Total BS: We Are Now Keeping Tabs On Where Britney Craps?

(antiMusic) Want an example of what's wrong with the stalkerazzi obsession with celebutards? Look no further to this gem of utterly worthless information that made its ugly way into our inbox courtesy of someone named Sheeraz Hasan. (a poor man's Perez Hilton? As if we needed a clone?)

Here is the nugget of poptard wisdom that Sheeraz bestowed upon us, "EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Britney Spears stopped at a McDonalds Restaurant in Malibu to use the public restroom before being driven back home by her bodyguard Tuesday, April 8."

And we wonder why the rest of the world hates America. They think that normal Americans actually give a crap about where a lipsyncing poptarts takes a crap. But if you're one of those that are helping bring our culture to a new low and you just have to see this "EXCLUSIVE VIDEO," then - go here and we hope you choke on it!

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