Freddie Mercury Directs Queen Stage Show On The Greatest Live

Bruce Henne | 09-29-2023

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Freddie Mercury Directs Queen Stage Show On The Greatest Live

(hennemusic) Queen singer Freddie Mercury talks about his role directing Queen's stage show on the latest episode of the weekly series The Greatest Live.

Just as each of their voices had its place within the harmony, all four members of Queen took the stage knowing their own distinct role. While guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor and bassist John Deacon supplied the thrilling musical cut and thrust, frontman Freddie Mercury not only sang lead but stepped up as ringmaster, connecting with every audience, regardless of its size.

As Freddie reveals in this second archive interview episode, working the crowd was never an afterthought. "I have to win them over or it's not a successful gig," he says. "It's my job to make sure I win them over and make them feel they've had a good time. That's part of my role, part of the duty that I have to do. This cliché of saying, 'Oh, you have them eating from the palm of your hand' - I just feel that the quicker I do that, the better, because then I feel I can manipulate them or whatever. But it's all to do with me feeling in control as so that I know that it's all going well."

With Queen wanting their shows to be as entertaining and theatrical as possible, that meant Freddie needed to bring energy, flamboyance and style to every performance - and fortunately for the fans, he never disappointed.

From Queen's formation in 1970, Freddie bantered with fans between songs. Leading into a performance of "Stone Cold Crazy" at the famed London Rainbow show of '74, featured here, "Do you like my claws?" he enquires while showing off his jeweled glove "They're real diamonds. A present from the Devil himself."

Watch Freddie in the latest episode of The Greatest Live here.

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