New Kids On The Block Are Rock?

(antiMusic) "Must every rock band reunite?," AP Entertainment Writer Sandy Cohen asked in a feature story on Yahoo News Wednesday which was accompanied by a photo of middle-aged boyband popsters New Kids on the Block. While the definition of what is "rock" has become rather lax over the years, it hasn't sunk so far as include boybands. The article basically is based around a Rolling Stone writer b*****ing about bands getting back together.

Here is the intro followed by the link if you care to read the rest: Your favorite '90s band broke up? Fear not, they'll be back. Seventies and '80s bands, too. And if not this year, maybe next.

This summer's concert calendar boasts tours by reunited rockers and relics Stone Temple Pilots (split in 2003) and New Kids on the Block (split in 1994) and recently re-energized bands such as the B-52s, the Black Crowes, Motley Crue and Yes. A round of reunion shows filled last summer's slate as well, with the Police, Led Zeppelin, Genesis and Van Halen playing their time-tested hits for fans. - more on this story

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