Britney's Shoe To Blame for VMA Bomb?

(antiMusic) Here is a funny little story from our favorite smartasses at Hecklerspray who have gotten to the bottom of why Britney Spear's bombed so badly at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night. Would you believe it was her shoe?

Hecklerspray reports: So far the reasons for Britney Spears' stumbling around the stage at the MTV VMAs like an especially confused Rohypnol test subject have included a)Britney Spears being way too into her frozen margaritas to rehearse her routine properly, b) Britney Spears being terrified by her post-performance treatment at the hands of Sarah Silverman, and c) Britney Spears just being a bit crap. But now someone with way too much time on their hands has discovered the real reason why Britney Spears was such a hopeless mess at the MTV VMAs - it was d) her shoes.

According to this YouTube video, the reason why Britney Spears was wobbling around the stage like a one-legged pirate on rollerblades was because one of her shoes' heels broke right at the start of the MTV VMA performance. We know this because the video shows it time after time after time. And then points an arrow at it. - Read more and watch the video proof.

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