Emily Ann Roberts Announces 'Can't Hid Country' Album


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Emily Ann Roberts News Album art July 13, 2023
Album art

(117) Emily Ann Roberts announced her highly anticipated debut album, Can't Hide Country is set to release on September 22. Can't Hide Country marks a significant milestone in Emily Ann Roberts' career, solidifying her position as a rising force in country music. This album is a testament to her unwavering dedication to crafting authentic country music similar to what she grew up on back home in East, Tennessee. Drawing inspiration from her personal experiences, Emily Ann skillfully co-wrote 12 out of the 13 tracks, weaving together a collection of songs that beautifully reflect her journey as both an artist and a young woman navigating life's triumphs and tribulations. With Can't Hide Country, she delivers a refreshing blend of traditional country elements and modern sensibilities, capturing the essence of the genre while adding her own unique touch.

"My debut album, Can't Hide Country feels like finally stepping into who you are. For years I tried to ride the line and please everyone with my music and now all I care about is being honest and sharing stories and moments that mean something real to me. If someone needs to know who I am, this record makes it plain and clear. From celebrating the little things in life, to a love beyond my wildest dreams, to anthems for all the ladies in my life about standing up for what they deserve in a relationship, to songs of encouragement to know you've got a reason to keep on going, this album takes you through so many emotions and seasons we face in life. I could try to be someone I'm not, but at the end of the day, no matter what I do, I can't turn it off and I just can't hide country."

Emily Ann recorded this album at Starstruck Studios in Nashville, Tennessee and it was produced by GRAMMY-winning producer, Trent Willmon. On July 14, Emily Ann will mark her 17th performance on the Grand Ole Opry stage. Emily Ann's undeniable talent, captivating lyricism and vocal prowess on her already-released album tracks have garnered her millions of streams and widespread acclaim from the media and fans alike.

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