Molotov Solution Harbinger Details

(Metal Blade) In preparation for their upcoming release The Harbinger, Las Vegas metal act Molotov Solution has just released the track listing and album artwork to the Metal Blade Records debut.

The Harbinger will contain 11 blistering tracks, which were recorded with Tim Lambesis (As I Lay Dying), Daniel Castleman, and Kelly Cairns at Lambesis studios in San Diego, CA (Sworn Enemy, Impending Doom, War of Ages).

"Working with people like Kelly and Daniel at Lambesis Studio allowed our CD to really come out the way we intended it to simply because the mass amount of time they put into it for us. Jeremy managed to shell out all 11 tracks in about 9 hours which allowed us to focus greatly on vocals and guitars! With at least 12 hours a day for about 3 weeks of constant performing, we honestly feel that the songs could not get any tighter.

In The Harbinger we focused more on structured songs rather than part after part as well as changing up the moods from song to song so it doesn't all sound the same. It's definitely the heaviest collection of songs we have written and the most proud we could be about a release!

As for the new material goes we will be playing a large portion of it on our upcoming Young Guns Tour with Psyopus, Rose Funeral, and Woe of Tyrants. So come out and bang your f***ing head with us!" Molotov Solution

1. Warlords
2. Rule By Secrecy
3. Only The Dead
4. Atrum Inritus
5. Corpus Imperium
6. Monolithic Apparatus
7. The Harbinger
8. Enslaved
9. Awakening
10. Living Proof
11. The Dawn Of Ascendency

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