Sheryl Crow Reacts To Rock Hall Nomination


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(Apple Music 1) Sheryl Crow joined Apple Music 1 to talk her induction into the Class of '23 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Crow who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in November says she feels like she's "floating on the air."

Crow talks about when she received the nomination: I think I had braced myself to not be in this year. I don't know, defense mechanism. I don't know. So I'm really, gosh, I'm so excited and really honored and... Oh my gosh. It's crazy.

My manager called, and honestly he's been with me since the very beginning. I was as excited for him as I was for me, in fact, maybe even a little bit more so, just because he's been an insider and an outsider. He's been able to look at it from above and he knows what all's gone into it. Where, for me, I've just always been so in the journey that, getting to this point, it's hard for me to even relate to the fact that I've been doing it now for over 30 years. It doesn't seem like that long. I feel like my best work's in front of me, and it's just... I don't know. For him though, I think he has just felt like I deserved it, and he's put in so much love and emotion and hard work into my career that I'm happy for him.

I'll say that I came up when Rock and Roll was still very much alive and the history books were still being written. My first concert was Peter Frampton. I saw Ted Nugent in concert. From my generation, I saw Journey, Foreigner, Supertramp. The first woman I ever saw play rock guitar was Bonnie Raitt. I saw Fleetwood Mac, I saw Stevie Nicks, I saw Joe Walsh, I saw The Eagles. I saw the Rolling Stones numerous times. And so all those people, for me, that was the documentary as it was happening. So it's a funny thing being inducted into the Rock Hall now, because I feel like the people that wrote the book on rock and roll got in so many years ago. I mean, I'm just happy to even be in the same reference book as those guys.

Sheryl discusses her relationship with Fleetwood Mac: It's so strange when I think about it. I was a kid. I had Fleetwood Mac, I had the Rumors. I got my haircut like hers. I had a curling iron I sang into, I had a shag haircut. I really, really love Stevie because she was a poet and kind of a country singer, but also kind of a mysterious, ethereal being. But she was also hanging with the guys. I mean, she was kind of everything that, as a kid, I thought, "I want to be like her." And then many years later, I met her at a Grammys after party and she asked me if I'd produce some stuff on her. And we just became really, really good friends. She was one of the first people I called when I got diagnosed with breast cancer.

Not only is she a great friend, but she still inspires me. I spoke to her the other day on the phone, and she's still very, very inspired by what's happening in the world and going to pen and paper and music and trying to give voice to what we're all experiencing. And that's something I don't think you ever age out of. And I aspire to be like her. I aspire to have a career like hers and to be still looking at the world the way that she does

Crow on being in the same class as Willie Nelson: I got to sing with Willie the other night at his 90th party. Yes, and I don't know how to put that kind of thing into words. I mean, awards are incredible, and it's really a lovely experience to be acknowledged, but it can never measure up to sitting on stage and feeling like you're the only two in the room singing. He's without a doubt my favorite person to sing with. He's one of my favorite people on the planet. That for me is immeasurable. And also, I mean, just the experiences through the years of singing with the Rolling Stones and developing a friendship with those guys. So much of that, I can't measure it because it's still kind of unreal to me. I still feel like in their presence, I'm a fan. I'm the kid who owns the records.

You can listen to the full interview here.

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