Radiohead Bootlegs Flood The Net.

04-3-03 antiGUY
Fans that thought they got their hands on material from the forthcoming new studio album from Radiohead may be disappointed to know that the songs they downloaded off of the net are "a stolen copy of early, unmixed edits and roughs," according to guitarist Jonny Greenwood. 

"It doesn't even exist as a record yet. So yes, we're annoyed," said Greenwood who complained that fans may get the wrong impression from the bootlegs, thinking that the band have “given up on the songs” last February, “(which is what you're hearing) and it's just a shame that, to your ears, we did[give up]."

The band doesn’t fear that bootlegging may diminish album sales when the actual cd is released. Their last two releases found widespread bootlegging on the web prior to release but both albums still debuted at No. 1 on the charts the week they were released. 

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