The Chapin Sisters Announce New EP

The Chapin Sisters will release their new EP, Oh, Hear The Wind Blow , on May 25th in the US & Canada.

The EP will be released in Europe & the UK & in Australia in front of touring there next year) via their own, Lake Bottom Records.

It will be available everywhere you by digital music and physically at their shows, website (www.thechapinsisters.com), and at CD Baby.

Oh, Hear The Wind was recorded live in the studio (The Boat, in Silverlake) with their band The Brothers Brothers - Louie Stephens, Dan Horne and Aaron Sperske and engineered by Drew Manne. It features five (5) songs "Bird Song", ""Left All Alone", "Let Me Go", "Palm Tree", and "Digging A Hole". Two from their previous album, The Lake Bottom LP and three from their forthcoming new album, Two.

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