State Department Tumbles For Boy George During Press Conference

(PR) The US State Department, which handles all US foreign affairs, had an unusual topic to address at their press briefing yesterday. Inbetween discussion of Iran, Afghanistan and Albania, the conversation turned to Boy George.

The department's Deputy Spokesman, Tom Casey, choked on his drink when asked what the department has against the singer who recently denied a visa, Mr. Casey made a reference to one of Culture Club's many hits before addressing an allegation that a US Amabassador to Albania was involved in an ammunition cover up.

Transcript of June 24 press briefing:

QUESTION: And what does the U.S. Government have against Boy George (laughter) You denied him a visa.

MR. CASEY: Sorry, I should have swallowed before you said that. (Laughter.) Let's see if I spit the water over any place else. (Laughter.)

I've seen the report that's out there. Obviously, visa records are confidential. But I'd simply note that there often are difficulties for individuals who either are currently subject to criminal charges or otherwise may have criminal records. So I think you might want to look toward some of those reasons as why he might be having some difficulties here.

QUESTION: It's tragic really.

MR. CASEY: Do you really want to hurt him? (Laughter.)

Yeah, Libby.

QUESTION: Switch topics from Boy George?

MR. CASEY: Yes, please.

QUESTION: Tom, we talked about this at the gaggle a little bit this morning, but how do you respond to these allegations that the U.S. Ambassador to Albania helped cover-up the Chinese origins of ammunition that was purchased by a Pentagon contractor for Afghanistan security forces? (Inaudible.)

MR. CASEY: Well, look, let me try and we talked about this a little bit yesterday as well, and let me I don't think I have much to add. But let me try and, you know, tell you where we see this.

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