Lonestar Reimagine 'I'm Already There' For Memorial Day


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Lonestar Single art
Single art

(Milestone) Lonestar, the highly acclaimed and multi-award-winning country group, have released the reimagined version of "I'm Already There" in honor of Memorial Day. The track marks the third single off their forthcoming album, TEN to 1 (due June 2), which features invigorating re-recordings of 10 of their #1 hits.

The band spoke with PEOPLE's Tricia Despres in an exclusive interview who underscored the song's cultural importance as "the blockbuster hit that Lonestar took to No. 1 on the country charts back in 2001," adding, "'I'm Already There' has long pulled on the heartstrings...an unofficial anthem of the U.S. military."

Having originally spent six weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot Country Chart, and garnering four total nominations between the GRAMMYs and CMA Awards, "I'm Already There" took the world by storm, resonating deeply in the hearts of our military and their families as the track illustrated the sacrifice and heartbreak of a soldier being apart from his family to serve our country. Recognizing the impact of the song, Lonestar released another version of the music video in 2003 - featuring actual footage of military families - solidifying "I'm Already There" as the unofficial anthem of the U.S. military.

Re-recording songs that fans have loved for years can be a tricky proposition, but TEN to 1 strikes the perfect balance between fresh and familiar. It was a labor of love for Lonestar's keyboardist Dean Sams, drummer Keech Rainwater, guitar virtuoso Michael Britt, and lead vocalist Drew Womack. "Most of these songs we've played for 25 years or so, and we know these songs like the back of our hand," says Britt. "It was fun to be able to record songs that everybody knows and just put a different spin on them because we've changed them over time."

Although, the guys admit that there are two songs they didn't experiment with when re-recording their hits. "We didn't want to mess with those," Britt says of "I'm Already There" and "Amazed." "Those songs belong to the fans, and we can't change those because they've heard those songs so many times. They've been a part of people's lives in weddings and things like that, so we didn't want to change those. Drew made this comment to me, 'They're not our songs anymore. They are our fan's songs, and he's right."

"We've been doing this for a very long time, and we've been super blessed in our 30 plus years together to have 22 top 10 singles and then have 10 of those go No.1," says founding member Dean Sams, who has produced the group's last six albums. "We've adapted our sound so much over the years through playing live, we've started approaching songs a little bit differently and so we just thought we should put a version of who we are today out there with all 10 of our No. 1's." As Forbes journalist Pam Windsor recently remarked: "Lonestar is still going strong."

TEN to 1 Tracklisting:
"No News"
"Come Cryin' To Me"
"Everything's Changed"
"What About Now"
"Tell Her"
"I'm Already There"
"My Front Porch Looking In"
"Mr. Mom"

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