Bad Religion DVD

(PR) MVD Visual and L.A. Access are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Bad Religion - RIOT! Special Edition for worldwide distribution on DVD on October 31st.

This 53 minute DVD features the Dec. 29, 1990 El Portal Theater performance by Bad Religion in North Hollywood, CA. Also featured is extra bonus footage from a Feb. 1, 1991 make-up show for all the fans turned away by police earlier.

Tracks: 1.We're Only Gonna Die * 2.Part III * 3.Part II * 4.Damned to be Free * 5.How Much is Enough * 6.Doin' Time * 7.You Are the Government * 8.Yesterday * 9.Land of Competition * 10.Bad Religion * 11.Politics * 12.F*ck Armageddon * 13.Voice of God is Government * 14.Frogger * 15.Drastic Action * 16.When * 17.21st Century Digital Boy

This RIOT! Special Edition DVD includes additional extra features such as "I Want to Conquer the World" Live at Hollywood Palladium (Previously unreleased), skateboarding footage (Previously unreleased), director's commentary, a "Who's Who" section, and backstage photo shoot.

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