Suffocation CD / Injury

(antiMusic) Suffocation made two big announcements on their website, one dealing with their forthcoming album and the other with a recent injury. Here is the update.

"We are happy to announce the completion of our new self titled album Suffocation. We are anxious for it to hit the streets and are expecting an early September release date. We are confident with the outcome and look forward to the upcoming tours that will be scheduled to support it. The album will be out a few weeks prior to the start of the Fear Factory, Hypocrisy, Decapitated tour which will give you fans just enough time to familiarize yourselves to the pain we are anxious to bring to your city and town. Audio samples will be up on the newly designed site very soon.

"Last but not least, Suffocation bassist Derek Boyer is recovering from 4 broken bones. Derek's leg was broken 06/06/06. The good news is, Derek will be back on two feet in time for the tours this summer."

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