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(PR) All this week the folks at Downtown Records have been giving away the Mulberry Street EP for free on the RCRD LBL blog. That's six super-rare Cold War Kids tracks to carry you through the holiday season (when everyone is doubtlessly in need for some good tunes). Here's more on what's being given away: "Cold War Kids recorded three 6 song EPs before releasing Robbers & Cowards. The first of the three EPs is called Mulberry Street. It was recorded in a day in M. Wignall's garage/studio for some design job favors from Maust and sixty bucks. In between takes, Wignall would play an album over the speakers, like Iggy Pop's Lust For Life or Neil Young's After the Gold Rush, and go on long rants, pointing out sounds and talking about how good these musicians were and how we would be lucky if in ten years we could play a song anywhere near this good. We thought 'Who cares! We just want him to record our songs for us!' Then he showed us how to record vocals while he went to mow the lawn." -Nathan Willett, Cold War Kids.

Obviously, CWK have come a long way from recording Mulberry Street in 2005, playing venues all over the world and releasing their acclaimed Robbers & Cowards LP. Think of this as a special treat for uber-fans, a trip into what it was like to be part of what would become CWK as we know it, at the conception of the group. Or, to put it another way, think of this as their
proto-Basement Tapes.

The first two tracks offered for download are "Heavy Boots" and "The Soloist in the Living Room," and even though they're early tracks, the band's strong aesthetic of urban Americana (think Tom Petty, Tom Waits, etc.) was already strong.
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