Emily Ann Roberts Streams 'Can't Hide Country'


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Emily Ann Roberts Streams 'Can't Hide Country'

(117) Emily Ann Roberts can't hide her country influence on her debut, full-length record Can't Hide Country. This release marks a milestone in Emily Ann Roberts' short but illustrious career, firmly establishing her as an ascendant force within the world of country music. This album serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment to crafting genuine country melodies, embodying her East Tennessee roots.

Drawing inspiration from the tapestry of her personal experiences, Emily Ann co-penned 12 of the 13 tracks, interweaving a collection of songs that mirror her journey as both an artist and a young woman navigating life's peaks and valleys. Through Can't Hide Country, the songstress delivers a rejuvenating fusion of nostalgic country elements blended with contemporary sensibilities, capturing the very essence of the genre while infusing it with her distinctive artistic flair.

This 13-song project showcases a collaboration with luminaries Vince Gill and Ricky Skaggs along with songwriting contributions from Trent Willmon, Paul Overstreet, Jeremy Spillman, Jerry Salley and a host of other talented individuals, further accentuating the album's significance and depth. Listen to Can't Hide Country here.

"My debut album, Can't Hide Country feels like finally stepping into who you are. For years I tried to ride the line and please everyone with my music and now all I care about is being honest and sharing stories and moments that mean something real to me. If someone needs to know who I am, this record makes it plain and clear. From celebrating the little things in life to a love beyond my wildest dreams, to anthems for all the ladies in my life about standing up for what they deserve in a relationship, to songs of encouragement to know you've got a reason to keep on going, this album takes you through so many emotions and seasons we face in life. I could try to be someone I'm not, but at the end of the day, no matter what I do, I can't turn it off and I just can't hide country," Emily Ann said.

Recorded at Starstruck Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, and produced by GRAMMY-winning producer, Trent Willmon, Emily Ann's mesmerizing lyrics and her exceptional vocal talents showcased in her previously launched album tracks, have amassed millions of streams and earned extensive praise from both the media and her dedicated fanbase.

"Emily Ann Roberts is the latest in a long line of the genre's female stars who can pen a great tune about getting back at an abusive, cheating, generally good-for-nothin' man. Here, she specifically harks back to the Chicks' 'Goodbye Earl' and its cheekier sense of 'guys are scum, but we can have fun getting even with them.' Like many '90s empowerment anthems across all genres, both songs show how you can take a deadly serious subject and turn it into an upbeat jam without sacrificing the ugly truths about the male species." - Vulture on "He Set Her Off"

"The track ['He Set Her Off'] lives in the spirit of Miranda Lambert's 'Gunpowder & Lead' or The Chicks' 'Goodbye Earl' given its thematic content. But Roberts brings a honky tonk energy to the song that gives it a fresh perspective." - American Songwriter

"Teaser songs such as 'Whole Lotta Little,' 'Chickens,' and 'The Building' have taken who the causal fan recognizes from her stint on The Voice and made her a household name amongst country music lovers, walking her along the fine line of fresh and modern with an irresistible throwback flare." - Today's Country Magazine

"A delightful, throwback sound packed with warp-speed fiddle, steel and banjo. Roberts' rapid-fire vocals ring with personality and conviction as she revels in a life that's short on money but rich in love. Produced by Trent Willmon (known for his work with Cody Johnson), this winning track brings out the best in her traditionalist sensibilities and her bluegrass roots." - Billboard
Can't Hide Country Track List:
1. Whole Lotta Little (Emily Ann Roberts / Trent Willmon / Jeremy Spillman)
2. Chickens (Emily Ann Roberts / Trent Willmon / Paul Overstreet)
3. Infinity (Emily Ann Roberts / Stephanie Chapman)
4. Keep On (Emily Ann Roberts / Chris McKenna / Chase McDaniel)
5. He Set Her Off (Emily Ann Roberts / Parker Welling / Seth Mosely)
6. Find Me A Man (Emily Ann Roberts / Steve Fee / Jesse Reeves)
7. Walkin' Shoes (Emily Ann Roberts / Chris Utley / Nicole Croteau / Kaylin Roberson)
8. Out Of Sight (Emily Ann Roberts / Jerry Salley / Mike Rogers)
9. Loves Me For My Heart (Emily Ann Roberts / Michael Farren / Phillip Lammonds)
10. Devil Wears Denim (Emily Ann Roberts / Trent Willmon / Autumn McEntire)
11. Still Searching (feat. Vince Gill & Ricky Skaggs) (Jerry Salley / Phillip White)
12. Can't Hide Country (Emily Ann Roberts / Melissa Fuller)
13. The Building (Emily Ann Roberts / Michael Farren)

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