Corey Davis Shares 'Beer And The Bible'


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Corey Davis Shares 'Beer And The Bible'

(MCM) Corey Davis (Bama Beats), a newcomer to the country music scene who is making great strides, celebrates the release of his debut single "Beer And The Bible" Available Now via all major digital retail outlets and streaming services.

Written by Davis, "Beer And The Bible" is a soulful ode to the complexities of a Southern upbringing where the sacred and the spirited intertwine time and time again. Lyrics delve deep into the heart of a man raised on the contrasting teachings of cold brews and holy scriptures.

"I grew up among a very humble, hardworking and talented family. We lived in a small town and revered all aspects of its character. The lifestyle taught me humility in exaltation and to always give God the glory. I work to keep my priorities in order--God, family, country and fun," introduced Davis. "'Beer And The Bible' is an aerial view and summation of my life."

With lines like "Raised up down in the Southland where beer and the Bible run deep" and "Thank God I'm a country boy, beer and the Bible made me," the track captures the essence of a life lived in the balance between sin and salvation. The chorus is a powerful testament to the duality of the Southern soul, with the protagonist raising his glass in one breath and falling to his knees in prayer in the next.

Steeped in classic country motifs, the production (produced by Grady James) is a masterclass blend of the old and the new and evokes picturesque scenes of dusty roads, wooden church pews, and the comforting hum of cicadas on a summer evening.

Davis' debut single ("Beer And The Bible") is the lead track from his 2023 waterfall series; He will follow with his sophomore single, "When The Devil Took Me," scheduled for a mid-November release.

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