Nude Cameron Diaz Photos A No Go 

11-29-03 Keavin
Last week a judge barred a photographer from selling topless photographs of actress Cameron Diaz that were taken in 1992

Superior Court Judge Alan B. Haber granted a permanent injunction against photographer John Rutter, barring him from selling, possessing or publicizing the photos.

That is the least of the 41-year-old photographer’s worries. Rutter currently faces criminal charges for attempted extortion, attempted grand theft, forgery and perjury. Prosecutors allege that Rutter tried to blackmail Diaz to the tune of $3.3 million dollars. He reportedly told Diaz if she didn’t pay up he would sell the photos a group in Europe.

When police raided Rutter’s apartment they found the photos and seized them. They now reside in a safe deposit box. 

Rutter’s attorney claims that the photographer had a signed release from Diaz, which gave him permission to take and sell the photographs. Prosecutors believe that Rutter forged the signature and added a charge of forgery against him. 

Rutter was arrested and later released on $250,000 bail. He is scheduled for arraignment on December 8.