Jackyl Proud of Their Chainsaw Ways!

MetalSucks has a great new interview with Jackyl frontman Jesse James Dupree where they discuss a variety of topics from why Geffen was the greatest label ever, to the problem facing today's music biz, their brand new album When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide and you can't talk to Jackyl without asking about their trademark chainsaw. We've included that bit of the conversation below: Are you sick to death of talking about the chainsaw after all these years or can I ask you a couple of chainsaw questions?

You know what? I'm not. I don't know about talking, but I'm not sick of playing it. I understand it, I guess, in a way, that some of these bands… I think the bands that shy away from what made them attractive to people, I think those bands write their own exit strategy. Whereas, did Angus ever shy away from wearing his schoolboy outfit? No. Does he get sick of wearing it every night? I doubt it. Because it puts him in his mindset, and it puts him in his character – that is who he is. Does Gene Simmons get tired of putting on his makeup if there's a dollar to be made? Hell no! Does Iron Maiden regret that they have to have Eddie walking out onstage? Do they wish they hadn't of done that? Did they ever shy away from those things? They didn't. We never shied away from the chainsaw. It's part of what makes us who we are. Either somebody gets it, or they can get the f*** out of the way. There's going to be this guy that's going to prejudge us or write us off or whatever. They haven't taken time to come and understand that it's about just a true spirit of rock n' roll and having a good time. Is that same guy going to look at Kiss and go, "Why don't they take that stupid makeup off? Why won't Angus get rid of wearing that stupid little outfit?" Do they stand up in the middle of a movie and say, "Spider-Man is not real!" I mean do they really do that? I don't know.

I look back on the archive footage of when rock and roll was first invented. The footage where you see the news people asking the kids, "So what do you young people think about this new rock and roll music?" Have you ever seen any of that footage? Not one single kid back then said, "Oh, it's going to bring about world peace." "It's going to cure cancer." Nobody said that. If you went back in time and told those people that there's going to be a guy named Bono, and he's going to save the world… He's going to be in a band called U2, and he's going to save the world. Those kids would have went, "I don't give a damn. My glands are getting stimulated right now, and I want to hurry up and rock out and jump in the backseat with this girl I'm dancing with and knock out the old dirty-dirty." That's what rock and roll was built on. If you forget that, then you're just missing out.

Check out the full interview, even if you're not very familiar with the group it is a great read. - Read it here

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