Metal Band Lose Singer and Badmouth Van Halen

(Lambgoat) German metal band The Ocean and vocalist Mike Pilat have gone their separate ways. Guitarist Robin Staps has issued the following statement:

"Being in a band is the constant struggle to reach the one, the final, the ultimate line-up. The right people, the right musicians. The line-up that clicks, where the music that is created on stage is somehow greater than the sum of each individual's output. Once a band has reached that line-up, it is flirting with divinity, it has the chance to be larger than life, to touch majesty.

"Any lineup is usually a very fragile constellation, and essentially a ticking time-bomb. 5 passionate people's egos, their respective ideas, preferences, defects, habits, characters, the insecurities of their lives, all these are dangerous threats to the existence and future of a band. Struggle is an integral part of any band's existence. As my friend Mitch pointed out recently, Van Halen were only a decent band with David Lee Roth in the band, but everybody hated him. - he continues here

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