Lita Ford Jamming With Queensryche On Tour

(antiMusic) Morley Seaver delivers another can't miss interview! This time he talks to hard rock queen Lita Ford and her partner in crime Jim Gillette as they discuss Lita's comeback album and more! It's a fun interview you'll want to check out.

We could pull excerpts from this interview all day long, but we decided to just pull out the most news worthy exchange where Jim tells Morley that Lita isn't only opening for Queensryche on their current tour but she is joining Queensryche onstage during their set. And And yes, a hit duet is included. Here is that part of the interview:

antiMusic: Yeah, really. So you've got the tour coming up with Queensryche. What kind of set are you doing? Just going with new stuff… Jim: The Queensryche thing is really different. She's actually playing WITH Queensryche. We're only playing a few songs. Maybe 3 or 4. But it's cool because it's right in the middle of the Queensryche set. What a kickass show it's going to be. I mean you're rocking a Queensryche set and all of a sudden the queen is out. They're going to start by playing "Close My Eyes Forever". Geoff Tate is going to sing Ozzy's part. I mean is that cool or what? And then I'll come out and sing "Crave" with her and then maybe do a couple more new ones. And then we're done.

- Now go read the rest of the interview here!

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