State Radio Release Revolutionary Video

Boston trio State Radio has unveiled an epic music video for their punk-fueled song "Knights Of Bostonia," featuring a battle at a historic fort that dates back to the Revolutionary War, an army of State Radio fans, and a retired Boston Police horse. The track is from the band's latest release, Let It Go (Ruff Shod Records).

Directed by Andrew Mudge, the video was shot over 3 days in Boston at 11 locations (including the battle scene at the historic Fort Revere) with over 100 extras. Mudge's work has screened on HBO, Sundance and Discovery.

Says the director, "I imagined the band as these sort of rag tag knights, skating through an urban landscape, and then breaking kids free from a school. Chad [Stokes, frontman] and I spent several days together hashing out the story elements, bringing in stuff from our childhood - bows and arrows, running from cops, and horses!" - Video here

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