Hip-Hop Group Sues Fox Over Sitcom Name

11-08-03 Keavin
The hip-hop group Arrested Development is not happy that Fox is using their name for the title of a new sitcom that was developed by Ron Howard. They have filed suit against Fox for trademark infringement. 

The suit claims that the sitcom’s use of the name dilutes the group’s name brand. The group recently reunited and plans to release a new album early next year. They broke up in 1996 after two hit albums. 

Fox defended the naming of the show. They issued a statement that claims the term “arrested development” is a common expression in addition to being "an established psychological condition." Fox said that the term is defined as "an abnormal state in which development has stopped prematurely." 

Fox has run afoul of music groups in the past over the name game. Rockers Living Colour sued the network in the early 90’s over the name of their sketch comedy show “In Living Color”. Both parties ultimately came to an out of court settlement. 

Fox is banking on the new sitcom to bolster their ratings. Due to low ratings, they already had to pull the plug on the high profile drama “Skin” from Jerry Bruckheimer that was based on the star-crossed love between the children of a D.A. and a porn king

Early reviews for Arrested Development have reaped praise on the unconventional and dark satirical comedy. Many critics compare the style of comedy in the sitcom to the film “The Royal Tenenbaums”. 

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