Jackyl Frontman Aims To Revolutionize Radio

Jackyl's Jesse James Dupree is branching out: M.I.X.E.R Radio and WJJO Madison announce the launch of the first ever Real Time Music Testing Platform. The nightmare of waiting days, weeks or even months for music test results is over. Listeners text their opinion on a song as it plays. Program Director's receive those scores instantly with MIXER.

For the better part of a decade, Georgia native- Jesse James Dupree, frontman for the multi-platinum selling rock act- Jackyl and 19 year radio vet, and Mid-West Family's WJJO PD Randy Hawke have been hard at work creating this break through technology.

"Over the years Randy and I have maintained a State of The Industry discussion with the idea of changing the way radio and listeners communicate." Dupree explains.

"In the modern radio world, there is simply no substitute for instant feedback." Hawke adds.

MIXER was designed with the goals to eradicate recruitment obstacles, improve untimely results and eliminate antiquated research methods. An acronym for Media Interacting and eXchanging with End users in Real time, MIXER is a platform that integrates mobile texting and a unique online data warehouse with terrestrial radio's on air broadcast.

MIXER goes even further by providing a unique social network, perceptual survey mechanism and points based rewards platform that increases the stations bond with listeners, provides unprecedented perceptual data, monetizes websites and creates measureable and effective opportunities for station clients.

"Through discussions with my friends at radio stations across the country, regardless of radio group, I recognized they were all experiencing consistent issues. The biggest being the inherent restrictions of existing research techniques have made both call out and library testing cost prohibitive and skewed. Also the need to discover how a station monetizes their website, the desire to make a station truly interactive with its listeners, and necessity to be able to compete with audiences being fragmented by the onslaught of new technology are major priorities that have been continually road blocked." Said Dupree.

WJJO began using the MIXER platform on a limited basis several months ago. Hawke has increased the participation level incrementally and is very happy with the results thus far.

"The listener feed back has been overwhelmingly positive, and the vast array of data it has provided me is unlike anything ever available." Hawke explained. "I would not want to program without it. It takes care of a lot of issues, is user friendly and the audience enjoys it."

For more information: Mixerradio.com

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