Kanye Vs Britney

(antiMusic) Kanye West is a bit angry at MTV and especially Britney Spears. He can't fathom why the short attention span network would choose a performance of a generic pop song from Britney over him performing one of his generic raps. He took the opportunity to slam Spears and the "Music" channel. 

Britney opened the MTV Video Music Awards show on Sunday and as soon as she lip-synced the final note, the web lit up with bloggers and reporters giving their 2 cents on the underwear clad poptart's performance which was pretty much universally panned as a "bomb". They were even less kind about her appearance. Of course, Kanye West absolutely hates it when anyone aside from himself gets any attention and in this instance he does have a legitimate complaint that MTV put up the not ready for a comeback Britney over him, since he does have a hit song right now and a new album that comes out this week. When you add to the fact that he didn't win any of the five awards he was nominated for and you're asking for a classic Kanye tantrum. 

"Honestly, I really don't care. I don't give a f**k about Britney performing," West said according to Gigwise. "I should have opened the MTV awards because 'Stronger' is the number one song in the country. It just shows you that you have to do sh*t to get ratings, and maybe they feel like they will get more ratings with Britney."

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