always been very therapeutic for me. And that leads to the music being very authentic." That authenticity is important to Taylor, who says it's the only way she knows how to write music and play the guitar.

She adds: "When you want to get up there and play for people, it's very important that there is an authenticity in what you're playing and singing, I think.

"I like having something that I want to say, getting a few demons out." Read more here.

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The Amorettes Release 'Let The Neighbours Call The Cops' Video

(Classic Rock) The Amorettes have released a video for their track Let The Neighbours Call The Cops. The song features on the Scottish outfit's third album White Hot Heat, which was issued earlier this year.

The album was produced by Thunder guitarist Luke Morley and engineered by Nick Brine - and bassist Heather McKay says the pair helped them to approach the songwriting process in a different manner.

She says: "It was unlike anything we've ever done before. We've been introduced to an entirely new way of breaking down our songs and working out structures. Plus, it was incredible to watch Nick at work too - fine tuning the mixes with such speed and dancing behind the soundboard.

"I think that overall, this is the most exciting album we've ever made." Watch the new video here.

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Styx Would Consider Making Different Kind Of Album

(Classic Rock) Styx's next album "has to be different" from their previous material if they want to succeed, bassist Ricky Phillips says. The band haven't issued an album of original material since 2003's Cyclorama - with mainman Tommy Shaw insisting they'd be "taking their time" with the follow-up last year.

Now Phillips says they're considering re-entering the studio - but their sound will need to have a new "twist." He tells Sleaze Roxx: "Yeah, it's on the table. We'd love to do something new. It has to be different. It has to be something that Styx hasn't done. We want to ensure something isn't 'just another Styx record.' It has to have a twist.

"We're not going to release an album that is going to be crap - it's going to be good. We're aware that it will be fodder for the press, but so be it. Also, something like that will go over well with one person and a failure with the next." Read more here.

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