Dave Stewart Directs Ringo

(PR) Musical pioneer Dave Stewart has directed "Liverpool 8," the first video and single off Ringo Starr's forthcoming studio release, Liverpool 8. Stewart co-wrote the song and co-produced the album with Starr which will be out January 15, 2008 via Capitol/EMI. The new video is set to premiere exclusively at Amazon.com on January 4.

Lively and upbeat, "Liverpool 8" reflects Starr's life, following him from childhood, to working at Butlins, to playing with the Beatles at the peak of their career. Utilizing a full orchestra and brass band, the song's melody manages to pay homage to The Beatles' musical innovation and creates a completely original sound at the same time. In the video, Starr and Stewart perform the song while a young child looks through a kaleidoscope revealing flashes of Starr's legendary past.

Liverpool 8 marks the first time Stewart and Starr have collaborated on an album. Stewart co-produced and co-wrote songs for the album, and contributed many of the guitar tracks as well. Having been friends for years, Starr approached Stewart to work with him on the album following an appearance in Stewart's cult classic Platinum Weird documentary.

"It's basically the story of Ringo's life summoned up in a three minute song," says Stewart. "In the video when you see this young boy discover Ringo's story for the first time with fresh eyes, you're reminded of how mysterious and magical it all was. It was great fun to go back."

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