Lisa Papineau Releases New Album

Lisa Papineau releases her Sargent House debut, Red Trees this week, on Tuesday, May 4th. The album is the second solo venture from the active collaborator known for her vocal contributions to Air and M83, as well as writing with The Mars Volta bassist Juan Alderete de la Peņa in Big Sir.

The ever-active Papineau also works with soundtrack composer Tyler Bates, Japanese artist Jun Miyake, The Anubian Lights, Bron Tieman's Crooked Cowboy and countless other projects. Red Trees features guest vocals from singer/songwriters Matthieu Boogaerts and Mark Eitzel of American Music Club.

Unfortunately, her live dates in the U.S. last month were canceled due to the volcano malaise, but make-up shows will be announced soon.

Remarkably, contending with multiple sclerosis in recent years hasn't slowed down Papineau's creative output. Relocating to France in the middle of the last decade, the myriad challenges she confronted served as inspiration to her muse. "Since I got sick," she explains, "there have been times when I can't speak, can't see very well, can't walk well, and am in pain that is so singular, there is no thinking that goes along with it, just being. It reminded me a little bit of what it was like when I first moved to France, of the very tunnel-like feeling I had not understanding most of what was being said, not being able to communicate in the flow in which I was normally accustomed. One leans harder into the connections with other people when you can't take the modes of expression for granted."

Artist: Lisa Papineau
Album: Red Trees
Label: Sargent House
Release Date: May 4th, 2010

01. Rene Thomas
02. Annette Tessier
03. Gay Can't Wait Forever
04. White Leather Pants (MP3)
05. I Dream of Red Trees
06. The Language of A Name
07. Marco Chomo
08. Touch Time Out
09. Sorry I Cannot English
10. This Is For The Love (Je T'kiffe)
11. Nancy Baker
12. A Reprise

Lisa Papineau live:
06/03 Paris, FR @ Nouveau Casino (w/ RX Bandits)
06/25 Paris, FR @ Performing with the Manuel Marches Quartet

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